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Unilever Study Reveals Influence of Influencers in Sustainable Behavior Change

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Dove, Hellmann’s and a team of behavioral scientists examined how brands can leverage and maximize the power of social media influencers to positively impact consumer behavior.

New Guide Details Tangible Solutions for Retailers to Move ‘Beyond the Bag’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Playbook highlights solutions from the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag that drive near-term, positive environmental impact and cost savings from eliminating single-use plastic bags.

What a Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach Us About the Fight for Social Justice

MARKETING AND COMMS - Here are three lessons social-impact leaders can learn from Ellie — the 14-year-old protagonist in “The Last of Us” — for dealing with these increasingly challenging times.

Recenter and Accelerate: Japanese Brands Discuss Future-Proofing the Country’s Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - “How is the world transforming itself, and how is that going to be linked to corporate activities? We need to achieve symbiosis with that.” — Akihiro Inatsugi, Bridgestone

The Problem with Recycling, Part 2: Increasing Recycled Content in New Products

WASTE NOT - This is the second in a three-part series covering key opportunities to turn “the plastic recycling problem” into a circular economy for plastics.

3 Material Innovators Using Algae to Paint Greener Picture for Fashion

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Living Ink, Algaeing and Mounid are changing the game with carbon-negative, fast-to-produce alternatives to carcinogenic, petroleum-based inks, dyes and textiles.

UN Agrees on Unprecedented Treaty to Protect the High Seas

COLLABORATION - Previous rules to protect the ocean have been vague and weakly enforced, leaving the seas, marine ecosystems and the people who work them vulnerable to exploitation.

Natural Rubber Production Driving Responsible Forestry

SUPPLY CHAIN - Many natural rubber users cannot claim that their rubber is sourced responsibly due to the highly fragmented market at the top of the supply chain. But a growing number of brands are using their influence to change that.

Not Their Waste, But Still Their Problem: How Alaska Is Managing an Influx of Global Marine Debris

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - A multi-stakeholder, community-based collaboration and an innovative model of plastic-waste recovery are helping to clean up the Gulf of Alaska.

McKinsey: Circular Economy for Cement Could Be Worth €110B by 2050

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The concrete industry is responsible for 8% of all global carbon emissions; and 30-40% of today’s solid waste is created through the construction and maintenance of the built environment.

For Climate Solutions to Cross the Chasm, Start with Customers Ready for Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - To avoid the worst climate impacts, we must prioritize the deployment of emerging climate solutions without delay. To do that, companies must overcome a common marketing challenge.

Investor Coalition to Engage Seafood Sector on Key Nature Risks, Impacts

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - New WWF research shows some banks and investors recognize the potential for ESG risks in seafood but most lack robust or actionable policies.

More Conscious Travelers, Climate Concerns Impacting Accommodation Design

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Embodied carbon, clean energy, resource efficiency, and supporting local communities and biodiversity are among the many critical factors in making tourism fit to flourish in a climate-challenged future.

Tractor Beverage Co Furthers Commitment to Transparency with Organic Impact Tracker

SUPPLY CHAIN - Tractor becomes the first beverage brand to track and disclose impact data about its ingredients — as 7 in 10 consumers express interest in how their beverage choices impact the planet.

How Costa Rica’s Decarbonization Plans Aim to Protect ‘Pura Vida’

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Costa Rica is highly exposed to climate-change risks. But the tiny, lush, Central American country is leading a quiet revolution in how it both adapts to such changes and mitigates its own GHGs.

Linked Climate Variability Between Distant Regions Highlights Interconnectivity of Global Climate Change

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A new report on teleconnections between the Amazon rainforest and the Tibetan Plateau creates new understanding of interconnected tipping elements and their perilously close tipping points: “The major lesson here is that it’s a small world.”

Glovo Impact Fund to Direct €5M Toward Socio-Environmental Challenges by End of 2023

WALKING THE TALK - A small amount from each Glovo order will now support local communities, climate-action initiatives, help in digitalization of small businesses, close the gender gap in tech and provide upskilling programs for couriers.

The Clorox Company Named One of Barron's Most Sustainable U.S. Companies

PRESS RELEASE - Clorox ranks #1 on Barron's 2023 Most Sustainable Companies list for its ESG efforts.

LUMENE releases Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly in Eastman Cristal™ One E Renew

PRESS RELEASE - LUMENE launches Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly in Eastman Cristal™ One E Renew

Truly Closing the Loop: The ‘Recyclable’ vs ‘Circular’ Distinction

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The term 'recycling' has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, but the nuances between ‘recyclable’ and ‘circular’ are often misunderstood. Understanding the distinction between the two is crucial in achieving a sustainable future.


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