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Cultural Intelligence Unlocks Campaign Strategies to Support Brand-Led Culture Change

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - By unpacking consumer trends and crafting poignant narratives, today’s brands can create behavior change, shift consumer demand, and drive good growth — resulting in positive market transformation and sustainable culture change.

More and More Talent Ready to Leave Companies Over Misalignment of Values

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - From ‘quiet quitting’ to conscious quitting: Despite economic uncertainty, 51% of employees surveyed would consider resigning if employers do not align with own values.

Apparel Brands Drive Circular Fashion Future with Recyclable, Renewable Fabrics

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Pangaia and Filippa K are the latest to unveil collaborations with circular textile innovators — fueling progress toward closing the loop on fabric waste.

NZAOA Updates Protocols to Provide Clearer Path to Portfolio Decarbonization

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Investment portfolio emissions make up the lion’s share of an asset owner’s footprint. The Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance’s newest Protocol aims to fight inertia in pro-climate financing and get investor portfolios in line with science by 2050.

Investors Can No Longer Ignore China’s Lagging ESG Performance

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - For brands that pulled out of Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, the cost was in the billions. But Russia is a tiny economy compared to China; and the costs of inaction on ESG issues could be multitudes of magnitude bigger.

It’s in the Genes: Healthier Animals Anchor a Highly Sustainable Food System

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - As our population grows, we must keep innovating to provide ample, healthy food sources. The result? A more sustainable food system thanks to animals that are resilient to climate change and disease, and can produce healthy protein for our ever-growing planet.

Consumer Product Brands Embrace Responsible Forestry

SUPPLY CHAIN - When it comes to forest products, Bio Pappel, HP, Melissa & Doug, REI and Amazon are all leaders in responsible sourcing. What does this commitment look like in practice?

Pomp, Personalities and Products Made for a Super Bowl with Little Purpose

MARKETING AND COMMS - Product, product, product drove Super Bowl commercials this year; purpose and ESG communication were largely left on the bench.

Outdoor Apparel Brands Present Path to Lower-Impact Textile, Apparel Factories

CLEANTECH - Study by Burton, New Balance, Patagonia, REI, Gore and the Outdoor Industry Association reveal major CO2, cost and energy savings with decarbonized heating processes.

Algae May Be a ‘Brilliant’ Solution for Capturing Carbon at Gigaton Scale

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - By controlling and replicating natural processes, Brilliant Planet’s technology can permanently sequester CO2 from the air while also deacidifying the ocean.

The Power of $7M: How Companies Can Make a Lasting Impact with Their Super Bowl Ad Budget

MARKETING AND COMMS - Directing $7M to improving lives instead of selling products sends a powerful message of hope and generosity to millions of Super Bowl fans.

Anheuser-Busch Brings ‘National Recycling League’ Action to Super Bowl LVII

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Every beverage container recycled through gamified reverse vending machines will give fans an instant prize and qualify them to win NFL season tickets.

Struggling to Scale Up Sustainably? Ask Nature

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - I hope every entrepreneur and business leader takes a moment to see if Mother Nature has already created what they're trying to create or achieve in the marketplace.

It’s Not Easy Being Green: How to Avoid the Many Shades of Greenwashing

MARKETING AND COMMS - With keener public awareness and growing scrutiny of brand sustainability claims, greenwashing hasn’t gone away but become a ‘many-headed beast.’ Experts weigh in on the best way forward for brands.

Store Shelves of the Future: Packaging for a Circular Economy

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - We recently gathered leaders from McKinsey, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive to ponder what consumer products and their packaging will look like in 2035 and beyond.

Stok Highlights 5 Key Priorities in the Evolution of the Workplace

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Industry leaders provide guidance for prioritizing changes to your organization’s real estate and workplace strategy to maximize employee productivity, retention and wellbeing.

Alaska’s Move to Eliminate Inflight Plastic Reveals Issues Within US Recycling Infrastructure

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The airline quickly hit a roadblock in the unrecyclability of paper cups with an integrated plastic lining necessary for beverage service.

Brands Rally to Support Türkiye-Syria Earthquake-Relief Efforts

WALKING THE TALK - The 7.8-magnitude quake is the strongest to hit the region since 1939. A growing number of brands have been quick to offer various forms of relief support for the area.

From Messages to Painted Pictures: How Storytelling Drives Social Purpose

MARKETING AND COMMS - Messaging is about telling an audience something; storytelling shows them something. Engaging social-purpose storytelling can shape the way people think and feel, and motivate them towards a desired action.

Global Citizen, Authentic Team Up to Rally Consumers to Help #EndExtremePovertyNOW

MARKETING AND COMMS - The strategic initiative will include impact-focused brand activations and products to engage consumers in Global Citizen’s mission to end extreme poverty.


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