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BASF participates in Sustainable Chemistry Summit in Montreal

PRESS RELEASE - BASF participates in Sustainable Chemistry Summit in Montreal Annual event brings together industry leaders to discuss sustainability and innovation

Storytelling the Overriding Theme on Final Day of SB '13

MARKETING AND COMMS - There was hardly an empty seat in the house for Jonah Sachs’ “crash course in masterful storytelling.” Attendees learned the history of oral tradition and why humans have used stories to take in and share information for thousands of years. Sachs shared a five-part strategy to telling stories that get shared and let everyone in the room practice telling their own stories using characters and morals that illustrated underlying core values. The session concluded with examples of successful story-based marketing campaigns, brand gifts and an overview on brand archetypes.

SB '13 Day Four Speakers, Debates, Ads and Songs Exemplify Successful Sustainability Communications

MARKETING AND COMMS - Thursday, the morning of the fourth and final day of SB ‘13, continued the week’s momentum and lived up to its “Communications” theme with a variety of rousing speakers and conversations, peppered with examples of clever and successful sustainability messaging from some of our top brands that focus on “selling behavior, not selling stuff.”

Is It Best to Approach Behavior Change from Inside or Outside of Your Company?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Work on behavior change cannot be considered a new area; various institutions, especially governments, have long sought to influence individuals’ behavior in areas such as health, transport, family planning, etc. It is also not new for companies and brands to attempt to influence behaviors and needs through marketing.

Futerra Launches Behavior Change Tactics That You Must Try at Home

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - At Futerra we banned using behaviour change tactics in the office. ‘Symbolic self completion’ was being wielded to defend sandwiches left in the fridge, and ‘discounting effect’ insidiously applied to making tea. So the following article comes with a health warning: The psychology and neuroscience of behaviour change is powerful stuff.

Brands: The Historical Leaders in Creating Consumer Behavior Change

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Brands have the potential to disrupt the status quo and promote behavior change. They certainly have a history of doing so. One of my favorite examples is the way that shampoo brands have changed the way we care for our hair over the past 100 years.

New McDonough-Waste Management Collaborative Focuses on Product and Packaging Innovation [Video]

WASTE NOT - During his plenary presentation last night at the SB '13 conference, designer, author and sustainability thought leader William McDonough announced a new partnership between McDonough Innovation and Waste Management, Inc — North America's largest environmental solutions provider and residential recycler.

Dell Commits to Waste-Free Packaging Stream by 2020

PRESS RELEASE - •Company sets goal that 100 percent of packaging is sourced from sustainable materials and will be recyclable or compostable •Dell begins working with wheat straw, turning agricultural waste into sustainable packaging material, as part of the initiative

New Sustainable Collaborative Focuses on Product and Packaging Innovation

PRESS RELEASE - HOUSTON|CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — June 5, 2013 — Waste Management, Inc.

United Airlines and AltAir Fuels to Bring Commercial-Scale, Cost-Competitive Biofuels to Aviation Industry

PRESS RELEASE - CHICAGO, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines today executed a definitive purchase agreement with AltAir Fuels for cost-competitive, sustainable, advanced biofuels at commercial scale, representing a historic milestone for aviation. With United's strategic partnership, AltAir Fuels will retrofit part of an existing petroleum refinery to become a 30 million gallon, advanced biofuel refinery near Los Angeles, Calif. AltAir will produce low-carbon, renewable jet fuel and other renewable products. United has collaborated with AltAir Fuels since 2009 and

Shelton Group Launches New Site for Marketing Insights and Inspiration

PRESS RELEASE - KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 4, 2013 – Today Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications firm entirely focused in the sustainability and energy efficiency sectors, launched a new online periodical, Shelton Insights, centered on sustainability marketing.

Driving Behavior Change: From Pioneering Practice to Tipping Point and Beyond

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - If you’re reading this then it’s safe to assume you are familiar with the global ecological and societal debt that currently accompanies the more familiar economic one. So, no need to remind you that planet Earth will probably make its way through this crisis — it just isn’t clear that we will.

Sustainable Brands Convenes Global Business Leaders from 26 Countries to Collaborate on Purpose-Driven Brand Innovation

PRESS RELEASE - SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2013 – Sustainable Brands® 7th annual community gathering begins today with Sustainable Brands 2013 (SB’13) kicking off in San Diego, CA at Paradise Point Resort & Spa.

Cone Communications Launches Tool to Measure CSR And Social Leadership

MARKETING AND COMMS - Cone Communications has launched a social media and CSR product called the CSR SocialScore, which serves as a real-time snapshot of how a brand uses social media to inform and engage stakeholders.The Boston-based public relations and marketing agency says the product helps companies equally measure their ability to “inform” and “engage” stakeholders:Inform: This portion of the score looks at a company’s online CSR reporting and baseline CSR social media presence. Quantitative data is garnered through a variety of social media monitoring, research and analytics tools.

Ecopia Working to Reduce Plastic Waste, Increase Quality of Life for Small Farms in Developing Countries

WASTE NOT - In the final week leading up to the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) finals on June 5th, where the runner-up will be decided via live online public vote, we will feature daily articles introducing our semi-finalists. Today, meet Ecopia.Minnesota-based start-up Ecopia offers environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastic and paper products, while also driving social value within the communities that create its goods.

Earth911, Inc. Announces New Client Solutions Division, Vertigent

PRESS RELEASE - SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(June 3, 2013)- Earth911, Inc., an Infinity Resources Holdings company (OTC: IRHC), announced today the launch of a new client solutions division, Vertigent, to help companies create valuable interactions with consumers through recycling and proper disposal communications.

Vertigent 20K Giveaway is Path for Brands to Maximize Consumer Interactions through Recycling Search

PRESS RELEASE - SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(June 3, 2013)-- Vertigent will offer a trial of its Recycling Search solution at Sustainable Brands 2013, June 3-6, for new clients who sign up during the conference.

Welcome to Our Issue in Focus on Driving Behavior Change

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - It’s my great pleasure to welcome readers and contributors to this month’s Issue in Focus on Behavior Change.At Shelton Group, our purpose is to help companies define and leverage their sustainability commitments to gain a market advantage.

Why You May See More Latinos Driving Priuses

MARKETING AND COMMS - Toyota is tapping into one of the nation’s fastest growing markets: Latinos — a segment that’s rising in number, purchasing power and influence — and even so, a segment that most sustainable brands seem to be entirely sidestepping.

Science-Based Carbon Targets: G4 Falters, GHG Protocol Moves Forward

MARKETING AND COMMS - "Basing your decision to have a greenhouse gas emissions target on the fact that climate science has identified a problem, and then to turn around and set a target that doesn't reflect what that science says, for us is incongruous." That’s what Kevin Rabinovitch, global sustainability director at Mars, the privately held food and beverage company,

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