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Is Sustainable Business ‘Complicit,’ a ‘Distraction’ and ‘Duplicitous’? A Response, Part 1

Is Sustainable Business ‘Complicit,’ a ‘Distraction’ and ‘Duplicitous’? A Response, Part 1

It will take many things to address society’s many immense problems. But there’s no reason an elevated sustainable business sector (or better, someday, a sustainable business-centric economy) can’t play a disproportionately positive and critical role.

2021’s 'World-Changing Ideas' Cutting Waste and Emissions, Correcting Societal Imbalances

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - It’s that time of year again, when Fast Company calls out its favorite World-Changing Ideas. Here are a few of that we’re especially keen to keep an eye on.

Reimagine Gender: Helping Corporate America Create Truly Inclusive Workplace Cultures

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - We caught up with Reimagine Gender CEO Lisa Kenney, to discuss why it's critical for businesses to embrace a broader understanding of gender.

Epicurious Chops Beef to ‘Encourage More Sustainable Cooking’

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The web's most award-winning food site is encouraging home cooks to expand their culinary repertoires and embrace less resource-intensive menu options.

The Mountain Ahead: Surveying the Path to Carbon Negative

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We are at the very beginning of the most challenging leg of the climate journey; many companies have yet to commit to zeroing out their emissions. Still, a few at the cutting edge are responding to the call for a higher bar to be set and are staking their reputations on achieving it. 

In a COVID-19 World, What’s the Future of Organisational Purpose?

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - As immense disruption continues around the globe, the spotlight on the role of business in tackling social and environmental challenges is intensifying. Here, Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future, outlines why now is the time to re-evaluate corporate purpose.

How Able Made’s Circular Products Are Fueling Healthier Communities

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Able Made is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand created to help empower city youth and support nonprofits with its sustainably made apparel and accessories, and programming aimed at a creating healthier communities through the power of design and sport.

How the Washington Nationals Will Avoid Using 5M Ketchup Packets This Season

WASTE NOT - A smart, win-win, local partnership will enable the team to provide a combination of sustainable tech and healthier condiment options for a sustainable and COVID-safe solution.

Does Waste Have an Image Problem?

WASTE NOT - For circularity to become mainstream, where nothing is wasted and everything is fed back into the system, it requires businesses to find value in resources already in circulation — and reframe how they perceive waste in the first place.

A Path for Small Businesses to Achieve Climate Neutrality

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The climate crisis is waiting for no one; and the choices we make over the next few years will determine the world we create for ourselves and for future generations. We can and must succeed — and SMEs have a critical role in ensuring that we do.

Is Your Brand Really Making Progress Towards Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice? 

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - More companies are outlining policies and setting targets for DEIJ, but meeting those commitments remains a challenge. At Just Brands ‘21 (May 6-7), major companies share keys to implementation of authentic strategies, to realize the moral and business imperative of becoming a truly inclusive brand. 

Shaw Industries Releases 12th Annual Sustainability Report

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw Industries 12th Annual Sustainability Report focuses on the company’s sustain[HUMAN]ability® strategy and progress made amid an unprecedented year

Preventing Toxic Pollution in a Pandemic: Retailers Report Progress Toward Safer Chemicals

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The fifth annual 'Who's Minding the Store?' retailer report card shines a light on both market leaders and laggards in chemical safety. Grading retailers against one another motivates action to improve; and mobilizing public concern reminds companies that customers matter the most.

Trending: The North Face, Timberland, Vans Scaling Regenerative Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Three of VF Corporation’s top outdoor apparel brands have committed to bold goals around circularity and scaling regenerative ag practices — including having all of their top materials be recycled, regenerative or renewable by 2025.

Yemi Alade Voices New Animation for World Malaria Day and Joins African Changemakers Behind the ‘Draw The Line’ Against Malaria Campaign

PRESS RELEASE - Yemi Alade Voices New Animation for World Malaria Day and Joins African Changemakers Behind the ‘Draw The Line’ Against Malaria Campaign

Co|Lab is a HITT: Innovative Facility Serves as Hub for R&D of Emerging Materials

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - HITT Contracting’s demo facility was designed to highlight circular design; focus on healthy material selection; and meet the most rigorous, sustainable standards for the construction industry.

How Thrive Market Is Building the World’s First Climate-Positive Retailer

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Carbon neutral since day one, we see our next task as going beyond sustainability towards an approach that preserves, heals and actually improves the planet. So, we’ve charted a path to become the world’s first climate-positive grocery store by 2025.

Rising to the Challenge: Meeting the World’s Demand for More Cotton While Using Less Land

SUPPLY CHAIN - US cotton growers have long been stewards of the land. They continue to adapt and innovate to develop more cotton with the space they have. The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol intends to build on this progress and create a smarter cotton future.

The Luxury Consumer, Sustainability and Social Responsibility: It’s Complicated

WALKING THE TALK - Whether environmental or social, luxury brands *will* have to contend with issues related to corporate social responsibility — it’s in the zeitgeist. “Being your best self” is the essence of luxury. Values and purpose are thus luxury essentials, not just nice-to-haves.

Are you ‘Looped In’? Circular Economy Leaders Share Their Latest Solutions

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In Dow’s ‘Looped In’ series, Global Sustainability Director Jeff Wooster talks with circular economy advocates from major brands to discuss promising initiatives and partnerships, and what we can learn from the results.


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