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Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

Corporations Standing Up for Voting Rights: Not Politics, Just Smart Business

It’s becoming more common for companies to put their weight behind a range of urgent social issues. This isn’t about partisanship or “wokeness” — it’s about the core values held by many Americans and a desire among forward-thinking corporate leaders to prove they share them.

Will Sustainable Consumer Behaviors, Attitudes Persist Post-Pandemic?

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Next month, GlobeScan’s latest annual, global consumer survey will assess whether the uptick in concern around creating a healthier, more sustainable future that occurred during the pandemic will persist in the longer term.

International Wineries for Climate Action Joins Global ‘Race to Zero’

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. IWCA becomes the first member of Race to Zero — a UN-backed, global campaign to rally all-sector leadership and support for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon future — representing the wine and ag industries.

10 Global Companies Take Action Towards Living Wages

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Aldi, Fairphone, L’Oréal, Unilever and more are taking action towards ensuring living wages for workers throughout their supply chains — and calling on others to do the same.

Not All Carbon Credits Are Created Equal

While the majority of projects that generate carbon credits focus solely on carbon abatement, an increasing number also achieve other environmental, economic, social and cultural co-benefits — which increase impact ROI for companies.

Getting the Balance Right: 3M on Sustainability Goal-Setting

3M's new climate goals culminate in climate neutrality by 2050. We talked with Gayle Schueller, 3M’s VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, to gain more insight into the company’s approach to the ‘balancing act’ of sustainability goal-setting.

Trending: Nike, Chipotle Tie Exec Compensation to Diversity, Sustainability Metrics

In the past week, both Nike and Chipotle announced new sets of environmental and social goals — and systems with which their executives’ compensation will be tied to achieving them.

Unilever Redefining ‘Normal’ with New ‘Positive Beauty’ Strategy

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Unilever is eliminating the word “normal” from all of its beauty and personal care brands’ packaging and advertising, championing a new era of beauty that is equitable and inclusive, as well as sustainable.

Palm Oil — Redeeming an ‘Evil Crop’

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. In this excerpt from his new book, Honor Thy Label, Dr. Bronner's Gero Leson shares the company's years-long journey to establishing a stable supply chain for fair trade, organic palm oil.

New WeSpire Research Finds Significant Drop in Corporate DEI Programs in 2020

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. The 10th annual study reveals that HR departments apparently underestimated employee concerns about racial equity and social unrest. Was the pandemic, or lack of company buy-in, to blame?

‘Net-Zero Emissions by 2050’ and ‘2°C’ Climate Targets: The Devil’s in the Details

If you are truly looking for ways to maintain or establish your company as a leader in sustainability, and to minimize backlash from critical stakeholder groups, get thee to a 1.5°C science-based target as soon as you can.

Trending: AB InBev, Carlyle Ante Up on ESG Commitments

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Two first-of-their-kind revolving credit facilities support Carlyle’s goal of 30% diverse board directors across its portfolio companies and progress toward four of AB InBev’s 2025 sustainability goals, respectively.

SB’21 Trend Watching: Brands’ Role in Reshaping the World in 2021 and Beyond

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. At SB’s latest Trend Watching event, experts across a variety of fields and industries offered insights into how purpose-driven brands can effectively activate on everything from marketing to effective leadership to climate justice in our post-pandemic world.

For Those Still Wondering About the Business Case for Purpose …

Cross-Posted from Business Case. In its latest research to understand consumer expectations of responsible brands, Porter Novelli used social psychology to unpack why consumers prefer Purpose-driven brands — and the importance of strong storytelling to complement sound business strategies.

What Will Be Your Organization’s Authentic Purpose in 2021?

The power of authentic purpose comes from integrating it into an organization such that it generates shared value for all stakeholders. Here are my suggestions for organizations to define and integrate a truly authentic, activated purpose.

To Be an Anti-Racist Brand: Start by Being Aware, Additive and Alive

The next frontier of sustainability is regeneration — building brands that actively restore and renew a system. And that’s as true for our systems that continue to allow racial injustice as for our environmental ecosystems.

Dole’s ‘Sunshine for All’ Fund Strives to Close Gaps on Good Nutrition

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The $2M annual fund will aim to address gaps of food affordability and waste, as well as accessibility and acceptability, around the world. Dole is seeking strategic partners to help develop solutions.

Corporations Can Support BIPOC Communities by Putting Their Money to Work

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. It is critical to understand and address the intersectional links between access to affordable housing, education, job creation and improved public health; and we look forward to continuing our work with organizations that target their dollars towards these needs within the communities they seek to serve.

Corporate Political Responsibility: The Missing Link in Companies’ ESG Strategies

The disconnect between many companies’ public sustainability ambitions and their non-public lobbying efforts can no longer be excused. The Erb Institute’s Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce is helping companies connect the dots.

B Lab Outlines How, Why to Adopt Public Benefit Governance with New Playbook

More and more businesses are embracing the idea of stakeholder capitalism, but many are likely at a loss as to how to actually adapt their business models. B Lab’s new playbook is designed to help purpose-driven companies do just that.