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Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable Releases Toolkit for Sustainability Planning

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) has launched a new Future Scenarios Toolkit in an effort to provide informed future planning guidance. The toolkit offers companies a clear and robust framework to analyze potential future scenarios regarding impacts (social, environmental, governmental, etc.) to their business, their supply chain, and their production, as well as successfully prepare to tackle those scenarios.

The Future Scenarios Toolkit aligns with BIER’s long-term goal of translating practical methodologies into decision-making support tools. With increasing pressure for companies to address political, economic, societal, technological and environmental changes, BIER recognized the need for a planning tool that would enable companies to take a proactive approach.

“BIER created these future scenarios for businesses to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses as to what the future might hold,” explains Julio G. Torruella, Global Sustainability Director for Bacardi and member of the BIER Future Scenarios Working Group. “Through BIER’s collaborative perspective, companies to in the beverage sector and beyond benefit from insights that they would not be able to obtain solely from within the four walls of their organization.”

To assist in the creation of the toolkit, BIER partnered with global sustainability and scenario planning experts from the World Wildlife Fund and the Business School of Lausanne, Switzerland. These experts not only helped BIER members to crystalize the particular impacts of note for the beverage sector; they also provided perspectives beyond the beverage industry that have enriched the information contained herein. As a result, this toolkit helps companies accurately account and plan for changes in the future of resource availability and governance.

BIER has been actively involved with sustainability planning since its inception ten years ago, working collectively share innovative approaches, developing tools and guidance, sharing benchmarking studies, and defining standards for leadership. With regard to its own future planning efforts, BIER is committed to encouraging companies, both in and outside of the beverage sector, to use the Future Scenarios Toolkit for advancing their future planning in a proactive, practical manner.

To learn more, check out BIER’s short video on the “Why” behind the Future Scenarios project. The entire Future Scenarios Toolkit is available for download at


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