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Supply Chain
A Just Transition:
How Nestlé is Taking a New Approach Across Our Value Chain

Whether in our personal lives or in business, doing only what is required or expected is generally unsatisfying. If your plan of action means doing the bare minimum, the status quo is the likely result.

This is how businesses become irrelevant or lose market share as the world speeds by. For more than 150 years, Nestlé has thrived as a business pushing the boundaries of progress.

“Every Nestlé partnership is an opportunity to improve lives, not simply to grow our business.”

— CEO Mark Schneider

We've taken this same approach with a bold plan that reflects our deep commitment to help address climate change. Nestlé takes a comprehensive approach to our products and business to measure our impact, and we aren't stopping there. Now, we're taking into account our suppliers' impacts and scouring our business ecosystem to see where and how we can drive equitable change.

Envisioning the role of consumption in a just, regenerative economy

Join us, along with Forum for the Future and Target, as we use future scenarios to identify potential shifts in consumption that would enable a just, regenerative economy in 2040 at Brand-Led Culture Change — May 22-24 in Minneapolis.

I invite skeptics who doubt whether business can be a force for good in our world to take a look at Nestlé's Net Zero Roadmap. Our detailed plan transparently lays out every step and tool needed for us to reach net zero emissions, not just in our operations but well beyond. The tireless and thoughtful work of our colleagues around the world have positioned Nestlé to make an enormous contribution toward improving the climate impact of food systems. The global challenge before us will not abate with meek actions — we must accelerate climate work that goes farther and faster, regenerating our ecosystems and driving equity throughout our supply chain.

Read more from Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider on three areas the company is taking action.


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