Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

US Demand for CSOs Grew 228% in 10 Years, But Diversity Remains a Challenge

Cross-Posted from Leadership. The good news: According to a new report from the Weinreb Group, hiring of Chief Sustainability Officers surged in 2020 in the US, and women now account for 54% of CSO positions. The not-so-good news: The field remains overwhelmingly white.

How to Empower the Next, Diverse Generation of Inventors

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. For those who cultivate innovation and invention, it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for those historically marginalized. Our society must take the harsh realizations uncovered by the pandemic and use them to fuel ambition and drive, to ensure access and opportunity for every student.

Is Sustainable Business ‘Complicit,’ a ‘Distraction,’ and ‘Duplicitous’? A Response, Part 2

Schendler is clearly most right in his assertion that sustainable business has not achieved its potential. But I believe it is still possible for the field to become the hero we need more than ever, along with other complementary and synergistic changes from others.

Just Brands ’21: Where the Rubber Meets the Long, Bumpy Road to Truly Equitable Workplaces

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. At Sustainable Brands’ latest Just Brands event, experts from across the spectrum of business discussed corporate efforts to support diversity, equity, inclusion and justice issues — and how stakeholders will no longer tolerate a gap between commitments and actions.

Corporate Treasurers Get Serious About Shifting Cash to Communities

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. There’s been some skepticism regarding the announcements of big corporate investments in CDFIs and minority deposit institutions — are these one-offs just to generate a press release or first steps on long-term commitments?

Is Sustainable Business ‘Complicit,’ a ‘Distraction’ and ‘Duplicitous’? A Response, Part 1

It will take many things to address society’s many immense problems. But there’s no reason an elevated sustainable business sector (or better, someday, a sustainable business-centric economy) can’t play a disproportionately positive and critical role.

Reimagine Gender: Helping Corporate America Create Truly Inclusive Workplace Cultures

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. We caught up with Reimagine Gender CEO Lisa Kenney, to discuss why it's critical for businesses to embrace a broader understanding of gender as part of their inclusivity efforts.

In a COVID-19 World, What’s the Future of Organisational Purpose?

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. As immense disruption continues around the globe, the spotlight on the role of business in tackling social and environmental challenges is intensifying. Here, Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future, outlines why now is the time to re-evaluate corporate purpose.

Is Your Brand Really Making Progress Towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice? 

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. More companies are outlining policies and setting targets for DEIJ, but meeting those commitments remains a challenge. At Just Brands ‘21 (May 6-7), major companies share keys to implementation of authentic strategies, to realize the moral and business imperative of becoming a truly inclusive brand. 

Trending: The North Face, Timberland, Vans Scaling Regenerative Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Three of VF Corporation’s top outdoor apparel brands have committed to bold goals around circularity and scaling regenerative ag practices — including having all of their top materials be recycled, regenerative or renewable by 2025.

How Thrive Market Is Building the World’s First Climate-Positive Retailer

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Carbon neutral since day one, we see our next task as going beyond sustainability towards an approach that preserves, heals and actually improves the planet. So, we’ve charted a path to become the world’s first climate-positive grocery store by 2025.

The Luxury Consumer, Sustainability and Social Responsibility: It’s Complicated

Whether environmental or social, luxury brands *will* have to contend with issues related to corporate social responsibility — it’s in the zeitgeist. “Being your best self” is the essence of luxury. Values and purpose are thus luxury essentials, not just nice-to-haves.

Allbirds Is Giving Away Its Carbon Footprint Calculator to the Fashion Industry

In a call to action to the fashion industry, Allbirds is open-sourcing its proprietary tool to enable wider industry action to increase transparency and accountability for the often-dirty business of fashion.

Voluntary Carbon Markets Have Matured — Here’s What’s Next for Corporate Action

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Carbon markets connect the growing demand from companies and consumers committing to net zero, with the small but growing supply of removal and avoidance solutions. Carbon credits make the most of tangible solutions that are possible and available now.

Corporations Standing Up for Voting Rights: Not Politics, Just Smart Business

It’s becoming more common for companies to put their weight behind a range of urgent social issues. This isn’t about partisanship or “wokeness” — it’s about the core values held by many Americans and a desire among forward-thinking corporate leaders to prove they share them.

Will Sustainable Consumer Behaviors, Attitudes Persist Post-Pandemic?

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Next month, GlobeScan’s latest annual, global consumer survey will assess whether the uptick in concern around creating a healthier, more sustainable future that occurred during the pandemic will persist in the longer term.

International Wineries for Climate Action Joins Global ‘Race to Zero’

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. IWCA becomes the first member of Race to Zero — a UN-backed, global campaign to rally all-sector leadership and support for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon future — representing the wine and ag industries.

10 Global Companies Take Action Towards Living Wages

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Aldi, Fairphone, L’Oréal, Unilever and more are  taking action towards ensuring living wages for workers throughout their supply chains — and calling on others to do the same.

Not All Carbon Credits Are Created Equal

While the majority of projects that generate carbon credits focus solely on carbon abatement, an increasing number also achieve other environmental, economic, social and cultural co-benefits — which increase impact ROI for companies.

Getting the Balance Right: 3M on Sustainability Goal-Setting

3M's new climate goals culminate in climate neutrality by 2050. We talked with Gayle Schueller, 3M’s VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, to gain more insight into the company’s approach to the ‘balancing act’ of sustainability goal-setting.


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