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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

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Dove, Google, WWF Secure Top Spots on 2017 World Value Index

The people have spoken. The results of enso’s 2017 World Value Index are in and brands such as Amazon, Goodwill, Google, World Wildlife Fund and Dove came out on top.

'The Economist' Raising Awareness of Food Issues Through 'Gross,' Uncomfortable Experiences

Each year on a global scale 30-50 percent of food produced goes to waste, $750 billion worth of food is thrown away and, in the United States alone, 35 million tons of food are discarded. The statistics surrounding food waste are staggering, but governments, NGOs and businesses alike are increasingly taking action to raise awareness for the problem, drive innovation and reduce waste along the value chain.

Don’t Put Vegetables in the Corner: A Q&A with Behavioral Science Researcher Linda Bacon

New research out of the London School of Economics should wake up many in the food industry. In a first-of-its-kind experiment, Linda Bacon – a graduate student in behavioral science and former Global Strategy Director at Mars, Incorporated – tested whether placing plant-based dishes in a separate vegetarian section on restaurant menus influenced ordering. The study’s findings have important implications for how the food industry might move more people to eat healthier and more sustainably, and may just change how we talk about plant-based foods.

SB’17 Detroit Workshop Explores Actionable Strategies for Breaking ‘Gridlock’

Gridlock - being stuck in a seemingly intractable situation - can come in many forms. It can be a colleague who refuses to believe in climate change, or an executive who, for reasons hard to understand, is holding back progress on a key sustainability initiative at your company. But it is undoubtedly something anyone working in sustainability has encountered more than once.

The Body Shop Combats London Air Pollution with Cleantech Ad Campaign

After London air pollution levels surpassed allowed limits for 2017 just five days into the new year, new initiatives to improve air quality and draw attention to the city’s growing pollution problem have been popping up on the regular.

Willard: Sustainability Champions Must Learn to ‘Speak Business’

For several years now, Bob Willard, former IBM exec and current sustainability “guru,” has been working to create a resource to help sustainability champions break through to senior leadership and accelerate change within the business world. Last week, on day one of SB’17 Detroit, it officially launched.

The Art of Modern Sustainability Communications: How to Embrace an Audience-First Approach

Recent research clearly indicates that today’s stakeholders expect more from companies — they want to purchase from and work for companies that champion sustainability. This shift in attitude is dramatically altering the way that companies conduct (and even think about) their businesses.

2 Dope Boys & a Podcast: How to Avoid Brand 'Eff Ups' and Cultural Misalignments

“Culture moves faster than brands and companies,” 2 Dope Boys co-founders Michael Brooks and Phil McKenzie said in their Monday morning workshop at SB’17 Detroit. As the antenna and point of translation that operates between culture and business, 2 Dope Boys imparts the importance of bringing cultural and historical context to uncover the true problem within organizations.

3 Reasons Sustainability Isn’t Seen as a Priority, and a Host of Tools to Overcome Them

The two biggest disrupting forces transforming the market today are technology and sustainability, yet many marketers still don’t see sustainability as a priority. Sustainability has a business problem that needs to be addressed. Research by Ricardo Caceres, former Global Marketing Director of Sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company; and Omar Rodriguez-Vila, Professor at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, identified three core reasons:

Aspiration & Advocacy: How Can Lululemon Help Redefine the Good Life?

SB’17 Detroit is bringing thousands of sustainability professionals together this week to ask one question - what is the role of business in fostering and creating the Good Life? On Day 1 of the conference, BBMG and Lululemon explored this question with a group of curious, passionate sustainability professionals. Using BBMG’s methodology, we all became designers for a few short hours to develop programs and promotions that would authentically connect with the brand’s consumers and enable both to live their purpose.

Brand Advocacy vs Aspiration in the New Era

When it seems that corporate America has seized control of our government, of our society, it can be hard to wake up every day excited to go to work. Trust in brands has never been lower. Expectations have never been higher. Yes, corporations may have unprecedented power under the new administration, but like never before, consumers are calling out brands for their values. It seems there’s no middle ground and there’s no place to hide. In a world that’s increasingly volatile and transparent, humans will decide whether brands live or die.

New Report Reveals 86% of US Consumers Expect Companies to Act on Social, Environmental Issues

A new study by Cone Communications adds to the body of work that links consumer shopping decisions to corporate values. The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study examines consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate social responsibility, as well as if and how companies should stand up for social injustices.

The Opportunity of the 'Reset': How to Go Beyond Social Marketing to Effect Real Cultural Change

Change is hard for all of us. Including those working for change.

Dozens of Corporates, 200+ Large Investors Urge White House to Keep Paris Promises

President Trump has threatened to pull the plug on U.S. involvement of the Paris Agreement ahead of the G7 Summit in Italy later this month, spurring major companies to speak out in support of continued climate change efforts.

Nat Geo, Water Aid India Launch Campaign to Tackle Water Scarcity in India

Lack of access to clean drinking water is the reality for millions of Indian citizens, an issue that National Geographic and Water Aid India are hoping to tackle through the launch of Mission Blue. With support from top Bollywood talent, the initiative aims to raise awareness about water scarcity and demonstrate how small acts of conservation every day can help secure a safe, clean water supply for future generations.

State of Play: Why Organizations Still Rely on Games for Sustainability Education

From Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Arcade,” which helped make recycling fun for kids in Dhaka; to Heineken’s Brewing a Better World Digital Experience, a series of mini-games in which users “are faced with the challenge of balancing their will to compete with taking care of the world,” purpose-driven organizations have long used gaming experiences to engage stakeholders on various sustainability issues.

KIND Foundation Launches Digital Tool to Bridge Social Divides, Develop Greater Empathy

New research by Morning Consult has revealed that only one-in-five adults surround themselves with people who share different perspectives and ideas, underscoring the severity of the “filter bubble” and the extent to which algorithms dictate the information we are exposed to online.

Why There Is No Role for Storytelling in Your Sustainability Report

We recently presented on “The Role of Storytelling in Corporate Reporting” — a subject that many organizations struggle to address properly. Our view on the subject is straightforward: A report is not for storytelling. Very few stakeholders spend time reading dense, formal corporate reports, and those that do want two things:

Colgate Taps Michael Phelps to Inspire Consumers to Turn Off the Faucet

Water scarcity and shortage is a growing problem that affects around three billion people across the globe and climate change is only serving to aggravate the already acute issue. While businesses will play an important role in reducing environmental impacts for water resource depletion, changing consumer attitudes is critical in order to truly address and find solutions for the issue. Yet the many people are unaware of water scarcity issues, as well as their own consumption habits.

'Tomorrow' Documentary Is Changing the Conversation About Climate Change

Originally released at the opening of COP21 in November 2015, environmental documentary Tomorrow is being released in the US on April 21 in celebration of Earth Day (April 22).

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