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Hubbub's ‘Meat Your Match’ Campaign Challenges Preconceptions Around Plant-Based Diets

Environmental charity Hubbub has launched a campaign that challenges male gym-goers to replace half of their animal-based protein with plant-based alternatives.

Dubbed ‘Meat Your Match,’ the campaign is a collaboration with Nuffield gym, Nationwide, BaxterStorey and the Wellcome Trust. It will see participants provided with a Garmin fitness tracker and a consultation with a nutritional practitioner to create a personalized and accessible meal plan that will help them meet their fitness objectives and complete the protein challenge.

Meat consumption is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around 14 percent of total CO2 emissions. With global meat and dairy consumption predicted to double by 2050, experts are increasingly concerned about the repercussions for the environment. However, in its Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food Future report, the World Resources Institute revealed that even small dietary changes can relieve considerable pressures on land, water and climate.

Meat Your Match specifically targets male gym goers as 60 percent of men exceed current guidance on daily consumption of red and processed meat. Research indicates that for many men, eating meat is embedded into the cultural consciousness following the mantra that people have always eaten meat as part of their diet and there is no reason to change this. Numerous studies have also identified a strong link between perceived notions of strength and masculinity and meat consumption. This echoes the findings of a study conducted by Hubbub in conjunction with the University of Southampton, which highlighted the sensitivities around persuading people to change diets — particularly in regards to reducing meat consumption.

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Changing behavior isn’t easy, but through its latest campaign, Hubbub is gearing up to tackle the issue head-on and challenge preconceptions by demonstrating the value of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. To generate a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition that will help participants stick to the challenge, Hubbub has created an online platform and developed a series of workshops and cookery sessions.

The charity will monitor the performance of the two-month trial and create an ‘Inspiration Guide’ that gyms and employees can use to encourage customers to follow a healthier fitness regime with lower environmental impacts.


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