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Could Diversification, Bean-less Brews Hold Keys to Coffee Sustainability?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - A new report says crop diversification will help Vietnamese coffee farmers reduce their CO2 footprint, but makers of a new beverage that’s the molecular equivalent of coffee posit that it could be the wave of a climate-changed future.

Goals with Impact: How to Set the Next Generation of Sustainability Goals

NEW METRICS - With scores of companies embracing science-based climate targets, we look at what it takes to set these goals and apply the approach to the biggest environmental and social risks across the business.

Target Sets Its Sights on Scope 3 Emissions with New Climate Goals

CLEANTECH - The new goals will reduce the retail giant’s carbon footprint from source to shelf, as it works alongside its supply chain partners to lower emissions throughout its value chain.

Trending: Vodka, Nutrient-Dense Snacks Show Glimpse Into Circular Food Future

WASTE NOT - “When you upcycle what’s already grown, you don’t need to grow more crops, occupy more land, consume more water. Repurposing byproducts, you can help to fight climate change; making protein affordable, you fight food insecurity for current and future generations.” — Michela Petronio, BLU1877

New Platform to Help Rubber Industry Address Environmental Damage

SUPPLY CHAIN - Rubber plantations are a growing driver of deforestation worldwide, particularly in Southeast Asia and Western Africa. Mighty Earth joins Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber as founding member.

Understanding Plastic Recycling Codes: Your Guide to the RIC

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Plastic juice bottles, shampoo bottles, and yogurt tubs can all be recycled the same way, right? Actually, wrong. While these are all commonly recycled plastic items, they all have entirely different plastic recycling codes.

Cisco Receives Three Climate Leadership Awards for Tackling Climate Change

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - We are proud to announce that Cisco was awarded three Climate Leadership Awards yesterday for excellence in greenhouse gas (GHG) management and supply chain leadership.

Trending: World Water Day Illustrates Flow, Ebb of Corporate Progress

WALKING THE TALK - This year, WWD is typically awash in announcements of commitments and advancements in preserving our most precious resource, but new CDP data on the subject feels like a wet blanket.

Water Savings Through Use Of Recycled Materials

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - World Water Day is held annually on March 22 as a way of focusing on the importance of freshwater and supporting the sustainable management of freshwater resources. As part of its 2030 agenda the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water for all.

Diversey Committed To Water Stewardship

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - World Water Day occurs once a year, but global efforts to conserve, protect, and transform water access can’t take a day off because in 2019, billions of people still live without safe water.

Neil Gaught: Turning Aspiration Into Action

LEADERSHIP - With his award-winning book, Core, Gaught has bolstered the case for a radical rethink of the purpose of business by proving change is not only desirable but entirely possible.

The Impact of Aluminum in a Circular Economy

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Hydro's new products and processes will increase recycling of post-consumer scrap to 250,000 metric tons per year by 2020, reduce waste to landfill by 60%, and reduce water usage in water-stressed areas by 15%.

Paper Recycling as a Means of Protecting World Forests

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Earlier this month, more than 4,700 government officials and business leaders from around the globe gathered for the fourth UN Environment Assembly, to align on decisions regarding its 2030 agenda.

Wisdom Fund Aims to Close Lending Gap for Women

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - CNote's new impact investment vehicle provides funding to underserved women of color and low-income women entrepreneurs across the US.

The New Protein Aisle: So We Don't Eat Ourselves Out of House and Home

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As the veggie diet revolution continues to gain ground, we look at plant-based doppelgangers of two of our most beloved animal-based foods — beef and tuna — and why they could be key ingredients in our efforts to save the planet from ourselves.

HP Commits to 100% Circular, Carbon-Neutral, Forest-Positive Printing

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The tech giant shares vision for print sustainability with innovation that helps protect the world’s forests, reduces carbon emissions and uses more recycled materials.

Nielsen - Sustainable Companies Outperform the Competition

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - There are many ways to measure what corporate responsibility and sustainability look like today, both in the context of the world at large and in the context of specific industries or regions.

Trending: UN, Circular Innovators Continue Mission to Slow Down Fashion

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - A handful of new initiatives, products and innovations continue the attack on fashion’s wasteful and environmentally and socially destructive practices from a variety of angles.

PepsiCo Latin America’s ‘Recycling with Purpose’ Incentivizes Circular Consumer Practices

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Launched on Global Recycling Day (March 18), the program focuses on the new consumer incentive and rewards program in alliance with ecoins, and will be expanded to 10 countries in Latin America over the next two years.