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These AI-Powered Drones Finally Bring Precision to Herbicide Application

These AI-Powered Drones Finally Bring Precision to Herbicide Application

Precision AI has developed the world's first AI drones for plant-level herbicide application — on a mission to create healthier, more sustainable, profitable farms.

Closed-Loop, Reusable Distribution System Saves Spirits Producers Costs, Emissions, Materials

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - EcoSPIRITS’ EcoTOTE system replaces traditional, 1.75-liter liquor bottles with reusable glass containers that reduce emissions by 60-90% while maintaining product quality.

Community-Inclusive Supply Chain Helping Regenerate Ecosystems, Economies in South Asia

THE NEXT ECONOMY - By thinking of suppliers more as business partners, companies such as Tengri are creating new models for ethical, regenerative supply chains.

Challenges in the Evolving Organic-Waste Landscape

WASTE NOT - It will take a culture change for consumers to join the food-waste recycling movement; but the good news is, it’s underway at the production and manufacturing level.

Outvertising to Brands: Stand Your Ground This Pride Month

WALKING THE TALK - As the advocacy group asserts: ‘This is a time that calls for commitment and courage. Your action can be made in the sound knowledge that you have the majority behind you.'

Measure What Matters: Are You Optimizing Purpose to Uplift Your Workforce?

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - A first-of-its-kind diagnostic tool is helping companies ensure their purpose supports outcomes including talent attraction and retention, employee engagement, and performance.

New Vattenfall Campaign Illustrates Clean Potential of Fossil-Free Hydrogen

CLEANTECH - The ‘Industrial Emissions Face Mist’ is made from wastewater from a factory powered by fossil-free hydrogen. The emissions are so clean, they could become part of your skincare routine.

Upcycled Emissions for the Win: How Twelve Is Closing the Loop on Fossil Fuels

CLEANTECH - The California-based carbon-transformation company is emerging as a leader in ‘CO2Made’ products — from everyday consumer goods to sustainable jet and marine fuels.

‘Secret Agents of Change’ to Take Over Cannes Lions to Root Out Greenwashing

MARKETING AND COMMS - Creatives for Climate’s ‘secret agents of change’ will be prowling the festival calling on individuals, agencies and brands to tackle greenwashing at the source.

ASICS Launches Product Carbon-Footprint Labeling

MARKETING AND COMMS - By releasing its product carbon-impact data, ASICS joins a growing number of companies sharing this information to help consumers working to address their environmental impacts make more educated purchasing decisions.

Mejuri Becomes First Jeweler to Join Regenerative Mining Initiative

SUPPLY CHAIN - The jeweler joins forces with RESOLVE’s Regeneration initiative as part of its long-term vision to redefine sustainable luxury in jewelry.

Tony's Chocolonely Unveils Future-Proof Legal Structure to Protect Its Company Mission

WALKING THE TALK - The impact-driven chocolate brand hopes that Tony's Mission Lock will provide inspiration to other companies looking to protect their mission for the long term.

Finding Potential in Peers: The Importance of Pre-Competitive Partnerships

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Industry leaders are forming pre-competitive pacts and deals to build ecosystems that support a circular economy or a net-zero roadmap. Here are three areas where pre-competitive partnerships can deliver material impact.

Lessons in Brand-Led Culture Change: Righting Wrongs, Scaling Impact and Recovering from Pushback

MARKETING AND COMMS - As Brand-Led Culture Change drew to a close, a number of insightful discussions got down to brass tacks and shared lessons learned while facing a number of nearly ubiquitous brand challenges.

Uncertain Times Require Decisive Brand Action: Blazing New Trails in Brand Activism

MARKETING AND COMMS - On the final morning of Brand-Led Culture Change, keynote speakers tackled topics ranging from impactful partnerships and walking your ESG talk to the role of brands in creating a new ‘American Dream.’

17 Global Companies to Set World’s First Science-Based Targets for Nature This Year

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Science Based Targets Network’s science-based targets for nature are a significant step towards helping companies take integrated action to protect nature — beginning with freshwater and land.

There May Finally Be Hope for Environmental and Climate Justice. Can We Capitalize on It?

CLEANTECH - This work is vast. But success would build a more inclusive, just and sustainable economy and society — shaped by our shared opportunities rather than our risks, by prosperity rather than poverty, of positivity over negativity.

It’s Time for Brands to Embrace One of the Most Exciting Climate-Mitigation Tools We Have

THE NEXT ECONOMY - There is a clear business case to invest in protecting and restoring nature — and rewilding can play a major role.

Reimagining Retail: 3 Strategies to Help Shape the Future We Want

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - As Brand-Led Culture Change continued, we heard from a number of players touching retail on how they’re nudging consumers toward more climate-friendly purchases and shifting the model to create a more just and inclusive shopping experience.


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