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Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

The Greenwash Era Is Over, But Are Our Communicators Ready to Step Up?

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. As advertising regulators, consumer watchdogs and even governments take a tougher stance, the risks of getting it wrong grow significantly; and the pressure is on communicators to up their game and back up their claims.

Oatly Challenges Big Dairy to Climate Footprint Showdown

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Oatly is offering free ad space to a big dairy brand that shares the same impact data that Oatly did to receive its climate certification.

L'Oréal, Apple Continue to Cultivate Nature-Based Climate and Biodiversity Solutions

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The two companies have expanded the scope and scale of their respective nature-focused impact-investment funds.

For Lundberg Family Farms, ‘Every Ducking Day Is Earth Day’

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. New ad campaign pokes fun at celebrating taking care of the planet only once a year.

KIND Pledges to Exclusively Source Regeneratively Farmed Almonds by 2030

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. With the KIND Almond Acres Initiative, the snack bar brand begins work to future-proof its #1 ingredient.

Pension Funds Committed to Net Zero Are Still Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. According to Global Canopy and Make My Money Matter, the majority of pension providers in major climate coalitions do not have credible policies or commitments to tackle deforestation.

30 Companies Restoring the Planet — and Our Hope for a Better World

In 'Working to Restore,' writer Esha Chhabra highlights 30 companies around the world that embody a truly regenerative approach to business.

3 Unlocks to Future-Fit Business Leadership

Cross-Posted from Leadership. Too often, business leaders default to incremental or quick-fix solutions that fail to address the root causes of the issues they set out to solve. Correcting our course means fundamentally changing how we think and act, and asking hard questions about why businesses exist.

Localism: A New Opportunity for Brands to Build Trust, Authenticity and Customer Loyalty

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Localism is here to stay; and brands will increasingly be expected to understand what that means, so that they can make positive contributions to communities everywhere.

Employee Values: Why an Authentic Sustainability Strategy Will Win the Talent War

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Every organisation should be able to identify what a sustainable version of itself looks like, who is needed to run and support that, and where there are needs for new skills and roles within it.

5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Brand with Purpose

Research shows that companies that succeed in uncertain times are those attuned to stakeholder needs and that focus on what matters most; those that go into survival mode and pull back from investing in their business flounder in a recession.

Chipotle Expands 2023 ESG Goals Tied to Executive Compensation

Cross-Posted from Leadership. The company aims to increase pounds of local produce purchased, improve diverse employee retention, and increase the number of restaurants with composting programs — goals that can affect executives’ overall bonus payout by up to 15 percent.

Net-Zero Targets Are a Bare Minimum for the Private Sector

In an ideal world, companies would be reaching net-zero emissions sooner than 2050 and actively working to eliminate emissions throughout their value chains and beyond to become climate positive.

A CEO’s Perspective: 7 Insights to Discover and Activate Authentic Purpose

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Kerry Group CEO Edmond Scanlon and Chief Corporate Affairs and Brand Officer Catherine Keogh share how the purpose-discovery process transformed the $7B company.

Alarming IPCC Report Makes It Clear: We Can’t Wait to Invest in Nature

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Nature-based solutions aren’t a silver-bullet climate solution, but neither is placing all bets on future technologies. If we don't invest in nature now, we can soon expect to spend far more on climate damage with far fewer paths forward.

Biomimicry 3.8, Interface Demystify the Path to Regenerative Business

In this first post of a series on how businesses can move beyond sustainable to regenerative, B3.8 and Interface outline an accessible, 4-step framework that is flexible enough for any organization to follow but robust enough to generate the breakthrough innovations that our planet demands.

Glovo Impact Fund to Direct €5M Toward Socio-Environmental Challenges by End of 2023

A small amount from each Glovo order will now support local communities, climate-action initiatives, help in digitalization of small businesses, close the gender gap in tech and provide upskilling programs for couriers.

What Would the Naturalist President, Teddy Roosevelt, Make of the Business-Nature Relationship in 2023?

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. In his assessment, Roosevelt might consider three fundamental, ongoing developments — as the business world finally begins to recognize the role of healthy ecosystems in a healthy economy.

More and More Talent Ready to Leave Companies Over Misalignment of Values

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. From ‘quiet quitting’ to conscious quitting: Despite economic uncertainty, 51% of employees surveyed would consider resigning if employers do not align with own values.

Investors Can No Longer Ignore China’s Lagging ESG Performance

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. For brands that pulled out of Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, the cost was in the billions. But Russia is a tiny economy compared to China; and the costs of inaction on ESG issues could be multitudes of magnitude bigger.