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Coca-Cola Gamifies Recycling in Bangladesh with 'Happiness Arcade'

“What happens when no one is concerned about recycling?”

That’s what Coca-Cola asks in a YouTube video detailing its recent effort to engage youth in the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka on the importance of recycling.

The game, developed in partnership with Bangladesh-based advertising agency Grey Dhaka, was installed in six different locations across the city over six days — the activation collected thousands of bottles, which will be converted into pellets for reuse in other products.

Coke says it plans to continue the program in the coming months to increase awareness.

Are Sustainable Brand Messages Targeting the Wrong People?

Hear more from Radley Yeldar's Eileen Chen about why we should rethink our assumptions about sustainable consumers and why redefining our target demographics will serve the broader needs of our transition as a society — June 8 at Brand-Led Culture Change.

Here in the US, even for consumers who say they do care about recycling and understand its importance, there tends to be a lack of consistent follow-through. According to the 2014 Cone Communications Recycling in the Home Survey, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of consumers consistently recycle at home, but despite a genuine concern for the environment, only about half do so in rooms beyond the kitchen. This is due mostly to the fact that 56 percent only keep recycling bins in the kitchen, as opposed to other rooms throughout the house. But bins aren’t the only roadblock to recycling: Consumers also fault not knowing which products or packaging are recyclable and the amount of space recycling requires as additional factors in favor of tossing recyclables in the trash.


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