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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Study: Many Marketers Feel ‘Capability Gap’ When It Comes to Sustainability Communication

Many marketing professionals feel they need to be braver and clearer in their sustainability communications to avoid greenwashing; but over a third don’t feel they have the capacity or knowledge to do so.

Bridging the Sustainability Trust Gap in a Climate-Challenged World

Despite growing corporate efforts to drive sustainable change and climate action, there’s an underlying issue: a lack of consumer trust towards companies’ claims on this front.

New Research from Tide, WWF Reveals Keys to Sustainable Behavior Change

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Tide and WWF believe the new insights gathered from their work together on laundry are applicable for all brands seeking to partner with consumers to reduce environmental impacts.

Ever Hear of SPF 5000+? By 2050, Skin Proud & Cat Cohen Say You Will

The vegan skincare brand partnered with the comedian and Intersectional Environmentalist on a parody video to educate consumers and inspire climate action.

For Lundberg Family Farms, ‘Every Ducking Day Is Earth Day’

New ad campaign pokes fun at celebrating taking care of the planet only once a year.

Localism: A New Opportunity for Brands to Build Trust, Authenticity and Customer Loyalty

Localism is here to stay; and brands will increasingly be expected to understand what that means, so that they can make positive contributions to communities everywhere.

PUMA Engaging ‘Voices of a Re:Generation’ to Help Shape Its Sustainability Strategy

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. The year-long partnership with four young influencers will explore actionable ways to implement feedback within PUMA’s business and sustainability strategies, while using the voices’ platforms to communicate PUMA’s efforts transparently and authentically.

‘Secret Menu’ Reveals the Hidden Human Costs of the Food We Eat

Hundreds of customers who scanned QR codes for restaurant menus across Canada in the past two months likely stumbled on secret menus instead, which revealed the hidden human costs behind popular food items.

The Role of the CFO in Sustainability Reporting

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. With increased expectations to assume the role of climate controller in business, how should CFOs go about measuring the success of their organization’s environmental policies?

5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Brand with Purpose

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Research shows that companies that succeed in uncertain times are those attuned to stakeholder needs and that focus on what matters most; those that go into survival mode and pull back from investing in their business flounder in a recession.

GRI Update Enforces Imperative of Transparency Around Businesses’ Impacts on Human Rights

GRI’s new materiality and impact requirements help businesses realign their priorities to address interlinked issues around shareholder value creation and ESG. Without assessing risks and impact on both ends, businesses have and will continue to fail.

ChemSec Approaches Complex Chemistry Discussions with Collaboration and Humor

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. ChemSec works to eliminate toxic chemicals in products by engaging with companies and policymakers across cultures, industries and governments; ED Anne-Sofie Bäckar says trust, transparency — and sometimes, keeping things light — are key.

The Problem with Recycling, Part 3: Reducing Confusion and Boosting Consumer Confidence

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. This is the third in a three-part series covering key opportunities to turn 'the plastic-recycling problem' into a sustainable, circular plastic economy.

Lundberg Family Farms Launches First US-Grown Regenerative Organic Certified Rice

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. The California rice producer has helped establish the first standards for regenerative rice and set a goal for its entire crop to be ROC by 2027.

Klarna Conscious Badges Offer World’s First Assessment of Electronics Brands' Environmental Achievements

Badges build on Klarna’s commitment to providing its 150M users with the insights and tools they need to make more informed purchasing decisions and enact positive environmental change.

Unilever Study Reveals Influence of Influencers in Sustainable Behavior Change

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Dove, Hellmann’s and a team of behavioral scientists examined how brands can leverage and maximize the power of social media influencers to positively impact consumer behavior.

What a Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach Us About the Fight for Social Justice

Here are three lessons social-impact leaders can learn from Ellie — the 14-year-old protagonist in “The Last of Us” — for dealing with these increasingly challenging times.

For Climate Solutions to Cross the Chasm, Start with Customers Ready for Change

To avoid the worst climate impacts, we must prioritize the deployment of emerging climate solutions without delay. To do that, companies must overcome a common marketing challenge.

Tractor Beverage Co Furthers Commitment to Transparency with Organic Impact Tracker

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Tractor becomes the first beverage brand to track and disclose impact data about its ingredients — as 7 in 10 consumers express interest in how their beverage choices impact the planet.

The Many Hats of a Sustainable Marketer

Marketing is becoming inextricable from sustainability. Marketers must collaborate with other departments closely, gather accurate knowledge and work out how to share brand attributes in a humble and credible way.