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Waste Not

The latest in the growing number of efforts directed at reducing, repurposing and ultimately eliminating waste in all its forms.

Trending: Single-Use Plastics Continue to be Tossed – By Brands, Nations Imposing Bans

It’s a tough time to be a plastic straw producer. Over the past few months, it seems the message has broken through that plastic straws are harmful to the environment – and marine life in particular – that phase outs and bans are warranted.

'The North Face Renewed' Gives Refurbished Clothes Second Life

Today at SB’18 Vancouver, The North Face will announce the launch of The North Face Renewed — a collection of refurbished products for consumers who want to access affordable gear and reduce their environmental impact. All “Renewed” items — which are sourced from returned, defective or damaged apparel — have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and refurbished to The North Face quality and performance standards.

New Report Reveals a Gap in the Clothing Reuse Loop

Today, Savers® released its third annual State of Reuse Report, which reveals that while people consistently state they are donating or finding ways to extend the life of their items, there is still a long journey ahead to fully embrace reuse — as 60 percent of North Americans shop secondhand only once a year or less.

Trending: Impending Bans in EU, Vancouver; £1M Fund Target Plastic Waste

These days — especially in sustainability circles — it seems impossible to avoid hearing about the massive problem that is plastic pollution, and what we can do to address it. In the past two weeks alone, there have been announcements from public, non-profit and private organizations alike, such as the European Commission, City of Vancouver, Zero Waste Scotland, and Hilton. It’s great to see, but before we declare that we’re “winning the war” on plastic waste, we need to take it one battle at a time.

Hilton Targets Plastics, Science-Based Targets in Journey to Halve Impacts by 2030

Like many large companies, Hilton has been steadily improving its sustainability performance one step at a time.

Trending: The North Face, Tetra Pak, Seventh Gen Continue Chipping Away at Plastic Waste

Awareness of our plastic waste problem continues to grow, prompting campaigns and corporate action around the world.

Real-Time Visibility Key to Reducing Food Waste in the Supply Chain

How does food get on a plate? Unless you’re growing it yourself, that food may have had a long, complex journey before it arrived on your fork. That long trail all too often results in a lot of food wasted and lost along the way. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that around 40 percent of food production is lost before it even reaches the market.

How the US Food Industry Can Divert 65M Lbs of Glove, Packaging Waste — Immediately

The US food industry uses roughly 30 billion disposable gloves per year. Estimates vary but between 45-75 percent of these are vinyl (PVC) disposable gloves. There are many scientific studies analyzing the effects of various health and food safety aspects of vinyl — including the dangers of plasticizers such as phthalates and the emission of dioxin at incineration or landfill, as well as at manufacture.

Jackie Chan Highlights Circular Economy ‘Green Hero’ Arthur Huang in New Documentary

On April 21st, at the Palace Cinema in Raffles City, Changning, Shanghai, I attended the premiere of the first of a three-part documentary series, “Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes” — a joint project by the action movie star, National Geographic Partners LLC and Buick — which captures stories of sustainability innovators to inspire and educate the public.

Over 1M People Join Greenpeace Call to Corporates to #BreakFreeFromPlastic

Around the globe, over one million individuals have signed petitions, taken to stores and restaurants, and posted photos of ridiculous packaging on social media to call out corporations for their massive single-use plastic footprints.

Trending: Tees, Jeans, App Unlock New Ways to Avoid Waste in the Textile Industry

Water and waste are issues at nearly every step of the textile and apparel lifecycles. Luckily, solutions are being developed across the board.

Q&A: Fuji Xerox on the Circular Approach That Redefined Its Business

Long before concepts such as future-fit and circular became buzzwords, Fuji Xerox was already busy redefining business as usual and demonstrating the opportunities to be harnessed by embracing a more sustainable, resource-efficient business model.

Colgate, TerraCycle Expand Annual Recycled Playground Challenge

In their biggest contest yet, TerraCycle, Colgate and ShopRite’s annual partnership is offering students across the eastern US the chance to win a playground for their school made entirely of recycled materials. It is the fifth edition of the Recycled Playground Challenge, which aims to teach school students, teachers and communities about preserving healthy smiles and a healthy environment.

Will Bottle Deposits Help or Hinder the UK’s War on Plastic?

With the public mood turning against plastic waste, British policymakers now have a new cause to rally behind.

New Soma X Parley Bottle Latest Bid to Chip Away at Marine Plastic Pollution

Today, Soma and Parley for the Oceans announced their exclusive and limited-edition product for Starbucks; the world’s first reusable water bottle with a sleeve made using Parley Ocean PlasticTM, a material created from upcycled plastic intercepted from marine environments.

Trending: Dutch Task Force, Startups Among Latest to Join Food Waste Fight

As much as one third of the world’s food is being wasted. The United States alone wastes roughly 63 million tons, or $218 billion, of food annually. As awareness of this issue has grown over in recent years, a variety of initiatives have taken root.

Cleaning Up Courses: How to Bring Distance Events Closer to the Sustainability Finish Line

On foot, by bicycle, through water and combinations of the above, distance races such as marathons and ocean races are a global phenomenon. Running and cycling races have become a big business in recent years, due to the opportunity for sponsorship and the brand affinity that comes with it.

Dell’s ‘Closed-Loop’ Jewellery a Circular Economy Success, But a Drop in the Sustainability Bucket

Earlier this year, tech giant Dell announced an innovative partnership with actress Nikki Reed’s jewellery company, Bayou with Love, which spawned a new line of fine jewellery made using recycled gold from the motherboards of end-of-life Dell computers. The juxtaposition of fine, intricate jewels with old computers has driven media interest and raised the issue and importance of sustainability within the tech sector. ‘The Circular Collection’ has been positioned as an example of circular economy success, but how deep does this move go?

Coke, Dow, Kimberly-Clark Join Coalition to Tackle Ocean Plastics in SE Asia

Corporate action to tackle the mounting problem of ocean plastics is on the rise with new commitments and cross-industry initiatives cropping up regularly.

Trending: The Future of Mobility Is Circular

Discussion around the future of mobility is dominated by discourse around the shift away from fossil fuels, but this is only one small part of a more complex conversation. Even clean energy vehicles have impacts on environmental and human health. China’s industry ministry, General Motors and Goodyear are taking these often-overlooked impacts into account by focusing on waste recovery and prevention approaches that seek to establish closed-loop systems.


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