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Brewers, NGOs, Governments Worldwide Joining Forces Around Global Beer Responsibility Day

Today, brewers, governments NGOs and retailers in 76 countries around the world partnered on the second annual Global Beer Responsibility Day in an effort to promote responsible consumption of beer.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (A-B InBev), Carlsberg, Heineken, and local brewers and beer associations are working to directly engage more than 700,000 consumers and reach more than 200,000,000 consumers with responsible drinking messages and activations. To achieve this, they have engaged with tens of thousands of employees, more than a hundred governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and half a million retail accounts to craft and amplify messages against harmful alcohol consumption, activities to combat drunk driving and underage consumption, and training for bartenders and servers.

“Global Beer Responsibility Day is a way for us to collectively highlight the importance of responsible drinking, and it complements the activities we and partners do throughout the year to encourage moderation and fight harmful consumption,” said Cees 't Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Carlsberg. “We are pleased to see more and more countries and partners coming on board, as we can only address this important societal issue if we collaborate.”

The partners aim to educate consumers and help advance the United NationsSustainable Development Goal (SDG) to treat and prevent the harmful consumption of alcohol through various national and regional initiatives.

“Attitudes towards responsible consumption are changing. Increasingly we see millennials embracing drinking in moderation to get more from their experiences. This is an opportunity that the industry must capitalize on by working together,” said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chief Executive Officer at Heineken. “By championing responsible choices through our marketing and reinforcing our education programs with stakeholders, we can positively influence behaviour.”

Among the many efforts taking place across the globe, A-B InBev and Heineken are working with local brewers, the Mexican Beer Chamber, municipal and state authorities from 32 federal entities to communicate a single responsible consumption message to retailers and consumers across Mexico. In Russia, Carlsberg, A-B InBev, Heineken, EFES and more than 2,000 employees from the members of the Russian Beer Union are promoting responsible sales practices to retailers across the country.

“As brewers, we are not only committed to brewing quality beers, but also to ensuring those beers are enjoyed responsibly. We’re excited to join together as an industry again this year to make an even greater impact on reducing the harmful use of alcohol,” said Carlos Brito, Chief Executive Officer at A-B InBev.

“Global Beer Responsibility Day embodies the notion that we are stronger together,” added Simon Spillane, Chairman of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance. “United through local brewers associations across the world, brewers large and small are working together with NGOs and government partners to support and roll out innovative, effective campaigns that both promote responsible beer consumption and support the fight against alcohol misuse.”