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Waste Not
Food Waste Used to Construct Venues for 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Food and garden waste from households throughout Glasgow has been transformed into compost and used in the development of Glasgow 2014’s Athletes Village and other Commonwealth Games venues, according to Zero Waste Scotland. Along with the use of compost during construction, the Athletes Village has been equipped with solar panels on the houses and a combined heat and power system.

Currently underway, Glasgow 2014 has committed to being a truly sustainable Commonwealth Games, aiming to divert 80 percent of waste during the event and recycling as much as possible.

“Scottish householders dispose of over half a million tonnes of food and drink each year. When sent to landfill this food decomposes and releases harmful greenhouse gases. Around 57 percent of households in Scotland now have access to a food waste recycling service, allowing this waste to be transformed into a valuable resource, as we can see from its use at the Athletes Village,” said Zero Waste Scotland director Iain Guiland. “The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is a great opportunity for Scotland to host a truly sustainable green event, projecting a lasting legacy to be proud of, and as such it’s great to see this valuable material being used in such as efficient way.”

“This is an excellent way of using our compostable garden waste by making it into the turf used by the athletes competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games,” said Councillor Hamish Stewart, Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Resources Committee. “We are wholly committed to recycling and are delighted to be involved in this truly sustainable event.”

The Commonwealth Games run through August 3.

While a growing number of UK companies are putting food waste to good use by converting it into biogas, the UK and Europe have both brought the issue to the forefront, launching a variety of recent campaigns, technologies, business models and collaborations aimed at preventing the waste in the first place.


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