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U.S. Water Launches Breakthrough in Sustainable, Cost-Saving Water-Cooling Treatment

U.S. Water Services, a water treatment company providing industrial and commercial water management, has announced a breakthrough in sustainable chemistry for cooling water treatment.

The PhosZero™ family of water treatment products is designed to provide scale and corrosion control similar to “traditional” phosphorus containing chemistries, but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity of older technologies.

The PhosZero products are made with E-FexTM technology, which the company says includes the following benefits:

  • Maximum protection against corrosion and scale, ensuring high heat transfer and maximum equipment efficiency.
  • A favorable aquatic toxicity profile, reducing plants’ environmental footprint.
  • Elimination of phosphorus discharge, enhancing regulatory compliance and the eradication of costs associated with phosphorus removal from waste streams.
  • Plant safety improvement, since PhosZero™ reduces the need for acid use and storage on-site, helping to reduce HazMat reporting, insurance costs and chemical handling mistakes.

“I am very proud of our scientists for developing this great breakthrough in sustainable treatment for cooling water. It will save our customers time and money, while improving the environment,” said Allan Bly, founder & CEO of U.S. Water.

U.S. Water’s announcement follows other recent innovations in wastewater treatment at smaller scales, including water produced from recycled human sewage; a biofiltration technology for onsite wastewater treatment using coconut husk-based filtering; and a microbial fuel cell system that generates energy from treating wastewater, in the hope of reducing the environmental footprint of treatment facilities for food and beverage companies.


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