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Embracing the Purpose Paradox:
The Key to Transcendental Leadership

In the summer of 2012, I came upon a discovery so mind-blowing that it has taken me nearly four years to get my feet back on solid ground. After two decades of research to find the connection between human nature and Mother Nature, a simple E=mc2-type equation emerged. I call this the Voice Code.

Believe it or not, this discovery has revealed the natural laws that govern all human thinking. In doing so, it has allowed us to now clearly map the timeless principles and practices that all visionary minds master to become a force of nature in the pursuit of their life’s purpose.

At the heart of the Voice Code lies the Purpose Paradox, a nuclear bomb of human insight that, properly understood, makes the mind go quiet and renders even the science irrelevant, except as a raft to bring us to a visceral firsthand experience of truth. Translated into everyday terms, here’s what it says:

From nature’s perspective, the function of our life’s “purpose" is to help us live fully, in the NOW. When we discover a purpose that we’re willing to die for, we release the past. Our identity expands and time dissolves. From this expanded presence, we experience no struggle, scarcity or separation. Following our inner authority (aka our Voice), our actions then align with timeless natural laws that orchestrate human evolution and we become a force of nature.

Heckuva mind bomb, ain’t it?

If you are like many, your mental nose has already started to bleed. Before you run to the sink, do know that we have designed and battle-tested a suite of mastery tools that make this mindset actionable. Also, please consider the alternative. If properly aligning with the Purpose Paradox is the best-kept secret to visionary thriving, failing to do so is surely the best-buried secret to creating a life of frustration and futility in today’s accelerating world.

When we fail to embrace the Purpose Paradox, our lives become a prison of fear and false certainty. Unable to experience the present moment unfiltered, we cannot hear our inner Voice. Estranged from our inner genius, we become blinded by “frame lock” — that polarizing mental epidemic that keeps us trapped in an either/or mindset, and turns our lives into a self-fulfilling prophecy of lack. When we unleash the Purpose Paradox, we explode unconscious limitations to activate our latent creative potential and change the game forever. When we don’t, our lives become an endless series of unsatisfying choices as our passion slowly dies on the altar of conventional thinking.

As I see it, to live a great life there’s just one big question that we all must answer:

How do we activate and express our true creative potential?

If we start with the frame-locked beliefs our parents handed us, we find this question impossible to answer. Everywhere we look we find a new opinion from a so-called expert, offering a new half-baked solution rooted in a hidden either/or premise. If we start from the Purpose Paradox, we find two clear paths to self-actualization unfolding before us. Both of which start from the premise that we are a “both/and” force of nature with no limitations whatsoever:

Purpose Paradox Path #1 — Hard Knocks: Find a purpose so compelling that you are willing to sacrifice everything. Spend as many years as it takes in the battlefield refining and implementing this purpose until you have finally released all limiting past learning to become radically aligned with your Voice in this domain. Lather, rinse and repeat until inner Voice alignment generalizes across every life domain, and you become One with your Voice at all times.

Purpose Paradox Path #2 — Voice Revolution: Master the inner game of visionary thinking to lead your own Voice Revolution from the inside out. Learn to hear and follow your instinctual Voice knowing, one day at a time as you master six skills of the visionary mind (see table below). As you do this, Voice alignment will become a new habit and all false limitations will naturally dissolve. Your life’s purpose will emerge in holographic fashion before your very eyes, as you are simply having fun, reclaiming your power from old beliefs, doing what you love, living in the now.

After traveling Path #1 for twenty years only to discover the scientific map for Path #2, let me tell you:

There’s no comparison

Path #1 is lonely and filled with struggle. It’s still better than frame lock, but now that there’s another option, I urge you to reconsider. With Path #1 we bust our head against the walls of convention for years on end as we accrue painful lessons that eventually lead us to recognize ourselves as the sole authority of our lives.

With Path #2, we cut right to the chase. Looking first inward to remove the inner cause of our problems, our external life becomes an inside out orchestra of inspired co-creation. Solving problems at the level of cause, we align with timeless natural laws to create the future while standing fully in the present.

If your mind is now boggled and your eyes bleary, I get it. Perhaps now you have a small inkling of why it took me four years to bring the Voice Code down to earth. But boy, was it ever worth it! Now anyone willing to shift their thinking can give themselves the same quantum mental operating system upgrade, in record time, without all the headaches. In the meantime, if you remember just one thing from this article, please let it be this:

When you follow your Voice, you are a force of nature

Aligned with your Voice …

  • you live fully in the present, creating the future of your dreams without worry or attachment. Learning from the past without guilt or self-judgment, in a state of absolute certainty that you are on the right path.
  • you naturally see yourself in everyone and, in so doing, bring out the best in them — that same timeless Voice buried in their unconscious, summoned into the light of shared awareness by your simple willingness to be fully present.
  • you experience all events as helpful. You stay open to the entire spectrum of thoughts and emotions as they arise and dissolve, moving through you like storms, sunny mornings and sunsets that pass in dynamic patterns of bittersweet music that echo of something eternal within you.

Acting from this mighty inner knowing, you will inspire others without trying. Thrive without excessive planning. You will stand for what matters in every moment, attracting the right people and resources to move your vision forward one step at a time. The world will work with you in concert, like a symphony of collaborative learning, riddled with the mystery and wonder of unbridled laughter in the paradox of NOW.

In a world where the future is increasingly uncontrollable, the only thing you really need to control is the only thing you ever really could: Your own mind.

Sure, inner game mastery has a bit of a learning curve, but mental discipline of this type is completely learnable and my life’s purpose is to help you master the six skills that drive this process. In my upcoming book, The Voice Code: How to Be a Force of Nature, I offer an imaginative story-based map to help you effortless embody this new paradigm, producing powerful goal breakthroughs, in any goal domain, as you master the inner game.

Release the past. Open the future. Embrace the fierce urgency of your true creative potential in the present — this timeless place we call “now” where common sense is practical and where the real you thrives without trying. Follow your Voice and learn to enjoy life without the countless dilemmas that plague the frame-locked masses. Then, as everyone around you scurries back and forth losing their heads and blaming it on you, you will be the calm, happy, unflappable one who just seems to know something… You will have embraced the Purpose Paradox, to know that the true goal is always to be fully alive in every moment.

In a world of comfort-seekers and cynics looking for something to believe in, you will bring new light that shines away the shadows of confusion that kept them from seeing their own brilliance. You will be the leader you have always known you could be, someone with the clarity, courage and compassion to stand for what matters, to help others escape the ravages of senseless suffering, a leader who transcends time as most know it, to predict your future by creating it.

"A paradox is just the difference between what life is, and what we want it to be." ~Richard Feynman, physicist


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