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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Lights, Camera, Climate Action? Advertisers Being Called Upon to Rein in Their Carbon Footprint

Accurately measuring, tracking, comparing and reporting impacts for the process of producing, filming, displaying and running ads will be crucial for the industry to play its part in solving one of the big challenges of our time.

Cultural Intelligence Unlocks Campaign Strategies to Support Brand-Led Culture Change

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. By unpacking consumer trends and crafting poignant narratives, today’s brands can create behavior change, shift consumer demand, and drive good growth — resulting in positive market transformation and sustainable culture change.

Consumer Product Brands Embrace Responsible Forestry

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. When it comes to forest products, Bio Pappel, HP, Melissa & Doug, REI and Amazon are all leaders in responsible sourcing. What does this commitment look like in practice?

Pomp, Personalities and Products Made for a Super Bowl with Little Purpose

Product, product, product drove Super Bowl commercials this year; purpose and ESG communication were largely left on the bench.

The Power of $7M: How Companies Can Make a Lasting Impact with Their Super Bowl Ad Budget

Directing $7M to improving lives instead of selling products sends a powerful message of hope and generosity to millions of Super Bowl fans.

Anheuser-Busch Brings ‘National Recycling League’ Action to Super Bowl LVII

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Every beverage container recycled through gamified reverse vending machines will give fans an instant prize and qualify them to win NFL season tickets.

It’s Not Easy Being Green: How to Avoid the Many Shades of Greenwashing

With keener public awareness and growing scrutiny of brand sustainability claims, greenwashing hasn’t gone away but become a ‘many-headed beast.’ Experts weigh in on the best way forward for brands.

From Messages to Painted Pictures: How Storytelling Drives Social Purpose

Messaging is about telling an audience something; storytelling shows them something. Engaging social-purpose storytelling can shape the way people think and feel, and motivate them towards a desired action.

Global Citizen, Authentic Team Up to Rally Consumers to Help #EndExtremePovertyNOW

The strategic initiative will include impact-focused brand activations and products to engage consumers in Global Citizen’s mission to end extreme poverty.

Brand-Led Culture Change Key to a Flourishing Future

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. By prioritizing bold business imperatives and meeting deep human needs, brands can transform themselves into the leaders of a new, regenerative economy. But these initiatives cannot thrive in a closed system of communication.

2023 Design Trends: Balancing the Beautiful with the Responsible

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The balance between luxury and sustainability has set a new bar for luxury packaging, making us all stop and think about how we can do things differently.

BIER Guides Beverage Companies on Water Circularity

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The Guide provides easy-to-follow processes, as well as important considerations when pivoting focus from on-site techniques to off-site circularity endeavors.

Trending: Reports Call for Fashion to End Its Wicked Ways

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. New reports by Zero Waste Europe and Planet Tracker slam the industry for piecemeal attempts at sustainability and circularity; where it fails to adopt more holistic approaches and take greater responsibility for environmental and social issues, investors must help move the needle.

‘Our Waters’ Documentary Highlights One Community’s Fight to Protect Its Coast from Commercial Exploitation

As salmon demand has grown, so too have large-scale, environmentally destructive aquaculture projects. The community of Frenchman Bay, Maine is fighting a plan to build North America’s largest industrialized, open-net fish farms in their backyard.

H&M’s 'Loooptopia' Metaverse Experience Rewards Players for Creating Circular Fashion

The new H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox allows users to experiment with their digital identity and learn about fashion and circularity in a fun, creative and playful environment.

Two Years On, Amazon Lead Reflects on Success, Opportunities Within Climate Pledge Friendly Program

The retailer’s marketplace for more sustainable products now includes 300,000 products and 20,000 brands vetted through a range of well-known certifications.

Our Innate Psychology Is Fueling the Climate Crisis — Here’s How to Combat It

We can’t keep communicating about climate change in ways that feed our evolutionary prejudices and continue kicking the can down the road. We must outsmart our biases using strategic communication tactics so we can take action when it matters — which is now. Here are 3 ways to hack our brains for climate action.

2022 Trends in Purpose and What They Mean for the Year Ahead

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. This year, we saw companies double-down on purpose amidst a rise in consumer skepticism and politically motivated attacks on ESG. Below are six notable trends and what they might mean for 2023.

Politics and Purpose: The US Consumer Response to Purpose-Driven Marketing Across the Political Spectrum

How does identifying with a certain political party, generation or minority group influence whether consumers think more highly or more disapprovingly of a brand taking on a cause? Here is what we learned.

Great Expectations: Evaluating ESG Initiatives to Reach Target Consumers

When it comes to ESG initiatives and their relationship to consumer behavior, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach; but leveraging ongoing research into consumer attitudes can help align corporate ESG initiatives that can help steer your brand through uncharted waters and changing sentiments.