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What Are the Fastest-Growing Social Issues Consumers Care About?

MARKETING AND COMMS - “If there is one take-away for brands after reviewing this study, we hope it’s this: What matters most to your stakeholders should matter the most to your company.” — Brittany Hill, Catalist

Passion Fruit: Growing a Farm into a Climate-Beneficial Enterprise

WASTE NOT - Many farmers avoid wasting excess fruit by turning it into animal feed, but Sidehill Farm has found much more delicious solutions.

3 Big Questions Shaping the Future of Sustainable Business in 2019

WALKING THE TALK - This year, we are dissecting big, open questions that could either speed up or slow down our quest toward Delivering the Good Life.

Global Investors Challenge Fast Food Companies on Climate, Water Risks

SUPPLY CHAIN - Over 80 investors warn that “animal agriculture is the world’s highest-emitting sector without a low-carbon plan.”

SB Nordic: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

WALKING THE TALK - So, what do a slave-free chocolate brand, an activist bank and a blindfolded panel of diversity experts have in common?

How Your Company Can Tackle Toxics in 2019

WALKING THE TALK - Brands should take note of a new retail sustainability trend that responds to growing consumer demand for healthier products and full ingredient disclosure.

Unifi, Saint Haven, TreeToTextile Pioneering New Breed of Sustainable Textiles

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Market demands continue to drive innovation in sustainable fabrics.

Creating the SHIFT: Dr. Kate White on Redesigning Consumer Behaviors

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - White's work highlights actionable ways practitioners can influence consumers to behave more sustainably.

Scenario Analysis: Determine Your Business’ Resilience to Climate Change

BUSINESS CASE - Prepare for the costly effects by creating different scenarios to predict the impacts of climate change on your current and future financial performance.

EMF: Unhealthy Food Production Making Healthy Eating Impossible

SUPPLY CHAIN - Hidden killers in food production are making healthy eating impossible for people around the world, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

EPR in Action: TerraCycle, CPG Giants Close ‘Loop’ on Single-Use Packaging

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - A first-of-its-kind, global shopping platform, Loop™ aims to offer zero-waste packaging options for the world’s most popular consumer products.

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark: How Do I Start?

NEW METRICS - Look at it as a tool with which to solve the underlying puzzles posed by the sustainability challenge.

New Reports Highlight How AI, Circular Economy Can Save Us All

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Circle Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation release new findings in Davos

How Caesars Supports the SDGs – and How Your Organization Can, Too

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - As part of our CSR strategy, we strategically aligned our programming based on three Sustainable Development Goals.

L'Oréal, Firmenich Top CDP’s A-Lists for Climate, Water, Deforestation

LEADERSHIP - CDP scored over 6,800 companies from A to D-; only the top 2% made the A Lists.

2019 Circulars Honor 7 Disruptors Unlocking Value from $4.5T Circular Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - 5th annual awards received highest-ever number of applicants competing for circular economy recognition.

Dell Continues to Close the Loop on E-waste

WASTE NOT - “We’ve made a really good run at making electronics recycling convenient and easy, but there is an opportunity for the entire IT industry." — Dell's Scott O'Connell

BillerudKornsäs Offers Unique Insights on Packaging Sustainability

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - As consumers look to brands to lead the way in packaging sustainability, brands can choose responsibly sourced, light and easy-to-recycle packaging solutions to get there.

2019: The Year of the Civic CEO

MARKETING AND COMMS - New mediums of communication, power and trust produced the Civic CEO, and she is here to stay.

Trending: Lush, M&S, Nestlé Accelerate Plastic-Free Strategies

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The work to clean up our plastic mess continues with new initiatives from more major brands.