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Coachtopia Turns Waste Into ‘Impeccable Taste’ in New Holiday Campaign

The circular brand’s “Wasty Holiday” campaign highlights the fact that up to 43% more waste is created during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

Luxury fashion brand Coach is putting textile waste front and center in this year’s holiday campaign, to showcase the circular ethos behind its sub-brand, Coachtopia.

Coachtopia’s “A Wasty Holiday” campaign highlights the fact that up to 43 percent more waste is created during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. But the bright side for young holiday shoppers is that Coachtopia can turns "all that waste into beautiful things of impeccable taste.”

Launched in April, Coachtopia is a community-powered, Gen Z-focused sub-brand focused on circular craft and collaborative creativity grounded in Coach’s Made Circular™ design philosophy — with a goal of achieving a fully circular business model.

In today’s linear fashion system, over 85 percent of materials produced end up incinerated or as waste in landfill. Through its Made Circular principles, Coachtopia is working to design out waste and reduce the use of new materials — the creation of which accounts for 38 percent of the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions — while helping to keep products out of landfill by designing them to be reused over many lives.

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The campaign features actor and Coachtopia community member Lola Tung (“The Summer I Turned Pretty”), who, alongside a creature named "Wasty" — itself constructed of leftover materials — becomes inspired to transform holiday waste into Coachtopia creations. They join forces to create a community, “and the rest is Coachtopia history.”

As Tung told InStyle, “Hopefully, Wasty, the story and the creativity surrounding this whole campaign will spark excitement in people about sustainability and about Coachtopia. I know it did for me.”

Along with the campaign this week, Coachtopia has also launched a new array of “Upcrafted” leather handbags and accessories.

According to WWD, as the season progresses, Coach will replace flash sales and other messaging with gift guides that speak to the sustainable nature of Coachtopia products.