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Organizational Change
New Tool Captures Employee Scope 3 Emissions Data, No Matter Where They Work

New solution from WeSpire, Cox and South Pole dramatically improves how companies measure and reduce employee emissions in hybrid and increasingly remote work environments.

Today, WeSpire — the leading employee-engagement platform for corporate environmental, social & governance (ESG) initiatives — unveiled its Employee Carbon Management Solution — developed in conjunction with Cox Enterprises and leading climate solutions provider and project developer South Pole. The solution equips companies with a suite of tools to measure, reduce, balance and report on employee carbon emissions both at home and the office.

Until now, getting data on employee-generated Scope 3 carbon emissions quickly, accurately and on-demand has been challenging due to a lack of workplace-specific tools to reliably capture and report the data. The increasing number of companies setting net-zero emissions goals — which must account for Scope 3 emissions — along with the rapid move to hybrid and remote work environments, has magnified the urgency of implementing a better approach.

“Given the dramatic shift toward remote work and subsequent increased emissions generated by working from home, companies need to reconsider their approach to Scope 3 emissions and gain insight into employee carbon footprints and home energy use,” explained Kim Knickle, Research Director for ESG and Sustainability at Verdantix. “Innovative solutions to drive ESG performance are imperative to build towards a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy more effectively and meet net-zero goals.”

In addition to other recent tools such as Drawdown LabsClimate Solutions at Work guide, which helps employees take bolder climate action in the workplace, WeSpire’s Employee Carbon Management Solution enables companies to activate their ESG strategy across their workforce with prescribed steps for employees to take that have a tangible impact on their own carbon footprints — particularly, outside the workplace. Companies can now engage their employees to make continual, progressive carbon-emission reductions over time through curated actions, based in behavioral science, rather than immediately relying on offsetting.

“We’ve pioneered a data-first, behavior-change solution to drive much needed personal climate action in the workplace,” said WeSpire founder and CEO Susan Hunt Stevens. “Our technology enables organizations to engage their employees to better understand their own impact, take targeted carbon reduction actions — and, when needed, the company or employees can balance what remains. This holistic solution will inspire further innovation as employees see their collective impact on their company’s ESG goals and will significantly simplify employee-related Scope 3 emissions reporting.”

WeSpire also partnered with South Pole to embed high-quality offset opportunities for employees and employers to use as rewards.

“Stakeholders and employees increasingly demand organizations make commitments to drive climate action and offset their carbon footprints. But this can be challenging,” said George Favaloro, South Pole’s Head of Climate Solutions, North America. “WeSpire’s solution with South Pole’s embedded offsetting capability makes it simple for organizations to take meaningful climate action while engaging and empowering their employees.”

WeSpire’s Employee Carbon Management Solution is being tested, with general availability expected prior to Earth Day 2022. For more information or to request a demo, please visit