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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Where to Invest Efforts in the Era of Regulatory Uncertainty

Between our responsibilities as sustainability professionals and a growing set of topics to learn about, impacts to track and regulations to meet, it’s hard to know where to focus to do the most good. To help distinguish between signal and noise, I take the following approach.

How to Design In-Store Experiences to Guide Shoppers Toward Climate-Friendlier Food Choices

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Danish grocery giant Coop’s impactful partnership with Krukow Behavioral Design yielded insights for any retailer looking to enlist its customers’ help in reducing food-related carbon emissions.

Outvertising to Brands: Stand Your Ground This Pride Month

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. As the advocacy group asserts: ‘This is a time that calls for commitment and courage. Your action can be made in the sound knowledge that you have the majority behind you.'

New Vattenfall Campaign Illustrates Clean Potential of Fossil-Free Hydrogen

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The ‘Industrial Emissions Face Mist’ is made from wastewater from a factory powered by fossil-free hydrogen. The emissions are so clean, they could become part of your skincare routine.

‘Secret Agents of Change’ to Take Over Cannes Lions to Root Out Greenwashing

Creatives for Climate’s ‘secret agents of change’ will be prowling the festival calling on individuals, agencies and brands to tackle greenwashing at the source.

ASICS Launches Product Carbon-Footprint Labeling

By releasing its product carbon-impact data, ASICS joins a growing number of companies sharing this information to help consumers working to address their environmental impacts make more educated purchasing decisions.

Lessons in Brand-Led Culture Change: Righting Wrongs, Scaling Impact and Recovering from Pushback

As Brand-Led Culture Change drew to a close, a number of insightful discussions got down to brass tacks and shared lessons learned while facing a number of nearly ubiquitous brand challenges.

Uncertain Times Require Decisive Brand Action: Blazing New Trails in Brand Activism

On the final morning of Brand-Led Culture Change, keynote speakers tackled topics ranging from impactful partnerships and walking your ESG talk to the role of brands in creating a new ‘American Dream.’

Responding to Cultural Tipping Points: Co-Creating a Brand Culture for Good

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Keynotes from day 2 of Brand-Led Culture Change shed light on collaborative behavior-change and stakeholder-engagement approaches that are changing the way brands are creating products, stories and strategies.

The Dos and Don’ts of Successfully Engaging the Masses

Day one of SB’s Brand-Led Culture Change event was loaded with insights from brand leaders and influencers on the ever-growing world of impactful brand sustainability communication.

Regeneration, Reinvention and Revamping Retail: Finding the Sweet Spots to Drive Culture Change

Opening keynotes at Brand-Led Culture Change featured insights from unconventional brand partnerships and keys to helping people and brands alike move beyond fear and embrace the changes we need to create a flourishing future for all.

Anti-ESG Rhetoric in US Unaligned with Public’s Views on Business Imperative for Action

Two-thirds of US adults surveyed want companies to continue environmental, social, governance action; more than half have positive view of the term.

Made to Measure: How to Tailor Marketing for Unique Demographics

It takes time for a new, sustainability-focused brand to build awareness in the marketplace – particularly in a crowded field. Here are five key things to keep in mind when trying to reach a hard-to-reach audience.

Nurturing Mental Health in a Climate-Changing World: Another Critical Challenge to Face Together

As with other forms of anxiety, climate anxiety must be navigated with great care; and it is essential that the younger generation have allies around them when facing such an enormous challenge as climate change.

The Greenwash Era Is Over, But Are Our Communicators Ready to Step Up?

As advertising regulators, consumer watchdogs and even governments take a tougher stance, the risks of getting it wrong grow significantly; and the pressure is on communicators to up their game and back up their claims.

Michelle Obama’s PLEZi Nutrition Aims to Help Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

Building on her efforts in the White House with her Let's Move! initiative, Mrs. Obama is guiding PLEZi Nutrition’s mission to be a model for how food and beverage brands can support the health of our younger generations.

Balancing Optimism, Practicality to Drive Architects and Designers Toward a Sustainable Future

Shaw spoke with 'Metropolis' Editor-in-Chief Avinash Rajagopal about how to best tackle the complexity of sustainability, and how the design industry is adopting a more interconnected perspective on the subject.

Investor Demand Propelling Corporate Plastic-Reduction Strategies

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Kraft Heinz and Church & Dwight responded to shareholder proposals with new goals to cut virgin plastic use; now, 185 investors have called on 30 other CPG brands and retailers to accelerate their action on plastic.

Patagonia Chair: For Brands to Thrive In These Uncertain Times, They Must Be 'Imperfect'

Cross-Posted from Leadership. Author Charles Conn digs into some of his disruptive advice for brands that make up his new book, "The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times."

Oatly Challenges Big Dairy to Climate Footprint Showdown

Oatly is offering free ad space to a big dairy brand that shares the same impact data that Oatly did to receive its climate certification.