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Nutrition, Wine, IoT, Big Data, AI Come Together at Food+Tech Accelerator

Reimagine Food, an organization on a mission to create an “ecosystem for the techno-food revolution,” has announced the second edition of its Prometheus accelerator program. Touted as the first disruptive food and tech program in the world, Prometheus will accept startups using emerging technologies to create food sector solutions.

“I truly believe that this is the most exciting time to be in the food sector,” said Marius Robles, CEO of Reimagine Food. “We are in a new era of big opportunities, new business models, rapid changes in consumers’ behavior, an important connection between food and health, new food delivery approaches and the many challenges we face in our food system.”

Reimagine Food has determined areas of the food sector that are ripe for disruptive innovation: payment, nutrition, beverages, smart kitchens, food delivery, and retail; as well as the most promising technologies: wearables, mobile, robots, 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. The new Prometheus program will focus on startups that bring these focus areas together. Companies may participate remotely for the majority of the 4 month program, concluding with a month intensive in Barcelona.

This edition of the accelerator will have two tracks: Prometheus MFood and Prometheus Revolution. MFood will accept applications from companies using mobile, wearable, and IoT technologies in retail, nutrition, food delivery, and other food-related solutions until December 10, 2015. Five participants will be selected and their experience will culminate in 4 days at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, including a presentation at 4YFN’s (4 Years From Now’s) startup showcase.

Prometheus Revolution will accept applications from companies using new technologies such as big data, AI, robots, or drones for solutions in the wine, agriculture, smart kitchen, and other industries until February 10, 2016. Ten participants will be selected and their experience will culminate in 4 days at Alimentaria or the Food Revolution Forum (details have yet to be announced).

Those in the program will have access to work space, free and discounted services from program partners, a business coach, press coverage, and more. Unique to Prometheus, participants will be able to use SmartfoodS, an artificial intelligence bot which can help them quickly assess whether another startup is working on something similar. Furthermore, they will be supported by The Disrupters, a network of 100 “food architects,” including inventors, engineers, pioneers, successful entrepreneurs, innovation managers, journalists, and others brought together by Reimagine Food.


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