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How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

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It’s Time to Break Free from Sustainability’s Ivory Tower

One major reason that most sustainability writing is bad is that it’s written by a microscopic number of smart people who think and talk the same way, unintentionally excluding the bulk of audiences that need to be spoken to.

Unilever Redefining ‘Normal’ with New ‘Positive Beauty’ Strategy

Unilever is eliminating the word “normal” from all of its beauty and personal care brands’ packaging and advertising, championing a new era of beauty that is equitable and inclusive, as well as sustainable.

Healthy People, Healthy Ocean: How Conscious Consumers Are Helping Build a More Sustainable Seafood Sector

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Recent research shows that people’s awareness of the link between their personal wellness and that of the environment has increased. How can simple solutions make a big impact? When it comes to food, we need to make it easy for people to make smart, sustainable choices.

SB’21 Trend Watching: Brands’ Role in Reshaping the World in 2021 and Beyond

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. At SB’s latest Trend Watching event, experts across a variety of fields and industries offered insights into how purpose-driven brands can effectively activate on everything from marketing to effective leadership to climate justice in our post-pandemic world.

For Those Still Wondering About the Business Case for Purpose …

Cross-Posted from Business Case. In its latest research to understand consumer expectations of responsible brands, Porter Novelli used social psychology to unpack why consumers prefer Purpose-driven brands — and the importance of strong storytelling to complement sound business strategies.

Bad Sustainability Writing Is Everywhere, and It’s a Problem

The proliferation of ineffective communications is holding sustainability back in its most critical decade. There is no more time for boring, beige writing. We need language that teaches, convinces and inspires — before it’s too late.

To Be an Anti-Racist Brand: Start by Being Aware, Additive and Alive

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. The next frontier of sustainability is regeneration — building brands that actively restore and renew a system. And that’s as true for our systems that continue to allow racial injustice as for our environmental ecosystems.

How Amazon Is Scaling Conscious Consumerism by Partnering with Brands, Certifications

The e-commerce giant is working with over 20 product-certification partners to deliver product-specific sustainability information to shoppers through its Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Corporate Political Responsibility: The Missing Link in Companies’ ESG Strategies

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. The disconnect between many companies’ public sustainability ambitions and their non-public lobbying efforts can no longer be excused. The Erb Institute’s Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce is helping companies connect the dots.

7 Tips for Engaging Consumers on Circularity

If consumers are to embrace sustainable products en masse, they need better information to be able to make an informed choice — and this is where marketeers have a vital role to play.

Climate Was the Big Loser in This Year’s Super Bowl – and So Were We

Super Bowl LV wasn’t a year in which brands showed leadership with their sustainability messaging; but after the divisiveness, the climate emergency and the rampaging health crisis of 2020, it was a relief to have a laugh.

What Would You Do with $6M? Quantifying the Social Impact of a Super Bowl Ad

Reaching 100 million people at once comes at a high cost — but the sticker price of a Super Bowl ad comes with deeper implications, both for brands and society. What if that money was used for good?

#WhoMadeMyClothes: Transparency Has Become a Fashion-Industry Imperative

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. When it comes to one of the world’s most polluting and exploitative industries, more and more consumers are demanding transparency. We have the technology to deliver end-to-end transparency and to support the reinvention of the fashion industry.

Why We Tell the Stories Behind Sustainable Products

Telling the stories of the people and forests behind FSC-certified products deepens consumers’ connections with the brands, and demonstrates the impacts of responsible sourcing. We expect this is just the beginning, due to the clear signals of consumer demand for these stories.

EVERFI Launches Black History Month Challenge to Promote Youth Education on Race, Equity

The company’s latest digital learning initiative aims to inspire students and spark critical conversations and learning around race and equity, year-round.

Study: No Brand Is Immune to Cancel Culture, But Purpose Helps

The explosion and proliferation of social media has given power to the masses to share their opinions about brands — and sway others’ opinions in the process. But 73% of those surveyed said they’re less likely to cancel a purpose-driven brand.

Benchmarks vs. Actual Data: Balancing Accuracy, Effort in GHG Reporting

Here, we discuss how companies — particularly larger, multi-facility enterprises — can ensure they are getting an accurate picture of their energy usage and GHG emissions.

Digging Deeper Into Marketing’s Purpose Pivot

Once your purpose is in everything you do, it becomes an indelible part of the customer experience. By attracting customers who believe society is better off if they do business with your company, you can create a social movement around your brand.

2020 Goodvertising Awards Recognize Year's 10 Most Impactful Creative Campaigns

2020’s winners cover topics ranging from calculating product carbon footprints, regenerative farming, healthier food and reusable packaging to DEI, supporting businesses during COVID and more.

With Tomorrow's Air, Travelers Can Help Remove Carbon from the Atmosphere

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. The world’s first carbon-removal collective for the travel industry offers climate-clever travelers and small businesses the ability to contribute directly to carbon removal and storage.


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