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What Would the Naturalist President, Teddy Roosevelt, Make of the Business-Nature Relationship in 2023?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In his assessment, Roosevelt might consider three fundamental, ongoing developments — as the business world finally begins to recognize the role of healthy ecosystems in a healthy economy.

FrameworksESG Unites with Morrow Sodali

PRESS RELEASE - "With this acquisition, we are uniting two pioneers in the ESG advisory space," said Morrow Sodali Chief Executive Officer, Alvise Recchi.

Will a Sustainable Future for Agriculture Take Us Underwater?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Nemo’s Garden is growing plants in underwater biospheres — a hydroponic, multi-beneficial ag solution that could provide coastal communities with fresh food and water, while promoting marine life.

Tory Burch Works with Modern Meadow Bio-Alloy™ For Ella Bio Tote

PRESS RELEASE - Iconic tote is the latest to feature Modern Meadow biotechnology

New Coalition Hailing Blockchain as Linchpin of Successful Climate Action

CLEANTECH - The Blockchain x Climate Leadership Network is an activist-to-industry coalition of international stakeholders collaborating to define and create principles for meaningful blockchain initiatives to address the climate crisis.

Discovery Education and Social Impact Partners Contributing Free STEM-Focused Resources to Educators and Students Celebrating Women’s History Month

PRESS RELEASE - Discovery Education and social impact partners offers free resources Women's History Month to students and educators.

The Ugly Company Raises $9M to Grow Market, Capacity for Upcycled Fruit Empire

WASTE NOT - The dried fruit snack maker is on a mission to put a dent in the massive produce waste issue on farms in California’s Central Valley, while teaching consumers the value in ‘food waste.’

The Problem with Recycling, Part 1: How Can We Fix the Broken Plastic-Recycling System?

WASTE NOT - This is the first in a three-part series in which we break down key barriers and opportunities to turn ‘the plastic recycling problem’ into a circular plastics economy.

3 Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2023

CLEANTECH - With the year in full swing, we expect to see further innovations to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption; and overall, advance sustainability in the energy industry.

Sobering Report Says Auto Industry Will Spend Remaining Carbon Budget Well Ahead of Schedule

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Commissioned by EV makers Polestar and Rivian, the report details three levers that need to be pulled in unison and at full tilt for the industry to meet critical climate-action targets.

Doconomy, Dreams Technology Merge to Empower Banks to Better Engage Climate-Conscious Customers

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Through its acquisition of Dreams Technology, Doconomy becomes the first provider to offer a holistic solution that drives meaningful climate and social impact for the financial services industry.

Tomorrow’s Circular, Low-Carbon Economy Is Being Built Today

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - The supply of recycled plastics must be more robust to meet global demand. A mix of mechanical and advanced recycling technologies can provide tangible solutions, create efficiencies and increase scale.

Addressing Fashion’s Footprint at Farm Level Through Verified Sustainability Data

SUPPLY CHAIN - Investing in data and transparency in anticipation of disclosure demands will give brands and retailers greater visibility into their supply chains, so they will be better positioned to weather the changing regulatory landscape.

The Many Hats of a Sustainable Marketer

MARKETING AND COMMS - Marketing is becoming inextricable from sustainability. Marketers must collaborate with other departments closely, gather accurate knowledge and work out how to share brand attributes in a humble and credible way.

Most Businesses Don’t Understand Scope 3 Emissions — Here’s Why

SUPPLY CHAIN - Tackling Scope 3 emissions is a daunting task; companies must collaborate with their suppliers to understand their carbon literacy, and then work together to take steps towards reducing emissions.

Report: People in US More Concerned Over Climate Than Ever

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Yale’s latest ‘Climate Change in the American Mind’ report reveals respondents’ feelings about climate change and the role of business and government in driving meaningful action — beginning with a transition to clean energy.

Lights, Camera, Climate Action? Advertisers Being Called Upon to Rein in Their Carbon Footprint

MARKETING AND COMMS - Accurately measuring, tracking, comparing and reporting impacts for the process of producing, filming, displaying and running ads will be crucial for the industry to play its part in solving one of the big challenges of our time.

Economic Centers in China, US Top Global Ranking for Climate and Extreme Weather Risks

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - “Since extensive built infrastructure generally overlaps with high levels of economic activity and capital value, it is imperative that the physical risk of climate change is appropriately understood and priced."

Understanding the Important Difference Between ESG Risk and ESG Impact

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - It is important to know the difference between these terms — and the potential for there to be some divergence between how a company performs on either measure. A company with a high impact rating and low ESG risk doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great investment opportunity.

We Must Protect and Support Our Local Dairy Farms

CLEANTECH - In many parts of the US, the dairy farmer is a staple in the agricultural landscape; yet many multi-generational dairies are closing their barn doors. Solutions such as anaerobic digesters not only help farms mitigate their environmental impacts, they create new revenue streams and cost savings.


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