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How leading companies, NGOs and solution providers are working to address the myriad issues that can arise in any supply chain.

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Asda, Co-op Collaborate to Streamline Supply Chain Sustainability Data

(1 year ago) - British supermarket giants Asda and The Co-operative, together with leading sustainable business and supply chain platform 2degrees, are paving the way for the future of supply chain collaboration by enabling mutual suppliers to submit aggregated data on waste, water and ener

Global Battery Alliance Aims to Eliminate Human, Environmental Toll of Global Battery Supply Chain

(1 year ago) - A coalition of businesses, international organizations and NGOs have banded together to put an end to the social and environmental impacts driving the growing trade in batteries for smartphones, gadgets, electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems. Launched at the World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2017, the Global Battery Alliance aims to create a responsible value chain for the battery market powering the technology and clean energy revolution.

New ‘Carbon Currency’ Harnesses Blockchain Tech to Measure Footprint of Financial Transactions

(1 year ago) - Blockchain technology is quickly emerging as a vital tool in tackling critical environmental and social issues. IBM recently touted the technology’s potential address challenges along the global food supply chain and is working with partners to identify new areas where it can in positively impact food traceability.

UL Revs Up Efforts to Reduce Environmental, Social Impacts Across Global Supply Chain

(1 year ago) - UL, a US-based safety consulting and certification company, has unveiled two new initiatives aimed at driving environmental and social responsibility throughout the global supply chain.

It’s All About the Chain, Gang: Procurement the Link to Sustainable Supply Chains

(1 year ago) - We are transitioning to a low-carbon, circular and inclusive economy. The latest arrival to the party is the procurement department — and none too soon, given the mammoth challenge ahead to make global supply chains sustainable and ethical. If you’re looking to fill your procurement cart with insights on tackling the challenges, read on for information about two tools and a city with a supply chain vision.

Control Union, H&M Launch Open Platform to Improve Sourcing, Transparency for Apparel Industry

(1 year ago) - Control Union, a global network of inspection operations and dedicated laboratories, in partnership with H&M has created a new tool to help the apparel industry meet its commitments to supply chain transparency and responsible sourcing. A unique supply chain traceability and data service, CONNECTED is designed specifically for apparel industry supply chains that are complex, distributed over several tiers and countries.

EcoVadis Publishes First Annual Global CSR Performance Index

(1 year ago) - EcoVadis, a pioneering platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains, has published the first annual edition of its Global CSR Risk and Performance Index.

Cleaner Freight: Boost Sustainability at Every Level of the Supply Chain

(1 year ago) - From fields to factories, companies are making considerable strides incorporating sustainable strategies across individual stages in their supply chain. But a key part of the supply chain that often gets overlooked is how goods are getting from point A to point B. It might seem obvious to focus on warehouses or office spaces, but because freight acts as the connective tissue between each of these stationary points in the supply chain, ‘greening’ your freight moves may just be the biggest sustainability secret hidden in plain sight.

Quantis Introduces New Land Use Guidance to Slash Global Supply Chain Emissions

(1 year ago) - Sustainability consulting group Quantis, in conjunction with a pre-competitive consortium of over 40 private companies, NGOs, governments and scientific institutions, has released the Land Use Change Guidance: Accounting for Emissions in the Supply Chain.

Trending: New Water-Saving Tools, Products Drive Textile Industry Paradigm Shift

(1 year ago) - Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population, a number which is projected to rise. While about 2.5 percent of the world’s water is freshwater, only 0.5 percent of that is made available to satisfy society’s needs.

Microsoft, Pact Expand Partnership to Eradicate Child Labor in DRC Mining

(1 year ago) - Microsoft Corp. and international development organization Pact have announced an expanded partnership to address child labor mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Microsoft has made a new three-year financial commitment to support Pact’s work to address child labor in mining and will build on the successful Watoto Inje ya Mungoti (Children Out of Mining) project.

SAP Ariba Takes Aim at Forced Labor with Supplier Risk Management Tool

(1 year ago) - Despite the attention the issue has received in the past decade, child labor and modern slavery are still prevalent across the world and in many corporate supply chains.

IBM, Food Giants Harness Blockchain Tech to Improve Supply Chain Traceability

(1 year ago) - The food industry has been abuzz with talk of traceability as of late, with the emergence of new technologies — such as Avery Dennison’s RFID tags and Sourcemap and Provenance’s new blockchain traceability tool — that are making it easier than ever for businesses to address inefficiencies and unsustainable and unethical practices along their supply chains.

CmiA Brings 50M Sustainable Cotton Textiles to Market in 2016

(1 year ago) - With the publication of its annual report for 2016, Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) demonstrates the growing momentum the sustainable cotton movement continues to gain around the world.

How Dell Is Leading the Pack on Supply Chain Diversity

(1 year ago) - While eliminating human trafficking and sourcing from environmentally responsible suppliers are now common topics in supply chain management, in fact they are just two of many ways a company can have a positive impact on communities through its supply chain. Dell is one company showing that increasing the diversity of suppliers, with a focus on women and minority-owned companies, can not only help bring opportunities to new sectors, but build a better business, as well.

Report: Migrant Crisis Escalating European Modern Slavery Risk

(1 year ago) - Approximately 21 million around the globe are victims of modern slavery, a number that has grown significantly over the last year as a result of the escalating migrant crisis in Europe, reveals an annual study from global risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft.

Solidaridad, QuizRR Roll Out Digital Trainings to Boost Textile Industry's Workers’ Rights Performance

(1 year ago) - With their sights set on creating more ethical, responsible and sustainable supply chains, international development organization Solidaridad and QuizRR, an educational tool and platform for suppliers and global buyers, have announced a new partnership.

5 Global Corporations Adopt 'No Fees' Ethical Recruitment Provisions Across Global Supply Chains

(1 year ago) - Efforts to safeguard workers against human rights violations continue to grow, as demand for greater supply chain transparency tightens its grip on the global economic landscape.

Consumers Are Applauding as Food Companies Connect with Farmers

(1 year ago) - More and more, we no longer eat just with our mouths and stomachs — now we also engage our hearts and minds.

Sourcemap, Provenance Harness Blockchain Tech to Power Robust Supply Chain Traceability

(1 year ago) - A new partnership between Sourcemap and Provenance signals a major win for the food and fashion industries. The two companies have linked their digital platforms for supply chain transparency, allowing brands to address inefficiencies and unsustainable and unethical practices through supply chain mapping, data collection and tracking of verified claims with the movement of product.

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