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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Levi’s, BBVA, eBay Top Index of Brands Communicating Sustainability Via Social Media

Levi Strauss, BBVA, eBay, Danone and General Electric made the top five of the SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index 2012, an annual review examining how major firms use social media to communicate sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Marketing “Sustainability”: Don't Forget the Green Guides

In October 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its revised “Green Guides,” which are designed to help marketers ensure that the claims they make about environmental attributes of their products are truthful.

Communicating Sustainability: How Do We Go From Talking to the Wall to Preaching to the Choir?

Calling all innovators and creatives! During April 2013, Sustainable Brands will be publishing a new “Issues in Focus” editorial package highlighting the most effective and engaging examples of sustainability communications.

P&G “Everyday Acts” Campaign: Just Another Recycled Branding Blitz?

The new Proctor & Gamble (P&G) “Everyday Acts” campaign appears to resonate with the $84 billion company’s customers.

Bamboozled: Four Key Takeaways from the FTC's Recent Crackdown

January 3 was a big news day: The Federal Trade Commission’s announcement on Google’s competitive practices completely drowned out news of its $1.26M false-labeling settlements with Amazon, Macy’s, Max Studio and Sears/Kmart. That’s unfortunate because there are four important takeaways from these cases:1: Take FTC warnings seriously

Survey Finds Big Four Firms Dominate Sustainability Consulting, Assurance

The Big Four accounting firms — Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC — have the strongest brand preference in both the sustainability consulting and sustainability assurance markets, according to a global survey of 250 heads of sustainability. Independent analyst firm Verdantix found that in sustainability consulting, Ernst & Young leads with a brand preference score of 39%, relative to 37% for KPMG, 33% for Deloitte and 30% for PwC. Among the management consulting firms, Accenture achieved a score of 22% beating McKinsey on 21% and Bain on 15%.

Proliferation of Food Industry Ecolabels Expected To Continue in 2013

Growing consumer awareness of food production methods and sustainability issues has led to the rise in recent years of ecolabels in the food industry; over 200 seals and logos currently represent some ecological, ethical, ingredient or sustainability attributes in the global food industry.

Marketing & Communications

From our perspective, "brand" is who you are, what you do, how you do it, and only then, how you communicate it. This channel examines how today's leading brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications through thought-provoking ads, creative mission marketing, social media campaigns and other successful stakeholder engagement.