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England’s Partial Single-Use Plastic Ban Greeted with Lukewarm Response

WASTE NOT - Starting in October, the country will phase out a variety of single-use plastic products; but most think it does not go far enough to tackle pollution and waste.

CPG Giants Partner to Scale Captured Carbon in Consumer Products

CLEANTECH - Unilever, BASF, P&G and 12 other organizations have joined forces to scale carbon capture to help the UK reach net zero by 2050; and CCEP teams up with two more universities to continue its research into the technology and its many potential applications.

Farm-Level Data, Regenerative Practices Shaping the Future of US Cotton

SUPPLY CHAIN - These types of farming practices will ensure the soil used to grow cotton remains healthy enough to grow the crop year after year.

Brands Grapple with Sustainable Growth in Crowded, Stalling, Alternative-Protein Market

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Industry players must keep making their products even more attractive, appeal to older generations and bring down costs. Only then can we address the significant environmental impacts of animal agriculture while satisfying the meat-loving masses.

Unlocking the Power of Tax to Drive Climate Action

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Global government action must accelerate to ensure the ‘polluter pays’ principle is enacted. In turn, businesses and citizens will be compelled to consider the cost of carbon-intensive goods.

The Science Based Targets Initiative Approves Sustana's GHG Emissions Reduction Goal

PRESS RELEASE - Sustana joins the ranks of hundreds of companies with GHG emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in line with limiting global average temperature rise.

‘Clean Beauty’ Is Just a Pipe Dream If Sustainability Gets Left Behind

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Every year, 3B trees are turned into paper packaging for the products we buy — including for many ‘clean’ beauty brands. These brands must take the same holistic approach to their packaging as their ingredients.

Brand-Led Culture Change Key to a Flourishing Future

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - By prioritizing bold business imperatives and meeting deep human needs, brands can transform themselves into the leaders of a new, regenerative economy. But these initiatives cannot thrive in a closed system of communication.

National Coalition Launches Community- and Equity-Driven '30x30' Agenda for Nature

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The 150-member America the Beautiful for All Coalition brings diverse experiences and perspectives to the frontline fight to save 30 percent of US land, fresh water and ocean by 2030.

Tech Titans Embrace Responsible Forestry

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - While many companies focus sustainability efforts on their products and other consumer touch points, two of tech’s largest companies are including large facility construction and remodel projects as a foundation to their efforts having a ‘nature-positive’ approach.

2023 Design Trends: Balancing the Beautiful with the Responsible

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The balance between luxury and sustainability has set a new bar for luxury packaging, making us all stop and think about how we can do things differently.

Farming More Seaweed Could Be Sustainable Way Forward for Food, Feed, Fuel

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Seaweed has great potential as a superfood and a building block for products including plastics, fibers and fuel. Expanding seaweed farming could help reduce demand for crops on land and global GHGs from agriculture by up to 2.6B tonnes of CO2e per year.

A Sustainable Future Requires Healthy Animals

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The FAO estimates livestock emissions could fall by 30% through wider adoption of existing technologies and best practices in animal health and husbandry. Only by taking a holistic food-systems approach that includes sustainable livestock can we make meaningful progress toward Sustainable Development Goals around hunger, poverty and climate action.

Could These Experimental Innovations Help Save Arctic Sea Ice?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Existing approaches to mitigating climate change and Arctic ice melt are proceeding too slowly. Therefore, scientists and innovators are crafting creative, unconventional ways to preserve and restore Arctic ice — here are two wildly different approaches being tested.

No-Cost Resources from Discovery Education and Boeing for Students to Explore Robotics in Aviation Manufacturing

PRESS RELEASE - Discovery Education and Boeing present Manufacturing the Future of Aviation Virtual Field Trip to show students how STEM makes aviation manufacturing more efficient and safer.

Purposeful Policy: How Governments at All Levels Everywhere Can Accelerate the Purpose Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Policymakers everywhere now have a blueprint — and role models — for purposeful policy to better align corporate behaviour with public interest and to create allies for the work that lies ahead.

Jackson Family Wines Partners to Advance Industry Opportunities for Students of Color

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - JFW has become a key partner in the Urban Grape’s Wine Studies Award for Students of Color program — which uses a three-pronged approach of education, work experience and mentorship to increase DEI in the wine & spirits industry.

Study: CSOs Committed to Decarbonization But Skittish About Offsetting

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Carbon management is top priority for Chief Sustainability Officers; but many are stymied by uncertainty around the most impactful strategies. Here, South Pole adds context and insight to the debate.

Alaska Airlines becomes first U.S. airline to eliminate in-flight plastic cups

PRESS RELEASE - All inflight beverages on Alaska flights are now served in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper cups or reusable glassware for most First-Class services.

BIER Guides Beverage Companies on Water Circularity

WASTE NOT - The Guide provides easy-to-follow processes, as well as important considerations when pivoting focus from on-site techniques to off-site circularity endeavors.


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