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The latest products, services and cleantech applications and how they are tackling some of our most pressing social and environmental issues.

Casey’s General Stores: Fueling Community Growth Through Biodiesel

Through its commitment to supporting local producers and providing customers new fuel options, Casey’s has become a key player in the biodiesel industry.

US Soybean Industry Protocol Addresses Sustainable Farming Practices

As soy production and uses have expanded worldwide, so have calls for more responsible farming practices to conserve vital natural resources.

Chicago Parks Fight Hand Sanitizer Shortage Through Innovative Biodiesel Partnership

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. An unlikely partnership has enabled the Chicago Park District to produce enough much-needed hand sanitizer to keep its employees and park visitors safe during the pandemic.

Strengthening Collaboration Between Farmers and Landowners Key to Improving Conservation

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. The relationship between non-operating landowners, which own 62% of Midwest farmland, and the farmers to whom they rent land is vital to achieving wide-scale adoption of soil-health and nutrient-management practices across US croplands.

Illinois City’s Success with Biodiesel Influences Neighboring Communities

By selling B20 biodiesel to neighboring municipal agencies and organizations, Moline has expanded its impact on air quality across the Quad Cities region — and shown the community that improving air quality is a collaborative effort.

Illinois Soybean Farmers Sowing Seeds of a Sustainable Future

Illinois has maintained its leadership in US soybean production for nearly a century, thanks to its climate and ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture and conservation best practices.

Imagine, Never Having to Charge Your Personal Devices Ever Again

Powerfoyle is a new solar material capable of converting all types of light into energy — making it possible to charge any device or appliance from natural daylight, sun or indoor lighting.

2019 Nobel-Winning Chemistry Professor Shares His Views on Renewable Energy

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Dr. Stanley Whittingham, the pioneer of lithium-ion batteries, spoke with BASF about a fossil-fuel-free future.

3 Ways the Coronavirus Outbreak Can Lead to a More Sustainable Future

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Although the danger to our health is currently very present and very real, experts expect this crisis will at some point pass, and we will be able to resume our normal lives with a renewed sense of appreciation. The question is, what will a return to “business as usual” look like?

With More CEOs at Home with Their Children, Could This Pandemic Be the Catalyst Sustainability Needs?

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. As CEOs spend time reconnecting with their children at home, investors open laptops at kitchen tables and policymakers have more time than ever to consider our future; is now the time when long-term, sustainable decision-making will finally trump all else?

Tide Slowing Turning Toward a Future Free from Coal

Clean power is finally taking over. Yes, it has taken far longer than most environmental campaigners wanted. But with investors fearing the worst and the majority of global economies slowly weaning themselves off of coal, the planet should breathe a huge sigh of relief.

GM Paving the Road to an 'All-Electric Future'

GM is amping up its strategy to transition to an entirely electric portfolio; with a new, modular production platform and the largest collective EV charging network in the US.

There's a Powerful New Use for Waste from This Incredibly Stinky Fruit

The inedible core of the world's stinkiest fruit — the durian — could one day be used to charge your phone, according to researchers at the University of Sydney.

Trending: Visions of a New Energy Future from Vattenfall, BP?

Two strikingly different displays emerged this week, as the energy companies shared their visions of how we might achieve a global clean energy future.

Building, Heal Thyself: Welcome to the Era of Truly Smart Buildings

Smart building features once seemed like nice-to-haves, but they’re rapidly becoming need-to-haves. Facilities that are at a competitive disadvantage are not going to catch up by making operators smarter. The operators are already smart, and they don’t have time to deal with dumb buildings.

Net Zero Emissions: Why We Can’t Tackle the Climate Crisis Without Addressing Global Inequality

As we enter 2020, we face a trilemma of global warming, growing inequality and rising nationalism — so, a well-designed net-zero strategy must tackle the climate crisis and promote economic opportunities for the less privileged at the same time.

Q&A: P&G and the Road to 100% Renewables

Procter & Gamble has reached its 2020 goal of purchasing 100% renewable electricity in the US, Canada and Western Europe — which represent over 70% of its purchased electricity. We caught up with James McCall, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Leader at P&G, to learn more.

Meet the Startup Aiming to Turn Skyscrapers Into Clean Energy Batteries

Edinburgh-based startup Gravitricity has developed a unique energy battery system that, unlike conventional battery systems, can operate for decades without any reduction in performance.

The Biosphere’s Guide to Foolproofing Sustainability, Part 4: Power Autonomy

Nature has discovered that if you want to sustain your value cycles for billions of years, they need to run on free flows of solar energy. Our products and processes need to do the same.

Maersk Joins Forces with Industry Peers, Customers to Develop Next-Gen Shipping Fuel

A.P. Moller - Maersk has partnered with BMW, H&M, Levi Strauss and more to explore LEO — a blend of lignin and ethanol — that could be part of a solution for sustainable shipping.


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