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Hello Toothpaste Blows Whistle on Oral Care Market With New Transparency Campaign

With a growing number of consumers demanding transparency from brands about the products they use every day, companies are faced with a new world order — come clean or face extinction. Of course, baring it all is a lot easier when the items in question feature ingredients and materials that are responsibly sourced and safe. Such is the case for natural oral care company Hello, the latest personal care brand to get real about what goes into their products.

The brand has launched a digital campaign dubbed An Inconvenient Tooth, an animated spot that gives consumers the low-down on the artificial (and often unpronounceable) ingredients in the oral care products lining their shelves. An example? Propylene glycol — the chemical used to de-ice planes — is a chemical commonly found in toothpaste.

The way oral care has been traditionally been marketed by the majority of dental care brands has largely revolved around a no-pain-no-gain model, where the mouth serves as the backdrop for an epic battle against bacteria, germs and plaque. In an effort to change this approach, Craig Dubitsky founded Hello, which is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe.

Created by advertising agency 72andsunny, the campaign takes a humorous, lighthearted approach and is designed to target millennials, who have exhibited an openness towards chemical-free personal and home care products. The video will run on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and provides viewers with an opportunity to try samples of Hello products as well.

“We know they lean toward video and social media,” Nafman told Marketing Daily. “And we wanted to break away from the seriousness of the category and bring the brand’s natural personality to life.”

Hello’s products are currently available at Walmart, Target and CVS, but with mounting preference for natural and organic products and increased consumer awareness, the natural brand is well positioned for further growth.


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