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Davos 2023: 5 Takeaways for Companies Engaged in the Climate Fight

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Promising developments in expanding the blue economy, philanthropy for climate action, and heavy industry net-zero commitments were among hopeful highlights from the annual gathering.

Forget Crypto: How Blockchain Helps Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability, Transparency

SUPPLY CHAIN - Until recently, brands have had very little visibility into what’s happening at the farthest reaches of their supply chains. Immutable blockchain data has begun to play a central role in helping companies ensure compliance and earn trust on the global market.

WWF Tool Helps Companies, Investors Mitigate Biodiversity Risks Across Their Operations

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The tool includes over 50 biodiversity-relevant data layers that collectively provide a global, holistic picture of nature-related risk — the first-ever platform that brings together such a diverse range of data specifically for the purpose of analyzing biodiversity-related risks to corporates and investors.

Basecamp Research Helping Expand Global Access to Safe, Natural Chemicals and Proteins

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - With a goal of phasing out toxic and forever chemicals in consumer products, the UK-based biotech startup is spearheading the ethical, equitable discovery and utilization of the safe, effective chemicals and proteins waiting to be found in nature and developed for human use and benefit.

Will Mill Be a Game-Changing Solution to Home Food Waste?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The Mill system offers a practical, circular solution for reducing home food waste and the resulting, climate-changing greenhouse gases — with minimal effort on the part of users.

Driving Responsible Forestry at Scale: An Interview with P&G Forester Chris Reeves

SUPPLY CHAIN - As a purchaser of wood pulp for its Bounty and Charmin brands, Procter & Gamble has an influence on driving responsible forest practices for its suppliers. But P&G needs help driving scale — more companies must make good on responsible sourcing commitments to meet the needs of the market, as well as a fragile natural world.

Trending: Reports Call for Fashion to End Its Wicked Ways

SUPPLY CHAIN - New reports by Zero Waste Europe and Planet Tracker slam the industry for piecemeal attempts at sustainability and circularity; where it fails to adopt more holistic approaches and take greater responsibility for environmental and social issues, investors must help move the needle.

Faroe Islands ‘Preservolution’ Strategy Prioritizes Sustainability, Engages Local Residents

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Visit Faroe Islands’ innovative strategy and annual ‘Closed for Maintenance’ voluntourism program illustrate the destination’s dual commitment to both promotion and the sustainable development. Lacking relevant legislation, VFI uses tourism to support sustainable development on a broader scale.

Vinyl Institute To Advance Post-Consumer PVC Recycling With Industry-First Recycling Grant Program

PRESS RELEASE - Three Million Dollars in Grants Available Over the Next Three Years

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, American Forests Advancing Tree Equity in Communities Across the US

WALKING THE TALK - After meeting their goal to plant 1M trees three years early, Bulleit and American Forests are now focused on improving tree equity in communities that need it most — starting with two in Houston, Texas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.

PDX Redesign Supports Local Communities, Forests and Biodiversity Through Supply Chain Traceability

SUPPLY CHAIN - The PDXNext redesign of Portland International Airport’s main terminal involved a first-of-its-kind supply chain that supported the regional timber industry; and ensured wood traceability and equitable sourcing from local tribal, private and public landowners’ responsibly managed forests.

Food Donation Improvement Act Brings Measured Change, Opportunity to Reduce US Food Waste

WASTE NOT - Updated federal guidelines that reduce donor liability could begin to change the conversation around what is acceptable to consumers, especially as much-needed food begins to make its way to those who need it most.

Food vs Pharmaceuticals: New Study Highlights Power of Nutrition Over Pills for Improving Heart Health

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Founded by cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, Step One Foods is aiming to change the paradigm in the US from treating high cholesterol and heart disease with drugs to the ancient wisdom of using food as medicine.

3 Leadership Keys to Climate-Tech Success

LEADERSHIP - Climate tech alone will not save the world; the people who use it, create it and put it into action play just as crucial a role. For these projects — and the sector as a whole — to succeed, these critical elements of strong leadership are essential.

Next-Gen Underwater Turbines Blow Wind Model Out of the Water

CLEANTECH - Brazilian startup TidalWatt has rethought underwater turbines — theirs are 60x smaller and produce 3x as much energy as wind turbines, are harmless to marine life, and promote the formation of artificial reefs.

Modern Meadow Partners to Scale Sustainable Materials Development for Outdoor Apparel Market

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The materials innovator and sustainable fabric giant Singtex are co-developing new biomaterials across a range of applications — starting with a sustainably produced, waterproof, membrane-based material for outdoor apparel.

‘Our Waters’ Documentary Highlights One Community’s Fight to Protect Its Coast from Commercial Exploitation

MARKETING AND COMMS - As salmon demand has grown, so too have large-scale, environmentally destructive aquaculture projects. The community of Frenchman Bay, Maine is fighting a plan to build North America’s largest industrialized, open-net fish farms in their backyard.

Marketing Must Be Completely Reimagined To Achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

PRESS RELEASE - Dentsu and Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice launch flagship study into the role APAC marketers play in achieving corporate sustainability ambitions. 

Finance, Tech Giants Top 2023 List of US’s Most JUST Companies

WALKING THE TALK - JUST Capital and CNBC have released the 2023 rankings of the country’s most JUST Companies and Marquee JUST 100 List, which consistently outperform the Russell 1000 — highlighting the link between stakeholder governance and corporate success.

Turning Plastic into Possibility: How Closing the Loop in Asia-Pacific Is Building Waste Infrastructure for the Future

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - The region continues to face waste challenges. But with the right solutions, Asia-Pacific has a huge opportunity to turn the tide — finding more value in post-consumer plastic and closing the loop on waste.


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