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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Digging Deeper Into Marketing’s Purpose Pivot

Once your purpose is in everything you do, it becomes an indelible part of the customer experience. By attracting customers who believe society is better off if they do business with your company, you can create a social movement around your brand.

2020 Goodvertising Awards Recognize Year's 10 Most Impactful Creative Campaigns

2020’s winners cover topics ranging from calculating product carbon footprints, regenerative farming, healthier food and reusable packaging to DEI, supporting businesses during COVID and more.

With Tomorrow's Air, Travelers Can Help Remove Carbon from the Atmosphere

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. The world’s first carbon-removal collective for the travel industry offers climate-clever travelers and small businesses the ability to contribute directly to carbon removal and storage.

Complementary Studies Provide Glimpses into Consumers’ Minds During Most Difficult Year in Modern History

Amidst the uncertainty of the world during a global pandemic, two key pieces of 2020 research offered hope and optimism about what purpose-driven brands can achieve in 2021 — buoyed by new attitudes, opinions, and desires from consumers.

New Campaign Supports Mental Health, Tells 2020 How We Really Feel About It

Today, social impact agency Public Inc. launched a digital campaign in support of mental health — and a bitingly funny, cathartic send-off to acknowledge the dumpster fire of a year we've all had.

2020’s Top 10 Trends in Purpose — and What They Could Mean for You in 2021

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. In the midst of all the unrest and uncertainty, where did we see innovation, progress and possibility in 2020? Porter Novelli analyzed a year’s worth of Purpose-driven news, activities, campaigns and announcements; and distilled our 10 need-to-know trends for today and tomorrow.

Certifying Private-Label Brands Leads to 200% Increase in Farmer Premiums

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Countless studies have shown companies no longer need to choose profits over people; valuing people and sustainability is profitable. Consumers vote every day with their dollars and are rewarding the brands that embed sustainability into their ethos.

3 Lessons for Brands on How to (Credibly) Drive Social Change

The most creative marketers bring their passion to help brands drive positive change. But what does that actually look like? Here are three key takeaways for marketers looking to stay relevant in a changing world, and take a stand for good. 

McDonalds’ McPlant Burger and the Evolution of the ‘Purpose Wash’ Debate

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. To be effective, sustainability and purpose work should create positive business change, not positive media stories. They are management tools, not PR initiatives. So, should brands stop communicating until they’ve got something concrete to say?

Murals Honor the Farmers Behind Our Favorite Products, Benefits of Fair Trade

The murals were part of a Fairtrade America campaign during October for Fair Trade Month, to raise awareness of Fairtrade’s positive impacts. Shoppers voiced their choice for Fairtrade and won various Fairtrade prizes.

Is Black Friday Dying? Consumers Say They Want to Spend Less This Holiday Season

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. New GlobeScan research found that 77% of consumers are interested in choosing products that last longer, and 53% said they were interested in buying fewer things, in general. But there remains a gap between intention and action.

Barbour Christmas Campaign Extols Virtues of Repairing Much-Loved Items

The heritage lifestyle brand used a true customer story as inspiration for its latest Christmas campaign, which celebrates the value of repairing used items vs purchasing new.

Why Climate Change Iconography Needs a Refresh — and How Your Brand Can Achieve It

Here are three key considerations worth keeping in mind as you endeavor to find, create and use fresh, relevant visual content to communicate your brand’s commitment to sustainability — and even more importantly, inspire customers to action.

Companies Must Follow Climate Science Straight to Capitol Hill

Setting climate goals and claiming leadership while supporting laws that would oppose the realization of those goals is not just bad for a company’s reputation and the hiring of young talent — such misalignment also poses a systemic risk that is of increasing concern to investors.

Chipotle’s Real Foodprint Tracks Sustainability Impact of Menu Items

Guests ordering on the Chipotle app and now get a first-of-its-kind look into the brand’s sourcing efforts, down to the ingredient — and can track how Chipotle reduces its environmental impacts.

Q&A: FSC on the Role of Brands in the Fight Against Climate Change

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. As Forest Stewardship Council Director General Kim Carstensen explains, the certification helps brands take climate action by offering a simple way for consumers to make a difference, connected to tangible impacts in forests.

Gillette Reveals Men’s Feelings on Sustainability in 2020, Brand Goals for 2030

A global study by Gillette found that men are taking environmental concerns more seriously, as a result of COVID-19. And the company raises the bar for itself with the launch of its Sustainability 2030 goals.

Activism: Why Taking a Stand Will Build Your Brand

Some dismiss brand activism as little more than PR stunts. But we at Grounded strongly believe brand activism is here to stay and can transform purpose into profit.

How DEI Issues Have Reshaped the Brand Purpose Landscape

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. A dramatic shift in diversity is only possible if the most exposed, vulnerable and or marginalised groups contribute to decision-making around narratives, ideas and solutions. Can you name any brands that are championing race within their purpose work and doing it well?

‘Cool Food Meals’ Badge Helps Diners ID Climate-Friendly Restaurant Meals

Now, just as diners can make decisions based on nutritional information, they can also decide what to eat based on the climate impact of a dish.