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The latest in how organizations around the world are demonstrating the business case and ROI for environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

The Role of Communication in Shifting Away from Fossil-Based Supply Chains

Consumer demand for more socially and environmentally responsible products continues to rise, a trend that is increasingly putting pressure on companies to embrace materials and processes with less pronounced impacts. The business case is clear — act now or risk falling behind — yet the road to sustainability is not so cut and dry. Adopting innovative methods and exploiting new business opportunities while making them understandable and attractive to customers is a considerable challenge.

Making Large-Scale Energy Efficiency Easier (and More Affordable)

Energy efficiency is a simple, quick and cost-effective method to reduce both costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That’s why companies are scaling up their energy-efficiency projects in an effort to achieve greater results. And it’s important that they do: Buildings play a considerable role in GHG emissions: Commercial buildings, in particular, make up roughly 20 percent of total U.S. energy. So, it’s no surprise that optimizing building systems is on the rise.

M&S’ Mike Barry: Balance of Science, Emotion Needed to Engage Consumers in Circular Models

For many retailers, circular thinking involves redefining products – and the raw materials contained within them – as assets that need to be kept in circulation for as long as possible. During each use phase, these assets may need to be reintroduced into different markets, requiring new customer relationships to be built.

Businesses Overlooking $447B in Financial Value from Strong Environmental Performance

Four in 10 telecomms and consumer goods companies reporting to CDP fail to capture or report any financial value from strong environmental performance, according to new research released Wednesday by Accenture, CDP Hermes Investment Management.

JPMorgan Chase, DSM, Apple Top Fortune's 2017 ‘Change the World’ List

Bringing the business case for sustainability to the forefront, Fortune has released its third annual Change the World list, which highlights companies who are having a positive social or environmental impact on the world through their core business strategy. The fifty selected companies, which span a variety of industries, come from all across the globe and have annual revenues of at least $1 billion. In partnership with FSG and Shared Value Initiative, Fortune ranks companies across three main criteria:

The Athlete’s Secret to Success: How Elite Athletes Win by Playing the Game with Purpose

Swarmed by a crowd of cross-country ski fans all under the age of 12, I felt like I’d just won my first World Cup. In the beginning, I wanted to be a soccer star. I, along with most of the girls my age, idolized Mia Hamm and tried desperately to snag the #9 jersey on every single one of my teams. By high school, however, I realized that my future on the field looked grim. I made the soccer team as a freshman but not because I could bend it like Beckham – I simply ran more than anyone else on the field. By sophomore year, I turned my full attention to cross-country skiing, a sport that better suited to my somewhat uncoordinated long limbs, my love of the outdoors and my seemingly endless supply of energy.

Could RFID Eliminate Food Waste – or All Product Waste – from Producer to Consumer?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which dates back to World War II radar systems, is increasingly being used to track goods throughout complex global supply chains.

Millennials on Purpose: How 3 Young Professionals See 'Purpose' Changing the World

Winning the hearts and minds of the Millennial generation has been a dominating narrative for corporations over the past years. Surveys, reports and opinion pieces continue to analyze the ambitions and demands of this generation; but what would the world look like if businesses embodied Millennial values at the core of their organizations?

Building a More Sustainable Future for the Cleaning Products Industry

In the weeks since the announcement that the U.S. would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, there has been much debate about the impact this may have on the country’s and entire world’s push toward a more sustainable future. One of the biggest takeaways from the conversation has been that cities, states and especially businesses remain committed to moving forward in the fight against climate change.

Sustainability Leaders Daunted, But Willing to Work Together to Help Build ‘The Good Life’

This blog is part of the GlobeScan-SustainAbility Leaders Survey 20th anniversary project being conducted by GlobeScan and SustainAbility in partnership with Interface.

Not All of US: Response to Trump Administration's Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement

While telegraphed for days and choreographed down to the military band playing soft jazz in the background before the announcement, President Trump’s June 01, 2017 declaration that the U.S. will pull out of the Paris Agreement still jarred and dismayed.

SB’17 Detroit Highlights, Day 3: Show, Don’t Tell; Trust vs Truth, and Transformational Collaboration

Learning from Detroit: Designing a More Diverse, Prosperous and Equitable Economy by Mara Slade Image credit: TechTown In an afternoon panel packed with Detroit leaders, we heard firsthand how they are working in human-centered ways to grow the local economy and support Detroit entrepreneurs.

Q&A: How Partnerships Are Helping Nestlé Create Shared Value

It’s been a busy year for Nestlé – joining various initiatives and making strategic investments aimed at everything from boosting recycling infrastructure to developing bio-based packaging to improving consumer eating habits. We spoke with Nestlé’s President of Corporate Affairs, Paul Bakus, ahead of his appearance this week at SB’17 Detroit, to learn how the food giant is leveraging partnerships to achieve its many sustainability goals.

11 Purpose-Driven Startups Poised to Change the World: Meet the 2016 SB Innovation Open Semi-Finalists

It's time once again for the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) — our annual competition for startups that positively impact people, planet and profit, sponsored by Target — and we’re excited about our 11 semi-finalists in what has been our most competitive selection process yet. This year, we have startups poised to revolutionize several industries, from natural body care products to responsible mineral mining, to repurposing previously wasted food and clothing.

Proving the #BusinessCase: P&G Exceeds 2 Sustainability Goals; One Creates $1.6B in Value

This week, Procter & Gamble published its 16th annual sustainability report, which reveals how the CPG giant made far-reaching — and as it turns out, lucrative — improvements to its global operations years ahead of schedule.

Winston, Desso, Coke Explore Ways to Reimagine Business on #SB14sd Day Two

The second day of SB '14 San Diego kicked off with a morning full of inspirational plenary presentations examining how we can reimagine business to become a positive global force.Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer at City of Palo Alto, gave the opening remarks, reminding attendees of how the US transformed itself during the Second World War to respond to problems that would not wait. Friend suggested that the several social and environmental issues currently afflicting our planet represent a call to action to transform our economy just like our forebears did.

Greenhouse Gas Regulations: Reframing Risk Management as Opportunity Realization

With a number of greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations emerging — including California’s AB32 — many companies are beginning to develop internal departments and strategies to manage the risk of impending climate regulation. Looking at emissions reductions solely from a risk-management perspective, however, can cost companies the opportunity to realize additional business value from their investments. Emerging compliance markets

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