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New UNGC Guide Helps Companies Report Their Positions on Climate Policy

MARKETING AND COMMS - The UN Global Compact (UNGC) today released a guide for companies to manage and report on their direct and indirect influences on climate policy. Now for the first time, companies have guidelines to help them engage in climate policy in a transparent and accountable way that is consistent with their sustainability commitments.

Sustainable Brands® to Convene Global Brand Innovation Leaders at London Conference

PRESS RELEASE - Contact:Marie [email protected] Sustainable Brands® to Convene Global Brand Innovation Leaders at London ConferenceLivestream registration now open

Shelton Group Survey: Homeowners Are Missing the Link Between Energy Efficiency & Home Value

PRESS RELEASE - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – A recent study reveals that when it comes to making energy- efficient upgrades to their homes, Americans just don’t think it’s worth it. The study, conducted by Shelton Group, shows that 26 percent of Americans say they prioritize energy-efficient home improvements over aesthetic ones, yet projects planned for the near future indicate higher propensity for remodeling kitchens and baths than for energy efficiency improvements like adding insulation or replacing HVAC units.

Sprint Offers Minimum Buyback Credit to Encourage Phone Trade-In on America Recycles Day

PRESS RELEASE - OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Nov. 14, 2013 – Despite being the No. 3 wireless carrier in the United States, Sprint [NYSE:S] leads the industry in phone recycling. Last year, Sprint reclaimed 4.4 million phones through voluntary collection programs compared to AT&T’s 3.1 million and Verizon’s 3 million.

Report: Businesses Struggle to Fully Integrate Sustainability

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Only one in five companies has fully integrated sustainability into business, according to the BSR/GlobeScan State of Sustainable Business Survey 2013, which received responses from more than 700 corporate sustainability executives — the largest pool to date.In this year’s survey, respondents were asked for the first time to indicate the extent to which sustainability is integrated into the core of their business. Only 21 percent of respondents reported that their company is close to full integration. A majority say that their company is either about halfway to integration (51 percent), or is just getting started (22 percent).

SAP Partners With Colombian Coffee Growers Federation to Support Rural Workers

SUPPLY CHAIN - SAP has joined forces with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and the Manuel Mejía Foundation to provide coffee farmers with the technology and training they need to develop more sustainable business practices.Technology continues to be scarce among rural communities in Colombia, SAP says. To help change this reality, the company supplied technical training to more than 500 coffee growers, teaching them how to effectively use mobile tablets and computers to access the “coffee portal,” which provides useful information on coffee market news, geographical farm data, coffee purchasing conditions, incentives and support programs.

Adnams Becomes First UK Brewery to Carbon Footprint Full Range of Bottled Beers

SUPPLY CHAIN - UK brewery Adnams has become the first brewer to measure the carbon footprint of its entire range of bottled beers, estimating that one bottle is equivalent to traveling 5.3 miles by train.The Southwold-based brewer says after a “rigorous six months of data collection and analysis and a further six months for verification and auditing,” the analysis measured the carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions (CO2e) for the whole lifecycle of each beer, from the growth of the grains to the brewing and packaging, through to the distribution, retail, consumption and disposal of the bottle. Adnams performed the analysis with the help of the Adapt Low Carbon Group at the University of East Anglia.

Employee Engagement: Why Motivating the Elephant Is Better Than Rewarding the Rider

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Many organisations are grappling with the same question: How do we create an employee reward and recognition programme designed to deliver widely adopted and sustained pro-environmental behaviours?

EOS Climate Launches System for Monetizing Harmful Refrigerants at End of Life

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - San Francisco-based EOS Climate, which incentivizes the complete life cycle management of harmful refrigerants, on Tuesday announced the launch of its Refrigerant Asset System™ (RAS), the first cross-sector business model that focuses on refrigerants as assets.

Can Aspirationals Help Make Sustainable Consumption Cool?

MARKETING AND COMMS - Last month, BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility released The 2013 Aspirational Consumer Index, a report that confirms the rise of nearly 2.5 billion consumers globally who are uniting style, social status and sustainability values to redefine consumption. According to the report, more than one-third of consumers globally (36.4%) identify as Aspirationals, defined by their love of shopping (78%), desire for responsible consumption (92%) and their trust in brands to act in the best interest of society (58%).

Getting Over the Sustainability Innovation Hump

COLLABORATION - I just read an interesting Deloitte study linking sustainability with innovation inside corporations. According to the study, companies engaged in sustainability innovate more than their competitors. At the risk of sounding cheeky, I don’t find this hard to imagine. Companies that recognize the importance of sustainability tend to be those pushing for new ideas. And applying the sustainability filter to innovation efforts sparks new patterns of thinking — and fresh ideas.

Unilever Pledges 100% Traceable Palm Oil by End of 2014

SUPPLY CHAIN - In a major move towards sustainability for one of the world’s largest purchasers of palm oil, Unilever on Tuesday announced that all of the palm oil it buys globally will be traceable to known sources by the end of 2014.The company says it purchases roughly 1.5 million tons of palm oil and its derivatives annually, which represents about 3 percent of the world’s total production, for use in products such as margarine, ice cream, soap and shampoo.

New Social Network Helps Community Projects Find 'neighbourly' Corporate Sponsors

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Each week leading up to our SB London conference, where the winner of the SB London Innovation Open (SBIOL) will be announced on November 18, we will get to know each of our four finalists. This week, meet

Transforming Desire: What Gets People In and Out of Bed When It Comes to Sustainability

MARKETING AND COMMS - There’s nothing sexy about a Materiality Report. Delicately revealing your intimate water stewardship credentials is unlikely to get any one hot under the collar. And no one at your local is going to leap out of bed for a carbon-reduction conversation.Dream in a Box is a methodology I have been working on for some three years with Peggy Liu of JUCCCE and China Dream fame. It has its own dream: to help people re-imagine a more enduring, future-proofed model of prosperity at scale, a prosperity that aligns itself with a populist aspiration — a new aspirational concept of thriving within our own, our communities and our immediate world’s means.

Interface Inc. Selects Waterbank Schools for Additional Award in 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

PRESS RELEASE - October 30th, 2013, New York City - The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) is pleased to announce that Buckminster Fuller Challenge sponsor, Interface, Inc., has chosen to recognize Waterbank Schools, headed by New York-based designers and social entrepreneurs David Turnbull and Jane Harrison, with a special award of support in this year's Challenge cycle.

On November 15, Give Your Garbage Another Life for America Recycles Day

MARKETING AND COMMS - Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is encouraging people to give their garbage another life on America Recycles Day, taking place this year on Friday, Nov. 15.The organization says the average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash in a single day, yet we recycle only 35 percent of the country’s waste. America Recycles Day encourages people to recycle more at home, at work and on the go.

New Process Developed by GE, Sasol Producing Biogas from Wastewater

COLLABORATION - Sasol, a South African chemical and energy company, and General Electric’s GE Power & Water have developed technology that will clean wastewater while also producing biogas as a by-product.The technology, known as Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Technology (AnMBR), will be further developed at a new demonstration plant at Sasol's R&D Campus at its Sasol One Site in Sasolburg, the companies say.The partnership with GE leverages GE's ecomagination-qualified ZeeWeed 500 membrane and decades of membrane bioreactor experience, and Sasol's expertise in biological treatment of effluents derived from the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process, a key component of gas-to-liquids (GTL) conversion technology.

New Wastewater Mining Tech Isolates Biosolids for Use as Paper, Pulp, Plastic, Fuel

WASTE NOT - A Dutch wastewater treatment facility (WWTP) and paper mill are testing out a new sewage recycling system that reduces sludge formation by half, cuts operational costs by 30 percent, significantly increases treatment capacity and yields biosolids that can be used in a host of applications.Developed in Israel, Applied CleanTech’s Sewage Recycling System (SRS) converts the bio-solids found in wastewater into Recyllose — a new sterilized product based on cellulose extracted from the wastewater, which is automatically packed into a reusable commodity and transported to paper, construction, plastic and energy industries.Allow us to provide a visual aid:

86% of Americans Surveyed Expect Food and Beverage Brands to Recycle Packaging

MARKETING AND COMMS - There is an increasing need for public and private sector collaboration to create and implement recycling solutions across the country, as shown by a recent survey conducted by Research Data + Insights on behalf of the Carton Council of North America (CCNA). The survey revealed that consumers overwhelmingly believe that product companies and their brands play a crucial role in recycling: Of 1,000 adults surveyed across the U.S., 86 percent responded that they expect food and beverage brands to actively help increase the recycling of their packages.

Safety-Kleen & Clean Harbors: Working Together to Keep Motor Oil in Cars, Out of the Environment

WASTE NOT - An old Chinese proverb says, “We are all born, grow old, get sick and die,” but those who are interested in sustainability would likely add that we are all then born again. Rebirth and recycling are two themes that have helped us to understand cyclical movement in the business world, and there are a few companies that exemplify those themes.

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