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Employee Engagement 3.0: How Starbucks, Unilever Go the Extra Mile

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Last week, over 2,000 representatives from our global community of sustainability practitioners, brand strategists, product and service innovators, thought leaders and other change-makers converged at SB’18 Vancouver to share their latest insights on a multitude of themes pertinent to all of those committed to improving business around the world. Here, we dig into brand and organizational efforts to recruit, retain and support an engaged workforce — and go the extra mile for employees in need.

Philip Morris International is Quitting Smoking — But Don't Take Their Word for It

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Jennifer Motles Svigilsky detests cigarettes. But she recently began focusing on the ambitious vision to help 1.1B smokers quit smoking within a generation. Which is how she found herself in front of a crowded room at SB’18 Vancouver, representing one of the world’s largest cigarette companies.

Behaviour Change: The Power of Simple Messaging

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Consumers want simple solutions. They need simple messages. And yet when it comes to truly sustainable products and packaging, the reality is quite complex and often requires consumer behaviour change. Leading brands are increasingly investing significant resources to develop and implement innovative solutions that ensure a sustainable lifecycle for products and packaging. The same brands then face a communication challenge: How should they effectively tell their story of progress and innovation in a simple and compelling way that both informs and leads to behaviour change?

Sustainability Today - Summer 2018 Issue


Can Transparency Alone Transform the Fashion Industry?

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Transparency has become a bit of a buzzword in the fashion industry and judging by the number of times it was mentioned at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, it is a trend that we are not going to shake anytime soon. Quite the contrary, transparency is reshaping how brands and retailers interact with their suppliers and consumers. But can it really transform the entire fashion industry? C&A Foundation’s Leslie Johnston hosted a panel of experts to find out.

HP-Powered Girl Rising Creative Challenge Seeks Stories of Girl Power, Action for Gender Parity

MARKETING AND COMMS - Are you or someone you know helping create a gender equal world? Individuals are being invited to share stories of initiatives big and small in the form of video, audio, essays and artwork as submissions to the Girl Rising Creative Challenge, Powered by HP.

Philip Morris International Continues Shift Toward Smoke-Free Future

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - On Tuesday, Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) published its Sustainability Report 2017, outlining the concrete steps being taken to fundamentally transform its business, by putting smoke-free products at the core of its sustainability efforts to address wider societal challenges, drive operational excellence, manage its social impact and reduce its environmental footprint. PMI says it is committed to replace cigarettes as soon as possible with better alternatives to smoking for the millions of men and women who would otherwise continue to smoke.

New Animated TV Show Aims to Teach Kids to Be Stewards for the Planet, SDGs

MARKETING AND COMMS - A new television series is under development to help teach children about sustainability and what they can do to help keep our planet beautiful. With a goal to inspire and guide 4- to 7-year-old children to become global citizens as they grow up, the five Alphabravos heroes will traverse the planet righting wrongs, foiling the evil Mdudu’s plans, having fun and learning.

New Clif Bar Scholarship Alleviates Debt to Help College Seniors Pursue Purposeful Careers

LEADERSHIP - Clif Bar wants to help college seniors pursue meaningful post-graduate experiences, instead of deciding based on the pressure of paying down their debt.

Saved Grains, Zero-Emission Trucks Edging Anheuser Busch Toward 2025 Goals

THE NEXT ECONOMY - This week, global brewer AB InBev announced two major initiatives helping it advance toward its 2025 Sustainability Goals in different parts of the world.

Stronger Together: How Collaboration Is Propelling Keurig’s Sustainability Agenda

COLLABORATION - One of the greatest aspects of the corporate sustainability movement has to be the paradigm shift that has encouraged companies to collaborate to solve common issues – joining forces across industries and sectors, and even with direct competitors has allowed companies to pool resources and expertise to tackle everything from sourcing, labor, materials, communications, conservation issues and more in holistic and more effective ways. We spoke with Chief Sustainability Officer Monique Oxender to learn more about how strategic partnerships are helping propel Keurig’s sustainability agenda forward.

Startup Allows Neighbors to Generate Returns Through Investments in Their Community

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - “A lot of people want to participate in Detroit’s recovery, but unfortunately, they feel that because they’re not a billionaire, millionaire, celebrity or politician, they feel they can’t,” Kwaku Osei told Fast Company.

3 Approaches to Building Customer Trust Through Transparency

MARKETING AND COMMS - In February, KFC in the United Kingdom had a bit of an issue — it ran out of chicken.

As Starbucks Seeks Sustainable Cup Solutions, Shareholders Demand More Ambitious Action

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Ahead of its Annual Meeting of Shareholders this week, Starbucks has announced it is committing $10M in partnership with Closed Loop Partners and its Center for the Circular Economy to develop a more sustainable coffee cup. Together, the organizations will establish a new consortium to launch the NextGen Cup Challenge, which will award accelerator grants to entrepreneurs working on potential cup solutions and encourage industry collaboration.

A ‘Unicorn’ in Business: Lessons from BrewDog on Truly Authentic Engagement

WALKING THE TALK - Sustainable Brands has recently reported on a range of really interesting, wide-range of initiatives coming out of the beer industry, including innovative packaging solutions, the use of renewable energy and efforts to address climate change and water scarcity.

Dell’s ‘Closed-Loop’ Jewellery a Circular Economy Success, But a Drop in the Sustainability Bucket

WASTE NOT - Earlier this year, tech giant Dell announced an innovative partnership with actress Nikki Reed’s jewellery company, Bayou with Love, which spawned a new line of fine jewellery made using recycled gold from the motherboards of end-of-life Dell computers. The juxtaposition of fine, intricate jewels with old computers has driven media interest and raised the issue and importance of sustainability within the tech sector. ‘The Circular Collection’ has been positioned as an example of circular economy success, but how deep does this move go?

How to Coach Employees on Purpose

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - This is the fifth in a series of articles examining how business leaders and companies can transform their corporate culture in order to succeed in the midst of the impending Purpose Revolution. Find links to the full series below.

Circular Economy 101: Waste Not, Get More

WASTE NOT - Across the globe, about 50 percent of CO2 emissions are tied to materials — goods that often produce a significant amount of physical and financial waste.

Garment Worker Diaries Reveal Working Conditions, Wages in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia

MARKETING AND COMMS - A first-of-its-kind research project led by Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) in partnership with Fashion Revolution and C&A Foundation gives the most comprehensive picture yet of the living and working conditions faced by female garment workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia and India.

Blockchain Will Revolutionize Marketing — Are You Prepared?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - "We want to create "radical impact", as we like to call it: create access to better quality coffee than the one sold by the leading multinationals and make sure that the people growing our coffee make a better living by bringing value-adding activities back to their countries. But how do we measure and show what we actually do with Moyee?” said Guido van Staveren van Dijk, CEO of Moyee Coffee, describing one of the key challenges his company is facing.