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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Report: High Seas Treaty Offers Historic Opportunity for Climate Adaptation

Report: High Seas Treaty Offers Historic Opportunity for Climate Adaptation

In a new paper, scientists detail how the soon-to-be-ratified Treaty can help protect marine species as climate change continues to warm the oceans.

WA Ballot Initiative Could Stymy National Efforts to Put a Price on Carbon

I-2117 is already destabilizing the state’s landmark carbon market — confusing businesses and creating uncertainty about the future of climate policy.

Consumers, Brewers Taking a Closer Look at Beer’s Environmental Impact

As Deschutes and Patagonia Provisions partner on beers made from regenerative grain, nearly 50% of beer lovers around the world say they will pay more for a sustainable brew.

Tourism Has Rebounded Post Pandemic, But Inclusivity Challenges Remain

Developing economies — which account for 52 out of 71 economies improving since 2019 — are making strides, but significant investment is needed to bridge gaps and increase market share.

New Collaborations Lay Further Groundwork for Circular Fashion Economy

A new report from Fashion for Good’s Sorting for Circularity maps pathway to scaling fiber-to-fiber recycling within the US, while brands joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Fashion Remodel initiative explore ways to make money without making new clothes.

Concrete Is Causing the Downfall of Cities. Literally.

In addition to generating 8% of global carbon emissions, recent studies have highlighted another negative impact of the world’s most popular building material — its weight, which is causing a host of coastal cities to sink faster than sea levels are rising.

New Project Drawdown Strategy Will Engage Agriculture in the Climate Fight

Drawdown Food will advance science and share insights at the intersection of food, agriculture, land use and climate change.

Amidst India’s Tourism Boom, Boutique Accommodations Focus on Sustainability

Whereas the country’s major cities have attracted the major hotel construction in the past, boutique properties and hotel chains alike are popping up in lesser-known areas — to showcase not only the natural appeal but the proprietors’ commitment to the environment and local communities.

Polycrises Threatening Planetary Health Cannot Be Addressed in Silos

As The Lancet warns in a new report, failing to consider interactions between climate, biodiversity and infectious disease will not address the fundamental issues affecting each — and the consequences will be 'exponentially more expensive.'

How Brands Can Help Communities Thrive in a Changing Climate

While heat is the leading cause of weather-related illnesses and deaths in both Canada and the US, companies can explore nature-based solutions to help reverse this trend and foster spaces where people can thrive.

Is Bipartisan Climate Policy Possible in the US?

The reality of climate change’s existence is not the debate that voters are interested in anymore: They have experienced it firsthand and care about solutions.

As Droughts Zap South America’s Hydroelectric Energy, What Can Be Done?

As our climate systems become more erratic, clean sources of energy will become ever more precious; and scaling and diversifying sustainable ways to harness it will be key to our survival.

Apple Begins to Support Consumers’ Right to Repair

Apple has announced a new process that will finally enable customers and independent repair providers to utilize used Apple parts in repairs; but advocates of the right-to-repair movement see the move as a small first step.

The Social-Purpose Economy Is Coming of Age

The purpose economy is becoming a force in Canada and around the world. Now is the time to help it overcome any growing pains and highlight the purpose gains to put business and humanity on a sustainable path at scale.

Is It Time for Old Solutions to New Problems?

It’s clear we need a fundamental shift in how we perceive and manage our finite resources. But as more and more businesses shift away from profit at all costs to profit with purpose, hopefully we will all soon 'share more, waste less.'

First 3 Carbon-Offset Programs Deemed Trustworthy by Integrity Council

In what it’s calling a new chapter of trust and standardization for the voluntary carbon market, the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market gives three carbon-crediting programs its seal of approval.

ThredUp: Resale Grew 15x Faster than Retail in 2023

Online resale is expected to more than double in the next 5 years, reaching $40B by 2028; 40% of voters say they’re more likely to vote for a candidate that supports circularity in fashion.

Risk Managers, Consumers Cite Climate Change as Top Emerging Concern

2023 surveys of risk professionals and consumers indicate an intensifying concern about extreme weather as it more directly impacts people’s daily lives, and a corresponding interest in sustainable investment opportunities.

Alternative Accommodation Platforms Prioritize Social Connection, Community Care

As tourism continues to evolve and travelers become more aware of both their positive and negative impacts, the accommodation industry has an opportunity to respond in a meaningful way.

If Circularity Is Now a Megatrend, Why Does Material Extraction Continue to Rise?

Deloitte and Circle Economy Foundation identify ongoing gaps in circular policies and approaches and outlines a roadmap to unlock capital, implement policy, and unlock skills and human capital needed for a robust circular economy capable of meeting the material challenges of the Anthropocene.