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Marketing and Comms

How brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications — and how their stakeholders are asserting their own needs and preferences.

Brands Are Missing a Climate Leadership Opportunity at the Super Bowl

Brands Are Missing a Climate Leadership Opportunity at the Super Bowl

A Super Bowl ad can shape a countrywide conversation; but most brands are choosing gutless entertainment — missing an opportunity to differentiate, engage and lead on today’s most pertinent issues.

Hellmann's Declares New Holiday to Fight Post-Super Bowl Food Waste

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. The mayo brand is once again aiming to inspire game-day partiers to reimagine mouthwatering dishes out of their leftovers, in honor of #SickofFoodWasteDay.

Why Your Sustainable Brand’s Name Is More Important Than You Think

The names that resonate with consumers and shop optimism in an industry hoping to fix a host of complicated, global problems will help form a foundation for many years of success.

Silencing Sustainability: Why to Avoid Greenhushing and Who to Trust

As sustainability claims are more widely scrutinized, companies may be tempted to stop talking about their efforts altogether. But the risk of avoiding the topic to protect your brand has much farther-reaching implications than you may think.

Sailing Legends Empowering Youth with Lessons in Climate Action

British Olympians Sir Ben Ainslie and Hannah Mills have created calls to action for young people, with a special focus on marine efforts, as part of a program to educate children ages 8-18 on the complexities of climate change and how to take meaningful action.

Report Highlights Sustainability Language Barrier Between Business, Consumers

“This puts the onus firmly on brands to properly educate consumers so that awareness and understanding of major climate-related terms are increased across the board.” — Paul Flatters, founder/CEO, Trajectory

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tracksmith

Tracksmith’s brand purpose: To celebrate the competitive spirit that unites runners around the world and support dedicated runners at every stage of their journey.

In the Pursuit of Sustainability, Silence Is Not Golden

We caught up with TrusTrace co-founder and CEO Shameek Ghosh to discuss companies’ tendency to ‘greenhush’ to avoid scrutiny around sustainability and his advice for overwhelmed retailers.

Will the Fashion Industry Come Clean on the Data Point That Matters Most for Circularity?

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. With 'Speak Volumes,' we aim to draw awareness to overproduction and create a more just distribution of responsibility for fashion waste clean-up — which builds on our overall goal of promoting a shift towards a justice-led, circular fashion economy.

Coachtopia Docuseries Explores Challenges, Opportunities of Circular Fashion

'The Road to Circularity' takes a frank look at the problems facing the fashion industry and the mindset shifts required to pioneer circular solutions for the future.

Brandable Solar Panels Bring New Meaning to ‘Marketing Sustainability’

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. As sustainability and branding become more intermingled for forward-thinking brands, being able to turn unattractive solar arrays into marketing assets exemplifies resource efficiency.

Can Advertising Ever Really Be Good for The Planet?

Ad-tech platform Good-Loop is helping advertisers connect with the public and overcome people’s desire to block ads by combining consumer engagement with charitable brand donations.

A Radical Approach to Sustainability in B2B Tech: Honesty

The ostrich approach to inconvenient problems is a reason why the climate crisis exists. It’s refreshing to see a brand stand up and say, ‘This is what we’re doing. It’s tough. We can’t be perfect. But we’re working hard and this is what we’ve achieved.’

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tony's Chocolonely

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. We spoke with Aidaly Sosa — Tony’s Head of Marketing, USA — about the culture that drives the brand’s purpose to make chocolate 100% exploitation free.

Holiday Demon ‘Crampus’ Takes Bold Stand Against Period Poverty

New campaign from Public Inc. and PERIOD. is here to #DeckTheStalls across the US and Canada this holiday season.

Building Trust Through Your Sustainability Narrative

We ranked 1K companies on transparency, leadership and connectivity in conveying their sustainability narrative. Here are 4 insights into how global companies are successfully communicating their ESG efforts.

Why ‘Authentic’ Has Been My Word of the Year Since 1983

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. For organizations ready to embrace the word of the year, here are 3 suggestions for how your organization can embed and bring to life a truly authentic, activated purpose.

Mars ‘Reuses’ Fan-Favorite Ads to Reduce Climate Impacts of Brand Communication

The campaign is aimed at raising consumer awareness by 'reusing' old, iconic adverts and showcasing creative ways to leave a lighter environmental footprint in advertising.

Information Is Power, But Who Decides How Much We (or They) Have a Right to Know?

Among themes addressed on day 3 of this year’s UN Forum on Business and Human Rights: When do tracking of personal data and combating disinformation reach a level which breaches freedom of expression or thought?

CGF, Hellmann’s Keeping Food Waste Top of Mind This Holiday Season

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The “Between 2 Slices” campaign shows people the myriad ways to turn leftovers into delicious, creative next-day meals with just two slices of bread and Hellmann's mayonnaise.