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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Intrepid Travelers Can Now Understand Their Adventures’ Carbon Impacts

Intrepid has launched one of tourism’s most comprehensive carbon-labeling initiatives, alongside new research that shows consumer demand for better transparency and understanding their personal impacts.

‘We Are All Wearing Oil:’ Campaign Calls for Fair Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels from Fashion

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. An impressive panel of activists, climate and human rights leaders launched a campaign at Climate Week NYC calling for prompt, radical, legislative action to break the fashion industry’s intrinsic links to fossil fuels.

Content Creators Hold Back on Promoting Sustainability Amid Greenwashing Fears

Unilever study uncovers barriers influencers face around creating sustainability content. The company is partnering with climate-focused nonprofits and launching a Creator Council to help address these barriers.

We Can Eat Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Applied to food supply chains, ambient IoT allows farmers, distributors, grocers, regulators and consumers to know where food came from, how far it traveled, how it was transported and stored, and what condition it’s in — in real time.

Could AI Root Out the Greenwash Marring Sustainability Communications?

It's about to get more costly for companies that exaggerate environmental and social claims in their communications. But what if artificial intelligence could eradicate greenwash forever?

Introducing Resilience Science: A Visionary Shift for Corporate Strategy and Reporting

Cross-Posted from New Metrics. Climate resilience is the ‘resilience of a company’s strategy and business model to climate-related changes, developments and uncertainties.’ This language is worth reflecting on, as it brings the concept of resilience science into mainstream business thinking.

Sky to Boost 5 More Behavior-Changing Startups with £2M Ad Push

Now in its third consecutive year, the Sky Zero Footprint Fund fosters the power of TV advertising to tackle climate change through campaigns that drive sustainable behavior change.

The Problem with Hiding from ‘Anti-Woke’ Crusaders

Anti-ESG agitators are telling a story that’s both inaccurate and bad for business. And silence won’t deter further attacks — though it certainly could compromise long-term brand value.

New API Highlights Properties’ Sustainability Credentials

In partnering with enterprise software startup BeCause, can now automate the managing and updating of information about properties’ sustainability certifications and features.

The Stories We Tell to Tell Other Stories: Remember People in Sustainability Reporting

All this diligent measurement, often seen in hundreds of pages of meticulous reporting, removes sustainability from the realm of common interest. Sustainability is for everyone and should be understood by everyone; shared understanding is the first step for shared action.

Responsible Marketing Agency Emerges to Help Industry Make ‘Media and Creative Fit for Progress’

The RMA aims to fill a crucial gap by offering brands, agencies and publishers a range of services to accelerate their competitive advantage through a sustainability lens.

We Can’t Let Vogue Words Hinder Climate Action

‘Regenerative’ has become the latest trend — a label that’s stuck on anything as a way of making it sound positive and reassuring. To guarantee genuine progress, we need a universal set of principles underpinning regenerative economics and a standardised way of quantifying success.

FootPrint Coalition: Propelling Climate Tech to Create a World of ‘Radical Abundance’

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Robert Downey Jr's FootPrint Coalition is taking a three-pronged approach to boosting environmental science and technology — including a science engine that funds non-traditional innovators, a VC fund for scaling promising solutions, and a media platform that amplifies the innovations.

7 Ways to Create Buzz Around Your Sustainability Work (No Greenwashing Required)

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Now’s the time to take all that effort and integrate it into fun engagement opportunities for both your workforce and your brand’s biggest fans. Here are our seven favorite ideas for doing just that.

Cannes Lions Was a Climate Kindergarten; Time to Mature the Conversation

This year's awards recognized a historic number of climate-related campaigns; but as an industry, we continue to talk in circles.

Study: Billions in Brand Value at Risk If Sustainability Perceptions, Performance Are Unaligned

New research quantifies the financial value of sustainability perceptions for hundreds of the world’s biggest brands — and the substantial risks of not living up to them.

New Certification Raises Bar for Restaurant Sustainability Practices

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. The Food Made Good Sustainability Standard is the only certification designed to measure restaurants’ social and environmental impacts, wherever they are in the world. It also highlights areas for improvement and provides credibility in communicating sustainability practices to customers.

New B Corp Standards to Address Multinationals, Accountability, Imperative for Systemic Change

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. B Lab’s standards have offered a flexible approach to achieving B Corp certification; but that flexibility has been criticized as not holding bigger companies accountable for driving systemic change. We sat down with B Lab to learn more about its evolving standards.

Crystal Geyser Campaign Highlights Consumers’ Paramount Role in Recycling Ecosystem

A corresponding survey of US adults reveals the beverage industry has ‘more work to do when it comes to education’ around proper recycling.

Where to Invest Efforts in the Era of Regulatory Uncertainty

Between our responsibilities as sustainability professionals and a growing set of topics to learn about, impacts to track and regulations to meet, it’s hard to know where to focus to do the most good. To help distinguish between signal and noise, I take the following approach.