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Behavior Change
P&G, Walmart Collaborate on Interactive Experience to Help Guide Better Purchases, Habits

The two companies have teamed up to develop an interactive, educational and entertaining experience designed to educate families on how they can conserve resources in their homes with a few simple changes.

Walmart and Procter & Gamble have collaborated for several years on ways to show consumers how they can save water and energy in their homes through smart product and habit choices.

Now, the two companies have teamed up to develop an interactive, educational and entertaining experience at, designed to educate families on how they can conserve resources in their homes with a few simple changes. The experience is part of Walmart’s Built for Better online shopping destination that is designed to make it easy for customers to identify and shop for products that are better for people and the planet.

Image courtesy of Walmart

Designed by brand and sustainability experts from P&G and Walmart, and developed by interactive agency Eko, the online experience brings an element of fun to learning about more sustainable practices in the home. Led by elementary school-age “scientists,” viewers go on a journey through the home — including kitchen, bathroom and laundry room — answering questions and learning how small adjustments to their everyday routine can add up to potential water, energy and money savings over the course of a year.

Decoding effective methods of driving consumer behavior change

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As they make choices throughout the home, a Sustainability Impact Scorecard keeps a running total of potential savings, bringing the viewer’s individual impact to life in a tangible, immediate way. For example:

  • Switching from hot to cold water when washing laundry using a high-efficiency, top-load machine uses up to 93 percent less energy.

  • Turning off the tap while shaving can save up to 3 gallons of water per shave^1^, and cutting shower time by 1 minute can save up to 520 gallons of water per year.^2^

  • Using the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand can save up to 150 gallons of water a week.^3^

At the conclusion of their experience in each room, viewers have the option to ‘Add-to-Cart’ the sustainable product choices they just learned about — featuring P&G brands including Tide, Cascade, Dawn, Crest, Gillette, Pantene and Swiffer, among others.

“At Walmart, it has always been our purpose to help people live better lives. Saving money has been core to that purpose since the beginning,” says Jane Ewing, SVP of Sustainability. “But today, ‘live better’ means more. Customers have always trusted us for our low prices; but they also want to know that the products they buy are good for their families, the people who made them and the planet.”

This effort is an extension of P&G’s It’s Our Home” consumer campaign introduced in April 2021 — which was inspired by consumer research that found most people want to protect the planet, but they’re not always sure where to start. According to a study of 1,125 US consumers conducted by P&G in February 2021, 79 percent of consumers want the brands they buy to help them live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle; and 90 percent of parents reported that their children are most likely to influence them to be more sustainable at home.

The experience will be evergreen on and continue to be updated and optimized from user feedback. Consumers will discover the site through a combination of Walmart- and P&G-led media.

“This is a great example of how P&G brands together with our retailer partners can encourage more sustainable consumption, making it easy for people to shop for and use the brands they love in a more sustainable way — with no tradeoffs in the product performance they expect,” said Mindy Sherwood, President of P&G’s Global Walmart business and Chief Sales Officer at P&G.

For more information, visit To learn more about P&G’s latest environmental sustainability plans and progress — including its new Climate Transition Action Plan — visit

1: based on tap flow rate from the US Environmental Protection Agency website and average shave time data; assumes turning the tap halfway based on consumer habits & practices

2: based on standard shower head flow rates from the US Environmental Protection Agency website and wash frequency based on consumer habits & practices

3: when using an ENERGY STAR dishwasher 7 times a week vs. handwashing at a running sink 11 times a week for 11 minutes each time