Fairtrade America

Fairtrade America is the US representative of Fairtrade International - the global leader in ethical product certification. Shoppers care more about where their food comes from. Fairtrade America works with brands to ensure their supply chains support farmers, their communities, and their ecosystems.

Fairtrade America

You may have seen the Fairtrade mark on your favorite bag of coffee, chocolate bar, or even on bananas. When businesses choose to label their products with the Fairtrade mark, they're communicating to sustainability-minded shoppers that they care about the people in their supply chains.

Fairtrade's rigorous standards mean farmers and workers are paid a decent price, ban child and forced labor, encourage gender equality, keep water sources clean, invest in their communities, and develop long-term relationships with buyers.

A 2018 Nielsen study showed that fair trade chocolate and coffee are selling 5x faster than similar conventional products. Shoppers care more about where their products come from and the conditions in which they were grown.

Fairtrade America works with brands to craft sustainable supply chains that support producers, their communities, and their ecosystems. Get in touch for a free sourcing analysis to assess if Fairtrade certification is right for your business.

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