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Behavior Change

The latest developments supporting a shift toward sustainable consumption, as well as specific ways brands are encouraging less wasteful behaviors.

‘We Believe’: Communicators Weigh In on P&G’s Controversial New Ad

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. We reached out to communication leaders in the SB community for their take on P&G’s spotlight on toxic masculinity.

Spreading a Message of Moderation for the Holidays

The overall number of drunk driving deaths has decreased by about 50 percent since 1980, according to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. But while the number of drunk driving accidents has been cut in half, over 10,000 people still die every year from drunk driving–related accidents. We’re approaching one of the most dangerous times in the year: January 1st is the worst time for drunk driving and accidents caused by drunk drivers.

The New Black: How New Breed of Consumers Will Spend Money, Energy This Friday

During this season of giving, many of today’s more discerning consumers won’t be joining the masses scrambling to answer the siren call to stock up on discounted “stuff” — they’ll be remembering the values meant to be at the heart of this season, by taking REI’s advice to #OptOutside to enjoy nature and giving back by cleaning up; and when they do shop, they’re increasingly basing their loyalty and purchasing decisions on companies’ reputations rather than just product features and price.

Off-Hours Consumer Delivery Systems May Unlock Sustainability at Scale

This article originally appeared on on October 22, 2018.

Give a Sh!rt™ About Our Environment, One Thrifted Item at a Time

The apparel and footwear industry accounts for 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions — that’s almost as much as the total emissions of the European Union. And the number of fashion cycles for clothing production has increased from two a year to as many as 50-100. Each cotton T-shirt we own withdrew more than 700 gallons of water from our natural resources during production.

REI Again Urging Americans to #OptOutside, Studying Link to Human Health

For the fourth year in a row, this Black Friday, REI will close all 153 stores, process no online payments and pay more than 12,000 employees to #OptOutside with friends and family.

New Report, WRI Platform and … Wu-Tang Clan Make Case for Plant-Based Diets

Meat-heavy diets have been under increased scrutiny of late, spawning a host of research and campaigns linking them to the accelerating impacts of climate change around the world. Now, a new report from the Changing Markets Foundation, Mighty Earth and Compassion in World Farming points the finger at governments, which they say are failing to tackle meat over-consumption to meet climate targets.

10 Burning Questions: PMI on How It Will Create a Smoke-Free Future

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Jennifer Motles and her colleagues at Philip Morris International (PMI) are on a crusade to end smoking. They know many of us probably won’t believe them. And they are OK with that; they just want the chance to prove it.

HP, Girl Rising Mark Int'l Day of the Girl with 12 Inspiring Stories of Empowerment

Today, in honor of International Day of the Girl, HP and Girl Rising — a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating poverty by providing education to girls — are celebrating 12 stories of female empowerment gathered from around the globe as part of the first-ever Girl Rising Creative Challenge. Introduced on International Women’s Day in March, the challenge was a call-to-action to highlight storytelling that has the power to change the world.

Reframing How We Think of Food, Creativity Key to Winning War on Food Waste

Food is one of those issues that gets everyone interested. We all eat it, love it, and unfortunately waste it. But that’s starting to change. Alongside plastic waste (including the cause of the moment — eliminating straws, food waste is an issue that has deservedly grabbed mainstream attention over the last few years.

Seoul Spearheads Global Efforts to Promote Sustainable Urban Tourism

“Tourists, go home.” “Tourists: Your luxury trip, my daily misery.” “Your tourism kills my neighborhood.” These kinds of sentiments have likely been heard in travel destinations that have become victims of their own success and attractiveness. Indeed, for many residents living in popular landmarks, tourism can often be a nightmare rather than a dream. While many cities have been overwhelmed by mass tourism and what is now called “overtourism,” Seoul has been striving to promote alternative forms of tourism that do not put pressure on destinations and offer quality experiences to citizens as well as visitors.

How One E-Waste Recycler Uses Education to Incentivize the Right Behaviors

In the early days of my career, more years ago than I care to admit, I spent a good part of my time explaining to people what e-waste was, that it was hazardous and that it shouldn’t be landfilled. I’m pleased to report that those days are over. Most of us today are well aware of the tide of electronics washing up in China, Africa and elsewhere. The vast majority of us want to ensure our discarded electronic paperweights are properly recycled. We are moving in the right direction.

10 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Take Food Waste Off the Menu

There’s something about your menu that you may not have noticed — a lot of it is trash. But it’s not the quality we’re talking about; it’s the waste.

New Campaign Rallies iPhone 6s Users Against Planned Obsolescence

As Apple, the world’s second-largest smartphone producer, prepares to sign the death warrant of the wildly popular iPhone 6s with the rumored launch of multiple new models later this month, Back Market — the largest marketplace exclusively dedicated to bringing thousands of refurbished electronic devices and appliances from certified professionals to consumers — has launched an awareness campaign rallying the public against planned obsolescence.

How a Celebrity Chef Learned to Love Farmed and Frozen Fish

Ned Bell has no shortage of opinions about seafood. He grew up fishing Pacific salmon off the west coast of Canada and now evangelizes for the future of fish as the founder of Chefs for Oceans and the executive chef at Ocean Wise, a nonprofit organization based at the Vancouver Aquarium that develops criteria for sustainable seafood and lends its logo to vendors and restaurants that meet its standards.

How Beyond Meat Is Turning the 'Meat' Aisle into the 'Protein' Aisle

Is your grocery store’s meat aisle becoming obsolete? If it’s started carrying Beyond Burgers and sausages, it might be. That’s not because meat as we know it — the kind made from animals — is disappearing (at least not yet). Rather, the credit (or blame) goes to entrepreneurs such as Beyond Meat’s Ethan Brown, who argues convincingly that “protein aisle” is not only the more accurate way to describe the offerings there, but also the best location for his own Beyond Burger, a “muscle” made from peas that is so succulent and juicy you’d swear it came from a cow.

Coca-Cola GB Campaign, Packaging Redesign Nudge Consumers Toward Lower-Sugar Options

Coca-Cola Great Britain has launched a new design for the Coca-Cola range, featuring new-look packaging for original Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola zero sugar. The changes unify both varieties with the trademark Coca-Cola red and form part of the company’s commercial strategy to encourage more people to try Coca-Cola zero sugar. Along with the redesign, a £5 million marketing campaign communicates the changes to consumers, featuring 10- and 30-second ads alongside out-of-home advertising. The ad, “One Way or Another,” reminds consumers they can enjoy Coca-Cola, with or without sugar.

US Consumers, Experts Give Businesses a 'C' for Water Conservation

In Nestlé Waters North America's second annual survey of 6,142 US consumers and experts on water-related topics, released this week, respondents ranked clean water higher than getting enough sleep (25 percent of consumers and 22 percent of experts) and eating healthy foods (23 percent of consumers and 25 percent of experts) as factors important to living a healthy life.

Do We Lose Moral Self-Determination When We Work?

The co-working startup WeWork made headlines recently with a new policy banning meat from company functions and barring employees from expensing any meat dishes. The move is intended to reduce the company’s environmental impact, with the company predicting a reduction in carbon emissions by 445.1 million pounds and saving over 15 million animals. Miguel McKelvey, WeWork’s co-founder and Chief Culture Officer, speaks of the policy as not just creating an environmental benefit, but also changing the minds of his employees and creating a culture of personal accountability at the company.

Right Treat Turning Asian Pork Lovers on to the Virtues of Plant-Based Protein

Serial entrepreneur David Yeung wants billions of consumers to join him on a quest to transform Asian cuisine into a leaner, healthier, more environmentally friendly version. And his latest venture, Omnipork, may just be the product that brings people along on the journey.


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