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Supply Chain

How leading companies, NGOs and solution providers are working to address the myriad issues that can arise in any supply chain.

Investors Can No Longer Ignore China’s Lagging ESG Performance

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. For brands that pulled out of Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, the cost was in the billions. But Russia is a tiny economy compared to China; and the costs of inaction on ESG issues could be multitudes of magnitude bigger.

Consumer Product Brands Embrace Responsible Forestry

When it comes to forest products, Bio Pappel, HP, Melissa & Doug, REI and Amazon are all leaders in responsible sourcing. What does this commitment look like in practice?

Outdoor Apparel Brands Present Path to Lower-Impact Textile, Apparel Factories

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Study by Burton, New Balance, Patagonia, REI, Gore and the Outdoor Industry Association reveal major CO2, cost and energy savings with decarbonized heating processes.

Farm-Level Data, Regenerative Practices Shaping the Future of US Cotton

These types of farming practices will ensure the soil used to grow cotton remains healthy enough to grow the crop year after year.

‘Clean Beauty’ Is Just a Pipe Dream If Sustainability Gets Left Behind

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Every year, 3B trees are turned into paper packaging for the products we buy — including for many ‘clean’ beauty brands. These brands must take the same holistic approach to their packaging as their ingredients.

Tech Titans Embrace Responsible Forestry

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. While many companies focus sustainability efforts on their products and other consumer touch points, two of tech’s largest companies are including large facility construction and remodel projects as a foundation to their efforts having a ‘nature-positive’ approach.

Forget Crypto: How Blockchain Helps Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability, Transparency

Until recently, brands have had very little visibility into what’s happening at the farthest reaches of their supply chains. Immutable blockchain data has begun to play a central role in helping companies ensure compliance and earn trust on the global market.

Driving Responsible Forestry at Scale: An Interview with P&G Forester Chris Reeves

As a purchaser of wood pulp for its Bounty and Charmin brands, Procter & Gamble has an influence on driving responsible forest practices for its suppliers. But P&G needs help driving scale — more companies must make good on responsible sourcing commitments to meet the needs of the market, as well as a fragile natural world.

Trending: Reports Call for Fashion to End Its Wicked Ways

New reports by Zero Waste Europe and Planet Tracker slam the industry for piecemeal attempts at sustainability and circularity; where it fails to adopt more holistic approaches and take greater responsibility for environmental and social issues, investors must help move the needle.

PDX Redesign Supports Local Communities, Forests and Biodiversity Through Supply Chain Traceability

The PDXNext redesign of Portland International Airport’s main terminal involved a first-of-its-kind supply chain that supported the regional timber industry; and ensured wood traceability and equitable sourcing from local tribal, private and public landowners’ responsibly managed forests.

Cocoa Will Never Be Sustainable Without Living Wages for Farmers; New Action Guide Helps Companies Get There

The VOICE Network’s Cocoa Barometer links the range of challenges facing cocoa-farming communities to pervasive poverty. The IDH’s new, free Living Wage Action Guide helps companies find the path to the best interventions for their situation.

COP15 Must Mark a Turning Point for Meat and Dairy Investors

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Meat and dairy companies need to go further and faster to protect our natural world — before politicians, regulators and investors make the decision for them. The latest FAIRR Index shows what’s possible and shines a spotlight on the investment risks of maintaining the status quo.

New Marketplace Matches Tesco Suppliers to Swap Surplus Stock to Cut Costs, Reduce Waste

Tesco Exchange, aka ‘Tesco Tinder,’ matches suppliers who have too much of a product — for example, crops, byproducts, ingredients or packaging — with other Tesco suppliers that can put it to use.

Small Gains, Big Wins: Net Zero Is About More Than Just Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting initiatives are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to be seen as leaders in sustainability. However — while the approach can be an interim solution for operations that can’t be fully decarbonized — companies must focus first on working with their supply chain to identify where immediate changes can be made.

Supply Chain Waste, Consumer Demand Highlight Business Case for Transparency

A new study examines the waste challenges companies are facing due to the global supply chain crisis and how they are being tackled, and how consumer priorities impact waste — they now report prioritizing product durability and transparency over sustainability.

COP27 Yields More Impressive Forest-Conservation Commitments; But Will Our Efforts Go Up in Smoke?

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. From COP27, we see more and more business initiatives focused on not only reaching sustainability, but averting a climate crisis and achieving nature positivity — but have climate-fueled forest fires already nullified our chances at an effective carbon market?

We Must Invest in the Missing Middle to Boost Smallholder Farmers’ Climate Resilience

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. By supporting smallholders to access agricultural innovation on their farms and in their communities, it will enable them to both thrive in a changing climate and contribute to tackling its causes.

Outdoor Drinkware Brands Join Forces to Drive Supply Chain Sustainability

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Klean Kanteen, MiiR, Stanley and YETI have partnered to reduce emissions and establish science-based targets across their manufacturing supply chains.

McCain Foods Enters the Metaverse with Regen Fries, Showing Potential of ‘Farms of the Future’

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Through collaborations with Roblox and the first NFT-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry, McCain is providing a fun way to help younger audiences understand the problems with conventional farming and the benefits of regenerative practices.

COP27: Focus on Policy and Process, Not Promises

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. As world leaders prepare to gather for COP27, sharp focus is once again on how governments can tackle the ongoing climate crisis. But there is a danger that retailers and brands will take a ‘wait-and-see’ approach about any resulting policy change, rather than tackling the challenges head on.