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Beautiful Then, #TooLatergram Now:
Photos Compare Former Glory to Current Reality

Is there any better platform than Instagram to turn the jealousy of wanderlust into environmental awareness? Followers scroll through the feeds of travel influencers, admiring the photos of scenic destinations and express their enjoyment with a “like” and their envy in the comments. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and ad agency TBWA\Paris saw this as an opportunity to highlight how many beautiful places are being lost to pollution, clear-cutting and other forms of environmental destruction.

For their aptly named #TooLatergram campaign, WWF and TBWA\Paris partnered with nine popular Instagrammers who posted photos of scenic locales around the world, only to reveal that the landscapes now look much different.

The Instagram influencers each posted a perfectly picturesque snap one of the WWF’s Priority Places, and used the image carousel feature to add a second photo of the location’s sad current reality. The reveals were accompanied by captions such as “Unfortunately, this place no longer looks like that… #TooLatergram #WWF Dams, pollution, and habitat destruction all threaten the health of the Amur-Heilong Basin. In addition to local pressures, this fragile ecosystem is imperiled by the international demand for timber, energy and animal products. Together we can act before it’s too late.”

The Instagram posts received thousands of likes and shares. “It became obvious IGers were the most powerful media to reach millennials about a subject already treated in traditional media,” Jacquelin Guillaume-Duverne, creative director of TBWA\Paris, told Adweek. “The campaign traveled the world without any translation.”


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