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Branding for Sustainability:
A Manifesto!

I wrote recently about branding for sustainability, rather than the branding of sustainability. The main point is that branding is no longer merely about communication techniques that get tacked on to a business. Instead, branding shapes the entire landscape of engagement, experience and affinity between a company or other entity and its customers and other stakeholders or audiences. So it’s time for a manifesto.

Stori's Ten-Point Branding for Sustainability Manifesto:

  • Sustainability or shared value must be a business driver, not a cost center.
  • A brand without stakeholder-specific values embedded into it is a brand that reduces crucial equity and replaces it with needless risk.
  • Brands are bundles of meaning that drive authentic shared stories, no longer constructed personas that separate businesses from customers and other stakeholders.
  • Brand values must be discovered in the experience and perspectives of brand stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners and more — not imposed by experts.
  • Sustainability and shared value are strategic, not tactical.
  • Every brand can and must have its own unique path and destination to sustainability and shared values — generic solutions merely increase costs and reduce positive impact.
  • The future of brands and values is about participatory storymaking, not elite storytelling.
  • Successful stories are about the listener and the participant, not about the teller.
  • Great stories are forwarded and extended by the people who live within them.
  • Revolutionary and evolutionary change are equally valid, and authentic story-dependent.

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