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How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

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It’s Time to Listen: What Rural Agricultural Communities Need During COVID-19

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. As the pandemic continues, rural agricultural producers and their communities will need renewed levels of support and commitments from supply chain partners, to ensure their continued health and stability.

How to Uplevel Your Reporting for a Post-COVID-19 World

While it’s still too early to tell how significantly COVID-19 will alter our way of life, we’ve learned to challenge many of our preconceived notions about how to best do business — and solidifying your company’s place within this new order is critical. The true test is going to be whether we are capable of dramatic positive change even when not spurred by a global pandemic.

Trending: Virus, Be Damned — Fashion Industry Charges Ahead Toward Sustainable Future

Cross-Posted from Business Case. Even as COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines and the global consciousness, the 7th annual Fashion Revolution Week sees news and moves from Jeans Redesign, Vivienne Westwood and Fair Trade USA, to name a few.

90+ Companies Now Certified Climate Neutral

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Barely a year since its launch, almost 100 brands are now sporting the label, demonstrating full accountability for their carbon footprint.

Environmental Data in the Time of Corona: Preparing for Shocks to the System

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. It has been heartening to see major organisations doing the right thing when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus: Follow the science. Although the COVID and climate crises are profoundly different, the parallels are obvious — and the key to surviving both is to use data-driven strategies to improve resilience to future shocks.

The Coronavirus Is Making Public Discourse Sick

When it comes to Coronavirus, the climate emergency or any other disaster, we shouldn’t antagonize; rather, we should empathise. If we learn to see beyond the tips of our noses and adopt a global empathy, we'll be able to tackle this virus — and the even bigger crisis of the climate emergency.

Candy Giants Rated on Commitments to Create Better Chocolate

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. International advocacy groups publish joint consumer purchasing guide to more ethical chocolate choices, just in time for Easter.

New Nonprofit on Mission to Educate, Coach Athletes to Engage Public on Climate Crisis

EcoAthletes, a New York-based nonprofit, launches today to harness the massive power of athletes to influence millions of fans to take action to fight climate change.

12 Amazing Documentaries on Sustainability, Regeneration That You Now Have Time to Watch

As many of us find ourselves with much more time at home due to the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of us are finding opportunities to do things we couldn’t quite get to in the course of our ‘regular lives’ before the widespread lockdowns.

When Changing Our Behavior Becomes a Public Health Imperative

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. According to Krukow Behavioral Design, a combination of the right colors, behavioral transmitters and social norms can help fuel the mass behavior change necessary from stemming the spread of COVID-19.

New App Aims to Reconnect Youth with Wonders of the Natural World

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Mammalz is a mobile- and web-based, community-driven content platform giving youth around the globe a highly engaging and interactive way to connect with nature.

Climate Crisis Considered Our Greatest Challenge — and We're Overwhelmed

A Vattenfall survey has found that the public see climate change as the main challenge of our age; while doomsday media coverage is compounding our anxiety about it, we're still looking to business and governments to save us.

Report: Predatory Marketing Tactics a Top Threat to Children’s Wellbeing

While climate change and intensifying carbon emissions still top the list of factors endangering a healthy future for the world’s children, a new report finds that marketing of harmful products aimed at children is another major threat to their wellbeing.

MSC on Mission to Ensure Sustainable Seafood for All

MSC has researched what matters most to seafood lovers, and how to engage consumers and producers on the benefits of sustainable seafood. We caught up with Senior PR Manager Jackie Marks to find out how MSC is getting that message out.

Super Bowl’s $5.6M Question: Can Snickers Really Fix the World?

At least the game was fun to watch, because this year’s commercials make the United Nations’ sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook report seem like interesting reading. This year, corporate America chose to laugh rather than voice an opinion.

Sell Responsibly… or Else? It’s Time to Face (Over)-Consumption and Come Up with Creative Solutions

We shouldn’t lure people into buying more than they need; but rather, help people make it all add up to a more meaningful life. Brands might be able to keep afloat on a short-term strategy and hide behind a cloak of innocence, but every dinosaur step is one closer to extinction.

What Will a Circular Economy Mean for Branding?

While a circular economy will present huge challenges to most brands' conventional business models, there are huge opportunities for those who embrace and adapt to this change — while those who drag their heels with incremental changes will undoubtedly fall behind.

BlackRock Responds to Demands for Stronger Climate Action with Bold New Commitments

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. CEO Larry Fink has called for “a fundamental reshaping of finance” in response to the climate crisis, but BlackRock remains the largest investor in fossil fuels and the companies driving deforestation around the world.

Remembering Harold Burson: One of the Earliest Corporate Responsibility Visionaries

In 1973, PR pioneer Harold Burson — who passed away last week at the age of 98 — deftly summed up the role of the PR professional, related to the role of a corporation, in society: Be the corporate sensor, conscience, communicator and monitor.

Here’s How to Encourage People to Dine Out More Sustainably

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Created in collaboration with food-service experts, WRI’s new playbook is designed to enable the already-rich-in-expertise industry — so adept at marketing and selling foods — to help diners choose healthier and more sustainable, plant-rich options.


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