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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

New Bank of the West Report Highlights Major Consumer Knowledge Gaps in Sustainable Finance

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Fossil fuels and other climate-risky endeavors are still big money for banks; and even if consumers find their bank continues to fund them, it’s something they often feel powerless to change.

New Target Collection Answers Increased Consumer Demand for Products That Reduce Waste

The ‘Target Zero’ collection features products and packaging designed to be refillable, reusable or compostable; made from recycled content; or made from materials that reduce the use of plastic.

Advertising: A Missing Link in Successful Corporate Climate Action Plans

Advertising is a $700B industry that has been overlooked as a source of significant carbon emissions. To achieve sustainable advertising, we must make it easier for companies to calculate their Scope 3 emissions. Here's how some of the world's largest brands, agencies and ad-tech companies will benefit from new innovations.

‘Greenwashing Is Dangerous’: Lessons for Purpose-Driven Brands from Innocent’s Recent Lashing

Brands now understand the immense benefits of touting their sustainability and purpose credentials; but those with sustainability ‘halos’ aren’t immune to scrutiny over their claims. As Innocent drinks was recently reminded, the stakes have never been higher for getting it wrong.

New Platform to Help Apparel Brands Illuminate Darkest Corners of Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Laudes Foundation’s Transparency in Action portal features best practices, expert advice, tools and resources — including information on existing and upcoming legislation — for brands to take informed steps towards transparency and expand their current efforts.

New Consumer Research Highlights Sustainability Opportunities for Brands in Asia

The first-ever Asian version of the Socio-Cultural Trend Tracker shows the huge opportunity that await brands for meeting conscious consumers’ needs and desires in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

Focusing on What Matters: How PMI Transparently Identifies ESG Priorities

PMI recently released its 2021 Sustainability Materiality Report, which describes how the company identifies the ESG topics that inform its strategies, goals, and reporting. It’s conducted with full transparency — for stakeholders, and for society.

Will Carbon-Labeled Products Sell More? Here’s What We Know

Even with an uptick in consumer knowledge of climate issues and food brands sharing carbon-footprint data for their products, the CPG world is still wondering if carbon-labeling is worth the effort and investment. Here are 5 key takeaways from recent peer-reviewed literature and industry papers.

Super Bowl 2022: Glimmers of Purpose Messaging Brighten Push for Consumption as Usual

Except for a clutch of ads for EVs, it seems the climate crisis is not yet a force driving brand messaging at the Super Bowl. But a few brands seized the opportunity to drive adoption of sustainable behaviors at scale.

Super Bowl Ads Cost $6.5M This Year – What If Brands Used That Money for Good?

Advertising is a critical element for business success; and successful businesses are better positioned to give back to society. But we believe the societal impact of $6.5M can do far more to authentically connect stakeholders with brands than a half-minute of airtime.

Attention, Corporations: Creative Accounting Will Not Save Us from the Climate Crisis

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. The first Climate Corporate Responsibility Monitor dissects the climate pledges of 25 of the world’s leading companies — and finds they fall well short of the action required to help the world avoid the effects of catastrophic climate change.

Mayo x Mayo: Hellmann’s, Jerod Mayo Team Up During the Big Game to Tackle Food Waste

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. In Hellman’s newest Super Bowl spot, former football player and current coach, Jerod Mayo, shows would-be home food-wasters how they can ‘make taste, not waste.’

‘Toxic Tours’ Shed Light on Communities Most Affected by Petrochemical Pollution

New platform from Break Free from Plastic explores the hardest-hit frontline communities in the world, from India to Ohio. After hearing each story, viewers can choose to view another location, or take actions designed to make local and global impact.

Is There a Secret Recipe for Successful Consumer Climate Communication?

It’s true what they say: The way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach. A new WRI study suggests that carefully reframing menu language can successfully nudge diners toward more climate-friendly food options.

5 Ways to Turn Your Purpose into a Competitive Advantage

An intentional purpose will be unique to every company — based on your history, culture and the role you play in your customers’ lives. But, based on our interviews with leading purpose-led companies, here are five common themes that can inspire your own ‘purpose advantage.’

Tony’s Chocolonely Aiming to Spark Further ‘Conversation’ with UK Chocolate Lovers

The ethical chocolate maker has released three ‘Conversation Bars’ — available exclusively online and at Waitrose through January 25 — designed to provoke discussion around systemic issues in the chocolate supply chain.

How Brands and Retailers Can Collaborate to Activate Sustainability, Drive Growth

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Why are so few brands and retailers partnering to communicate their sustainability attributes at the moment of truth — when shoppers are in the right mindset to buy? A new guidebook offers 10 guiding principles and many inspirational examples to help guide brands and retailers through the process.

Music Industry Heavyweights Pledge Collaborative, Coordinated Climate Action

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. The Music Climate Pact marks a significant step in aligning the global music business around a coherent and industry-coordinated strategy — and unify existing climate initiatives.

Potty-Mouthed Campaign Raising Awareness of Lack of ‘F*ing Water’ for Canada’s Indigenous Communities

Public Inc’s latest social-justice outcry, in collaboration with First Peoples Group, shines light on lack of government action to address insufficient access to clean water in nearly 70 Indigenous communities across Canada.

Tony’s Chocolonely: The Advent of More Teachable Brand Moments?

“Tony’s has done a great job of raising awareness of an important issue; and there is a real risk that the overriding message that will be left, once the dust settles, is one of a brand getting it wrong — and that could undermine all of the important messaging that Tony’s tries to share through its purpose.”