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Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

Puma, Microsoft Call For Forest Protection To Combat Climate Change at REDD+ Talks

Corporate leaders and experts on global warming and climate change policy came together on Earth Day in Sausalito, California for REDD+ Talks, an inaugural event focused on how emissions from deforestation contributes to global warming and how this will affect the business world.

Unilever Sales Increase While GHG Emissions Decrease by One Million Tons

On Monday Unilever announced that since 2008 it has reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its manufacturing and logistics operations by more than a million tons while also increasing sales by more than a quarter.

"Do What You Love": Inspiration and Insights from Conscious Capitalism 2013

The Conscious Capitalism 2013 conference, which took place over the weekend in San Francisco, saw a host of inspirational and motivational talks about the potential of business, large and small, to change the course of the world for the better.

Novozymes Launches Social Enterprise To Improve Health, Environment in Mozambique

Danish biotech company Novozymes has embarked on a new venture aimed at boosting human and environmental health in Mozambique by giving some 400,000 people access to clean, locally produced cooking fuel.

Pepsi Achieves Safe Water Access Goal Two Years Early

On Thursday Pepsi announced it has reached its goal of helping three million people gain access to safe drinking water in Africa, Asia and Latin America two years ahead of schedule and now plans to double its target to helping six million by 2015.

Unilever Accelerates Zero-Waste Goal Amid Continued Growth

Unilever today announced that more than 50% of its factories achieved the goal of sending no waste to landfill in 2012. This achievement has prompted the company to stretch its original zero-waste target by bringing its commitment for 2020 five years forward.

Magnum Aiming to Enhance Financial Opportunities for 5K Female Cocoa Farmers by 2025

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The ice cream brand aims to help 5,000 female cocoa farmers in Côte D'Ivoire achieve financial stability and diversify their incomes, for greater prosperity in the cocoa-farming offseason, by 2025.